[UPDATE 10:54 a.m.] Multiple Fires Burning Along 299 and One at King Salmon

Fire engines and law enforcement along Hwy 299 at a fire that is now under control.

Fire engines and law enforcement along Hwy 299 at a fire that is now under control. [Photo by Mark Nelson]

Since 3:59 p.m., 6 fires have popped up between Berry Summit and Hwy 101 and a fire has started near King Salmon on Hwy 101. Eastbound Hwy 299 is closed near Glendale, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.

At least one of the fires is reported on the scanner to be over five acres. The fire pictured above is reported to be under control by a witness, Mark Nelson. We have reporters headed to two of the fires.

Cal Fire is responding with lights and sirens to a fire near Blue Lake as of 4:42 P.M.

UPDATE 4:53 p.m.: “Eastbound 299 is to remain close,” reports the Incident Commander over the scanner. He also said that one fire is burning around mile marker 13, one fire is out, and there are no fires burning east of mile marker 17.

UPDATE 5 p.m: The Incident Command is now at mile marker 12.86. on Hwy 299.

UPDATE 5:01 p.m.: The fire at King Salmon is reported to be a small grass fire.

UPDATE 5:03 p.m.: According to scanner traffic, law enforcement is looking for a possible arsonist headed eastbound on 299 in a white van.

UPDATE 5:16 p.m.: Bobby Kroeker our reporter, sends us this photo and video from the King Salmon fire.

Fire at King Salmon.

Fire at King Salmon. [Photo by Bobby Kroeker]

UPDATE 5:22 p.m.: Another video from King Salmon.

UPDATE 5:25 p.m.: Cal Fire reports, “Vegetation Fire in the Green Hill Area; multiple air and ground crews are at scene; approx. 10 acres.”

UPDATE 5:40 p.m.: Cal Fire says there are multiple incidents and reminds everyone this is Red Flag Warning weather when flames are most likely to spread quickly. All the fires together likely total 10 acres is what they are reporting. The fires are burning in brush and timber with timber slash.

According to Battalion Chief Laura Coleman, there are “probably around 6ish [fires]. [I]t is hard to tell from the plane and many burned together by the time ground got there.”

UPDATE 5:49 p.m.: Photo and video from Mark McKenna, our reporter on the scene on Hwy 299.

FIrefighters silhouetted against the glow of one of the multiple fires burning along Hwy 299. Firefighters silhouetted against the glow of one of the multiple fires burning along Hwy 299. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

UPDATE 7:20 p.m.: Dozers are now coming in and staging at the weigh station. The fire continues to burn at mile marker 13.6. Here’s a video of the flames climbing into trees.

UPDATE 7:28 p.m.: Hwy 299 is now almost completely open. There are hot spots where there is only one lane traffic from mile marker 12 to 14 roughly.

UPDATE 7:57 p.m.: “We anticipate having containment prior to the early morning,” says the Incident Commander.

UPDATE 10:54 a.m.: Cal Fire tweeted this morning, “The “Green Hill” Fire is Contained at 10 acres; re-mapping occurring in daylight today to confirm acreage; no life threat.”



  • Whoa, is ot safe to drive through? I was about to head out 299….

  • Another arsonist?

    Carry water and fire extinguishers in your cars!

  • I realize I might be responding too hastily. But looking at each of the CHP reported fire sites, and considering the timeline, these look really suspicious.

  • Or possibly someone dragging a chain or like cause of sparks –

    • OMG, I hear ya there, complete ignorance on every individual that hooks a trailer to their rig without assuring that the required safety chain is 3in min from ground need I say more.

  • I’d like to see how secure those chipper chains are attached to Sheriff’s trucks.

    • These fires have nothing to do with the Sherrif! But thanks for trying to make it all about you and your industrialist cartel friends.

  • If a person is doing this to cause another harm or to draw attention to themselves, they have to mentally disconnected!

  • Carry a McLeod instead or in addition to water/fire extinguisher.

