[UPDATE 6:01 p.m.] New Fire in Kneeland

Tanker 96's route over the Redwood Fire this morning

Tanker 96’s route over the Redwood Fire this morning. [Screengrab from Flight Tracker]

Multiple fire departments are responding to the Redwood Fire, a new vegetation fire spotted in the Kneeland area far east of Fortuna about 11:15 a.m.

Cal Fire tweeted, “[They are] sending a full Wildland Response to a Vegetation Fire off Kneeland Road in the Bridgeville area.”

Tanker 96 and a copter are on the fire.

UPDATE 11:56 a.m.: According to the Incident Commander speaking over the scanner, the fire is about three acres.

UPDATE 6:01 p.m.: According to Battalion Chief Laura Coleman, forward progress on the Redwood Fire has been stopped. The cause is under investigation.



  • political moderate

    Hope they get it out fast. The good news is my weather app shows rain starting one week from today.

  • God (dess) bless the fire fighters! )O(

    • Different god(dess) than the one who started the fires Im guessing? Maybe call in the help of some hobbits and fairies as well.

      Your sentiment actully hurts people in these cases because it lets people feel that they are doing something to help, when in reality, appeals to supernatural forces has never been shown to have any effect.

      Donate. Our family has.

      • Yeah! You tell em hmm. Whatever God is responsible for this world and it’s evils better step up and take responsibility for it. Then again, I suppose that is what Jesus was doing on that cross, so never mind. I hope he does bless the firefighters and those afflicted by the fires, if not in this life, then the next. You mock them for having faith that justice is not a delusion, but real?

        Its ironic that they’re very rarely the one’s cursing or scoffing God because of the evils in this world, it’s always persons like you who insist that those in pain be as shortsided and unimaginative as you are currently. They are the one’s praying not only for themselves but also for you.


      • Anti troll league

        Both options are there simultaneously. Anyone who thinks prayer is a substitute for action has got it all wrong. Anyone who thinks that they are in charge of bullying people into being reflections of themselves has it pretty wrong too.

        • Yeah, well that’s the word on the street alright… Especially from those who wear masks of anonimity.

          But God did not just sit in heaven and pray in estatic bliss now did he? He wasn’t too Holy to get his hands dirty. He incarnated into humanity and paid for our sin of actually thinking that we can save ourselves or the world by our actions.

          Prayer is for God’s help in deciding which course of action to take or what to say, not an excuse for not taking action or for remaining silent.

          I did not perceive that Kristin Bradfield was bullying anyone.

          Be careful not to confuse standing UP TO a bully with BEING a bully. If you do, it will require your remaining anonymous to hide your shame.

          • Anti troll league

            You’re going to have to clarify. That did not make sense to me. Or not as you choose.

            • There was a time when it would not have made immediate sense to me either. It required careful and often prayerful consideration.


  • Just hoping the winds stay low, even with a little rain its still sketchy in high winds.

  • I have a good friend named Don in Bridgeville I hope he’s alright. Thanks for the info Kym.

  • re these fires strange for this area?

  • So many fires everywhere let’s hope you can contain this one also like they did in blue like last night be careful firefighters

  • Humboldt Original

    There are very large power lines at that site shown on the map, major corridor. Any word on cause?

  • I’m smelling smoke in sohum…

  • Any more updates on the fire kym?

  • Lots of smoke in south eureka.

  • Concerned resident

    Are there any updates on this fire? Very, very smoky where I am. Too smoky for all to be from Camp fire.

    • Smoke from large fires can go thousands of miles. The smoke on the coast last couple of days is all from the Camp fire with East winds pushing smoke this way..

  • The fire has been contained:

    The “Redwood” Incident Update: forward progress stopped at 1.8 CALFIRE_HUU

  • Any updates? Makes me nervous, think I’ll pack a go bag

  • Middle Fork Yager Creek near Lone Star

  • “According to Battalion Chief Laura Coleman, forward progress on the Redwood Fire has been stopped. The cause is under investigation.”
    My hunch is, it was the praying that stopped it. God heard our prayers & sent skilled and able bodied men and women to combat it.
    No investigation needed. (=:

    Thank you firefighters!!!
    Thank you prayerful ones!!!
    Thank you God!!!

  • The smoke plume from the Campfire is huge just a change in the wind could shift it this way, this county has been lucky to not have the sky’s blacken with smoke from a fire over 150 miles away. Most countys south of us have severe air quality from the same fire

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