Three Alarm Fire in Eureka at Apartments on California Street

A ladder reaches to the second floor.

A ladder reaches to the second floor. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

At approximately 7:30 p.m., a three alarm fire broke out in an apartment building on the 2900 block of California Street in Eureka. Multiple people have been evacuated and the Red Cross has been notified as they won’t be able to reoccupy it again tonight, according to Billy Reynolds at Humboldt Bay Fire.

California Street is blocked off.

According to Mark McKenna, our photographer on the scene, the fire appears to be mostly out and firefighters are checking for extensions between floors.

Firefighters discussing the situation.

Firefighters discussing the situation. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

Building at night in Eureka

The building. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

In 2015, the building caught fire, too.   Click here to see that story.



  • Less “affordable housing” available in Eureka, now.
    Winter is coming. How many of these people will need new homes next week?

  • …California Street that should say it. I once had a truck stolen (20 years ago) and it was found on California Street. California Street should be the new model for the Utopian Society Socialist Progressive Democrat for all of California (Street).

    • Throw in the Democrats wanting to have open borders and you got a Socialist Progressive Democrat Utopia!! Based on the last big bust in town of heroin from 7 individuals south of the border, should be fun in California over the next couple of Democratic governor and House, Senate run government.

      Scary. Why can’t people see what is going on around them, and speak the truth instead of being afraid to get tabbed as racist. Need to stand up to these folks and do what is best for our families, community, and state.

      • The Utopian Society has no use for us; we are the deplorables in society, the tax payer, the business owner, THE CONTRIBUTORS. There are much fewer of us, so it’s no surprise the “Perfect Utopian” would only outnumber any cry or scream for balance since the power relies on control. FULL CONTROL. The only problem with the Utopians is that they give the power back to the state which will eventually have it turn back to dictatorship. (Communist China). California (Street) new ling dong China!

      • The Dems want open borders? Who told you this? Oh wait, I know. Gotta wonder, is ‘Snake Oil’ an acquired taste?

  • Hillary did it you two because she lost

  • I hope everyone is ok.

  • The Buck stops at the President.

  • Okayy.. What the fuck is up with these comments? Like are they for real or are they bots? There is no way that people are this stupid.
    This is a problem building. Not because of national politics, or Hillary, Obama, or Trump. Its the squires and the city of eureka who is responsible for that shit hole. We need more housing. Clean, safe, affordable housing. What are we going to do about that?. This building needs to be rebuilt and regulated so this dosent happen again. Stop being stupid and kets work together so people are warm this winter in a hime and not the street.
    Thank you first responders

  • JFC…. Hillary and Trump are behind 7-11. This POS’s name’s Squires and he lives here.

  • Didn’t a car crash into this building around 2009?

  • Democracy is the art and science of running the circus from the monkey cage.


    • Acerbic wit that is still good 60 years later. It will continue to hit it’s target until no one remembers when a circus had animal acts.

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      Upset so many African-Americans are going to be running House committees now, are you great-grandpa Republikkkan? Too bad for Trump. Not only will Maxine Waters be “reclaiming her time”, Chairwoman Waters will be taking a peek under Orange Julius’ wig 🍊 come January.

  • It would seem that the city (or county) could encourage building of low income housing, replacing building that are no longer maintained, rather than constantly pouring money into social programs that either never come into existence of become too expensive to keep up when they do.

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