‘Reality in a Nutshell A Sir Real Journey to Investigate Worldwide Endangered Species,’ Says Kneeland School

This is a press release from Kneeland School:

Every year, Kneeland School has a full-immersion drama unit that includes all aspects of state curriculum in a hands-on, student-centered and student-lead theatrical production.  All students in the 4th-8th grade class collaborate to develop and write a script that is entertaining while also provides educational information and a clear moral to the story.  Students are given the responsibility of researching facts for character and plot development, designing the set, identifying, gathering and sometimes building props, designing costumes, stage management, sound design, and performing the play.  Last year, the play centered around a nerdy scientist and her lab-created, talking llama who traveled through various decades in time to discover inventions, changes in the English dialect, the evolution of music and dance, and historical moments in history.  This year, the students have written a play that will span the globe to investigate environmental changes that threaten a variety of species.

The Play:

A Grey Squirrel named Reality suddenly discovers that its stock of nuts, seeds, and acorns have depleted and new food is becoming scarce.  On its searches for a fresh treasure trove of food, Reality meets a worldly Silver-Haired Bat from Trinidad named Sir Real.  Sir Real cajoles Reality into a wild and wacky journey across the globe to discover the effects of the current warming trend of Earth as well as habitat loss and over-hunting on endangered species from the Arctic to Asia to Australia and Africa.  Together they meet polar bears, narwhals, orangutans, sea turtles, Tasmanian devils, pangolins, bettongs, wombats and many more animals facing an ever changing environment.  This comedic romp across the globe introduces cultural, geographical, scientific and historical tidbits for an entertaining hour of edification about our planet and all the beings that inhabit it.

The performances are open to all Humboldt County schools at no charge at 10 AM, M-F, December 10-14 at Ferndale Repertory Theater.  One evening performance on December 12th at 6 PM will be open to the public at Ferndale Repertory Theater, is an all-age event, and is free of charge.  To attend the evening performance on December 12th, please call Kneeland School at 442-5472 to reserve your seats.  Otherwise, schools may call Ferndale Repertory Theater at 786-5483 to reserve their space for a 10 AM performance.



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  • I don’t get “sir real” Why isn’t is surreal?

    • Because children of that age do not have the experience to be able to differentiate between what is exists and what is only shown to them. However they are very adept at reflecting what adults around them want them to repeat. For all the noise about independent thought, it is doubtful that children are going to be allowed be confused by reality.

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