Mateel Holding Annual Membership Meeting Tomorrow

This is a press release from the Mateel:

Please join the Mateel Community Center for its Annual Membership Meeting at 5:30pm on November 13th at the hall. This meeting is an opportunity to hear reports from the Board of Directors on the past year, offer public comment, and nominate candidates for the 3 seats that are up for reelection. You must be a current Mateel member to run for the Board of Directors.

It is well-known in the community that the Mateel is in trouble. Financial woes and changing economics in the community have already take a toll on Mateel — but we can overcome! We need caring hands to come together and preserve this unique community venue. Can you help?

Thank you to the community for your attendance at events, meetings and for your continued support.



  • I hope whoever fills those seats don’t skim off the top like years past. And this is a fact: the status of ” non profit” is a lie. They need a FULL audit! There are a couple people on the board who are honest and want the Mateel to succeed on a community level, but I don’t trust anyone who has been there since this financial speed bump began! They are the problem. ( any business or non profit that has to be supported by high times magazine is like a child being babysat by the tweaker down the street, in my opinion)

  • Strong accusations, ‘Usedtoworkthere’!
    Please present some facts that support your claims.
    This is a time for supporters and critics alike to SHOW UP and help decide THE FUTURE of this valuable community organization!!

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