  • Person should be tried for attempted murder

    • Attempt hell, people are dying from these jackasses looking for personal high rush, unbelievable acts of, you know what, get this. It should fall under the class weapon of mass destruction, fuckers ain’t no better than a terrorist. I hope each and every one of these no good cowards are caught and made to suffer. Literally makes me sick seeing what has happened in the past year and most recently happening now. God bless all effected

  • The King Salmon fire was in the field by the remnants of the little Treasure Hunt buildings.

  • Thanks to alert citizens and first responders.

  • It’s time to keep a sharp eye out.👀

  • Another example of incredibly timely reporting from the Red Headed Black Belt! Great work.

  • Any more update on the fire on 299.

    • I was wondering the same!

    • I’m hoping for updates too!

    • Here’s LOCO’s UPDATE: 5:50 p.m.:

      The Outpost spoke with Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Peter Cress moments ago, who said the fire is made up of multiple fires burning a few miles East of Blue Lake.

      Outpost reporter Ryan Burns reports that Highway 299 has been reopened. See photos of fire crews still working to knock down the flames above.

      • Yeah bro, we all know how to find loco if we care to…

      • artist formerly known as wildman

        Kym posted before that post that the fire was at mile marker 13. Its pretty easy to deduce that the fires were 8 miles past Blue Lake to be at that mile marker. You don’t need a weatherman to tell you where the wind blows.

  • God Bless those firefighters!!!

  • I just got the Cal fire emergency text message. It said they are battling a fire in Humboldt County and that it has reached 10 acres. They’re calling it the Green Hill fire. be safe all my friends who live along 299

    • I read that on the Calfire website, search by county. All these random fires seem suspicious and very scary. Stay safe everyone be prepared to evacuate, be it a fire or earthquake

  • Wow, even the swamps are catching fire in California!

  • Thanks Kym. Appreciate the updates.

  • I don’t know about you Kym, but my heart is broken over all of this we now have 42 casualties down on this end I’m just devastated these people that are driving around setting fires I hope whoever catches them beats the crap out of them, I realize that these people get off on this but I don’t get it they have no idea the heartache and the destruction that they are causing homes lost, lives lost, small children, animals, I haven’t been able to quit crying since all this fire started and my prayers are- never-ending

  • My friend and I were headed over from Whitmore to Eureka at 4:25-4:30 we saw 5 small fires to a row with a few cars pulled over looking and calling for help we passed first response (police) then fire headed up to them. Scary!

  • My son just spoke to friend whos brother is Blue lake fire figter..he says the blue lake 299 fires are contained..lets hope it stays that way… It was just up by the scales as you start to pass over Blue lake….Incredible good first responders, sherriffs fire departments from Blue lake, fieldbrook and believe mckinleyville and Arcata…..too… Thanks to all the responders…

  • Why does everyone think it’s arson?
    Usually by now we have rain.
    So dry any spark can ignite easily, think about
    what global warming really means.
    High amounts of methane in our atmosphere,
    Sorry I didn’t make this up.

    • If methane in the air was resonsible for these fires, than every dairy on the face of the earth would have cows shooting flames out of their rear ends.

      Yes it is very dry. Drier than I can remember seeing. So, if you think humans are causing this, what are you doing as your part in stopping it?

    • People thought it was arson due to witnesses seeing fires start where a white van was stopped at multiple places and the Sheriff confirmed they were looking for a possible arsonist. That’s why..

  • The reason why I think the fires on the 299 are suspicious is that when I came over

    The small and medium sized spot fires were well off the pavement.

    Later videos shown on various y o u t u b e accounts show fire burned down to the pavement.

    There little to no winds where I stopped.

    The fires were from about mile marker 16 to 12, I along with about twenty other folks were stopping and calling 911 on cell phones and a lot of folks were stomping out the smaller spot fires.

    When I got to the Blue Lake exit I pulled over to make sure the fire crew there knew of the flames were also past Blue lake.

    They had not yet been informed, so, if you can confirm you 911 call information has been received by the folks on the ground to so. At the point the fire was well contained at the Blue Lake exit.

    I truly appreciate the fire and emergency folks and the normal regular folks who stopped along the 299 to call 911 and stomp the flames. Thank you.

  • we need to make dragging chains a $10,000 fine.

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