Death Toll Rises to 42 on the Camp Fire [Maps]

This morning Stike Team 3275c (consisting of engines from Weaverville, Lewiston, Junction City, and Douglas City) went off shift for 24 hours of rest. They spent the previous 24 hours on Branch III in Div K. Last night conditions were favorable for burning operations. #CampFire

This morning Stike Team 3275c (consisting of engines from Weaverville, Lewiston, Junction City, and Douglas City) went off shift for 24 hours of rest. They spent the previous 24 hours on Branch III in Div K. Last night conditions were favorable for burning operations. [Photo from Weaverville Fire]

The Butte County Sheriff reports finding an additional 13 dead on the Camp Fire yesterday. “10 human remains were located in Paradise, 7 in homes and 3 outdoors. 3 human remains were located in Concow, 2 outdoors and 1 in a home. This brings the death toll to around 150% of the previous highest deaths from fires in California History.

As of last night, the fire had spread to 117,000 acres and was 30% contained. This morning, the fire is now 125,000 acres and still 30% contained.


Our Maintenance crews are working 24/7 helping with the #CampFire, and that includes animal rescues like this one found in Magalia.

This Caltrans worker is rescuing a singed cat. According to this agency, “Our Maintenance crews are working 24/7 helping with the #CampFire, and that includes animal rescues like this one found in Magalia.” [Photo from Caltrans]

Ruins from the Camp Fire.

Ruins from the Camp Fire. [Photo from the Placer County Sheriff]

The Weather:  

Although there is no longer a Red Flag Warning, the fire continues to be volatile. Today is predicted to be mostly sunny with highs in the mid-sixties. The winds should be light today but could gust to 20 mph overnight. Expect very dry conditions today and no rain throughout the week

The Plan:

The fire has crossed a 300 foot span of Lake Oroville, according to Cal Fire. This shows that there is long range spotting that firefighters are having difficulty dealing with.

The north and the east were the most active areas yesterday with the fire continuing to push towards the tiny town of Stirling City. Firefighters have managed to push in a number of dozer lines and burn lines in critical areas including between the fire and Stirling City. They’ll be working to improve those and provide structure preparation throughout the area around the fire today.

The Roads:

Repair work is underway on Highway 191 working south due to damage from the #CampFire.

Repair work is underway on Highway 191 working south due to damage from the Camp Fire. [Photo from Caltrans District 3]

Caltrans District 3 is reporting these closures: (For the most recent information go to

Caltrans closed roads Camp FireNumerous county roads are also closed.

The Maps:

  • Camp Fire Public Information Map –to see details either zoom or click on the map and download a pdf.CAMP PIO 6


  • Camp Fire Operations Map –to see details either zoom or click on the map and download a pdf.CAMP ops 6
  • Camp Fire KMZ Map–Zoom for detail or, for 3D imagery, click on the map and download a file that connects with your Google Earth program. Warning this imagery was captured around 10:05 p.m. last night and does not show the latest borders.

Camp Heat 6

Evacuation Information:

For the most up to date information, click here. Scroll down once there to find an excellent evacuation map.

Earlier Chapters: 



  • Thanks Kim for the updates and info!

    • I just saw where Jerry Brown took millions of dollars from PGE and others, to stop a law making the electric companies bury and modify the way lines were run. This was a few years ago. Now we have many who died because this was not done. Does this make Jerry complicit in their deaths? I think so. Let’s see. They could have buried, modified, and reworked the power grid to prevent these fires, but Jerry took their money to stop it, and now we have hundreds dead, and thousands of homes and companies destroyed. If I had lost everything, I would be finding teams of lawyers and experts, and sue Jerry and PGE , and make them pay. And, now that the cows are out, make them do what should have been done to prevent this from happening again. I am sure Gavin will favor PGE too, he is as easily bought by corporations as Brown.

  • Kym, you must be pretty exhausted with keeping up. But your work is appreciated. Especially the bringing together of the maps.

  • Thank you for the important coverage and updates. That a moment because it’s got to be getting to you seeing all these images and reports.

  • so saddened to see the devastation, ty first responders and firefighters, our heroes, and thank you kym for your intrepid reporting

  • artist formerly known as wildman

    I used to have to go to many different sites to gather all the info you now provide. Excellent work Kym. I wouldn’t be surprised if next year FS and CalFire just post a link to your site for NorCal fires. It would save them time and provide a better service.

    PS. I’ve had to change my handle from wildman to what it is now because there is someone else posting as Wildman with a capital W.

  • Thank you, Kym, for your excellent, diligant, and comprehensive reporting and updates on these fires. Your efforts are appreciated more than you know.

  • unbridled philistine

    They havent even looked in lower pines yet for bodies! The count will go higher that whole area of Magalia is full of retirees and elderly. My inlaws lost their place up there. Brother lost everything and my buddy pat says he might lose his place tonight! Such a bummer. People been talking about this fire coming since I was 13 years old in 1989.

    • Terribly sad but likely. I’m bother by the fact that in such a fire here, it would only take a couple of disabled vehicles to block this road in both directions. It’s a narrow road with no shoulders and steep drop offs. I worry but have no solution except to leave. And that is not going to happen.

      My sympathies to your relatives there.

