Approximately 20 Fires Set Over the Weekend Are Suspicious, Says Gasquet Fire Chief

Fire trucks into remote location

Fire trucks head down remote roads to fight possible arson fires. [Photo by Gasquet Fire]

On Sunday, multiple fires appear to have been set in the Little Jones Creek area near Gasquet. Firefighters responded about 7:38 p.m. Chief of Gasquet Fire, Nick Karanopulos, told us that his crew “found about 10 fires–the biggest being one acre in size.”

On Saturday, he said, there were about 10 fires set near Siskiyou Fork. He suspects an arsonist. “Someone lit like 10 fires down there,” he said.

Forest fire

Sparks fly during Sunday’s fire. [Photo by Gasquet Fire]

The scenes of the fires on Saturday and Sunday are similar. “But I’m not sure if they are related,” Karanopulos noted.


He added, “A lot of people are freaking out because they are watching the fires down in Paradise.” He said that his community is worried that that fires in their area will cause similar damage to the ones down in Butte County and in Southern California. “We are still pretty damp,” he said. “We’ve had some rain…These fires have been pretty low intensity.”

The twenty fires set over the weekend are under now control. “All fires have been lined with hose and hand line,” Karanopulos said. “Huge thanks to Crescent City Fire, Fort Dick Fire, Smith River Fire and Alder Crew Five [an inmate crew] for all their hard work.”



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