Helen Traina: School Board Trustee, Deacon, Founder of Foodbank and More

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Helen TrainaHelen Traina, a Leggett resident since 1945, passed away on November 6th 2018, from genuine old age. Although her personal goal was to reach 100, she eventually declared that “old age isn’t for sissies” and apparently grew tired of being “tired and retired”, throwing the towel in at the tender age of 93. She was preceded in death by her husband Jimmy Traina.

Among her many talents and past contributions, Helen served as a deacon in the Presbyterian Church; formed and ran our local Foodbank; served as schoolboard trustee; helped form the Chamber of Commerce, and helped her husband create and run the Traina Equipment Corp.

Those who knew her or wanted to are welcome to join her family at a party honoring her long life at the American Legion Hall / Carl Burkey Hall in Leggett at 68167 Hwy. 101 North on Sunday, November 18 at high noon-ish. A dish to share would be appreciated.



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