First Responders Gathered in Fortuna to Learn Advanced Lifesaving Skills

Shooter simulation

A critical incident simulation. [Photo provided by the Fortuna Police Department]

Press release from the Fortuna Police Department:

First responders gathered in Fortuna this week to learn some advanced lifesaving skills, during three days of Tactical Emergency Critical Care training. Agencies from as far as San Francisco to Crescent City were represented at this 24 hour training.

Responders were taught many of the skills that they might need to save a citizen’s life, or their own during a worst case, critical incident. The first day and a half of training consisted of lectures and hands- on skills stations to help participants obtain the necessary skills sets they would need in the following day and a half of realistic scenarios.

During the latter part of the training, responders were tasked with working as a team, and applying all of the skills learned up to that point. Each of the scenarios was as realistic as possible, and critiqued in detail by the instructors to help each participant apply the skills correctly while maintaining personal safety at all times.

Although many of the participants were already skilled as emergency medical technicians, paramedics or nurses, they learned advanced skills and were trained to enable them to become instructors for their respective agencies.

The training was originally developed by the US Special Forces and Naval Special Warfare commands to help teach critical lifesaving skills to the military; skills that stress being able to save others as well as yourself in extremely stressful situations.

The training was hosted by the Fortuna Police Department with the assistance of the Fortuna Volunteer Fire Department.



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