  • Let’s stop JUST being sad and JUST donating money and time after the disaster. The time to start living green was decades ago and if your actually sad about the effects of climate change and you’re not making great efforts to be green and conserve water than you are 100% apart of what’s causing all this sadness. Stop having more than two babies and start living green. Smokey the bear wasn’t exaggerating when he said only we can prevent forest fires and it’s deeper than put your campfire out. Stop being sad and start being green!!! It’s like voting, if you don’t vote you can’t complain. If your not working hard at living green don’t complain when a wildfire takes your home and don’t talk about how sad you are when you won’t do crap to prevent it.

    • Is it lonely up there on your pedestal made of hemp?

    • unbridled philistine

      The list of people who have perished has not yet been released! The cost not tallied. How can we stop being sad when the news keeps coming? You have bad logic.

    • I agree 100% J. The time for action is rapidly slipping away. Living green is apparently a joke to people like Mike, but not to the dead & homeless from climate change abetted fires, eh?

    • Your point is well taken.

      But I’d like to take this in a different direction for the here and now: immediate action to help. Our strength is in our partnership.

      Kym, what can we do beyond giving money? What does Butte County need? Do they need volunteers on scene? Do they need staffing or supplies for shelters, animal rescues, food delivery, medical help, clean-up and/or resource distribution? I know in the Santa Rosa fires they didn’t want a lot of extra people coming in, they had enough folks helping out and wanted physical resources and aid instead. Is this the same?

      I am ready to go if they need help. So are others. How can we help?

      • I’m thinking I will stop by the Veterinarian’s office on my way past to see if they are collecting to assist in animal rescue. I don’t know about anyone else but, if I had suffered the loss if my house, I would be very grateful to anyone who helped my animals.

        Lost Coast Hay drove supplies to animal groups in the last fire. They may be doing the same in this cases.

      • I have a good neighbor from Ferndale. He laments he never went past the 6th grade but somehow life turned out well for him nonetheless. He learned how to build houses. He now owns many rentals in later life and has a good income. Because life turned out well for him despite his upbringing, he strongly believes in helping out others.

        He took his truck and trailer and building tools and went to the hurricane-ravaged areas along with hundreds of others to help repair and rebuild houses years ago. The Santa Rosa fires were of a different nature; he bought old but decent travel trailers for cheap, refurbished them adequately and nicely enough, and freely delivered them to residents living on their properties without housing. That’s how he humbly chose to help. Don’t know what he’s got in mind for this fire– maybe the same thing?

        If George can do this on his own, maybe there are many things we can all do.

        • Did he have a uncle named Jed a poor mountaineer barely kept his family fed? And was his name Jethro.

          • No, his name is George and he’s from Ferndale. He came up by his own means and did well given the circumstances. He made his way, is strongly Christian-oriented, and feels America has been good to him. He wishes to give back. It’s that simple.

            He’s widely respected in his community for the help and service he gives. He freely chooses to help others less fortunate. He’s been taken advantage of (like when someone had stolen his tools). He’s a very good person many look up to in his community. So given this, how do we also help the victims of these devastating fires?

        • I salute your neighbor and others like him. We need more like him!
          Hopefully the neighbors will rally and force the powers that be into giving the property owners back their right to live on their own land without worry of confiscation, fines, and other corruptions.

    • *smokey bear

      and even if you vote you cant complain

    • And stop poisoning rivers.

  • Entirely tragic. This is so seriously of epic apocalyptic proportions. Thank You Kym, for the updates and the info, hard work and dedication. I seriously hope as a whole, something can be done to curb climate change. But for these people, and many others, it is too little, too late. How many more people are going to have to die before people start waking up to this reality? Deadly hurricanes in the east, fires to the west, tornadoes in the middle. How many people have been displaced this just this year because of climate change? Too many. My heart goes out to the lost loved ones and the survivors, and the Firefighters And medical personnel. U guys rock.

  • Thanks Kyme,
    your a treasure.

    Terrible the loss of life.

  • Paradise is lost that’s bad & its sad all they can do is rebuild & prepare for the next hell that’s all any of us can do my heart & thoughts to all involved in the fires in Butte & Los Angeles Counties I’m so used to watching my home area burn it doesn’t phase me but it still hurts. Thank you Kym for all your hard work don’t over work yourself 🙂

  • Firefighters from across the country and some from other parts of the world (Australia, Canada)have sent relieving firefighters.

  • Ok, I get the climate change angle but the reality is that the native americans and lightning conducted low intensity burns in mature forests etc. from coast to coast for a millennia. This kept the fuel load down and was good for plants and animals. Oh, people too. Because of the demographics of our time, burns would not work in many areas but the same situation, as the old time burns, could be created by programs that cleared the underbrush, left bigger trees and cut the excess. Just saying

    • Anonymous,
      well said.

    • The introduction of invasive mediterranean grasses is largely to thank for these fires. And even-age stand management of timberlands.

      Removal of “fuels” rather than controlled burns is a poor polacy based in ignorance and greed (often just an excuse to log). Those fuel need to be recycled into the soil, not sold off to make a few families wealthier.

      Yes controlled burns can help us manage these fires but it will also hurt the chances of native grass returning, now that they have to compete with invaisies.

  • All the cities in this county should have an old school siren like they used to have in Arcata to alert people.

    I think heading toward the ocean or the bay would be more practical as there are only 3 roads out of here.

  • Elric of Melniboné

    to many defs. so sad

  • R.I.P. dearest victims and may your loved ones someday find the healing comfort they so dreadfully need.
    I know it’s been said too many times, that prayers aren’t wanted. But I offer mine to the Lord above to hold you and keep you in his mercy. May God in Heaven be with us all.

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