Mendocino Sheriff Captured Son Who Allegedly Shot His Father

This is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Acea Henderson, 18 years of age, Gualala CAOn 11-10-2018 around 8:21 PM, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies were dispatched to the  38000 block of South Highway 1,  in Gualala, to a report of a gunshot victim who had been shot in the chest and arm. The reporting person advised that Acea Henderson, 18 years old of Gualala, had shot his father, Eugene Henderson, 47 years old of Gualala, in the upper torso after an argument.

Acea and Eugene got into argument in the front yard of the residence which escalated, resulting in Acea striking Eugene in the head with a shovel. A short time later Acea broke out a window to Eugene’s vehicle and removed a .22 caliber rifle and fired at least 1 round striking Eugene in the upper chest. The round exited in the armpit and then entered the left bicep.  Acea then put down the gun, telling a witness he would wait for deputies but left prior to their arrival.  A third family member  transported Eugene to Redwood Coast Medical Services Clinic for treatment.

A witness fearing Acea would return and continue shooting, hid the rifle in the residence. A short time later Acea returned looking for the weapon. After failing to find the weapon, Acea walked away from the residence. A witness later reported seeing Acea shortly after the incident, on Pacific Reef, but deputies were ultimately unable to locate him after an extensive search of the area.

Eugene was transported by ambulance to Santa Rosa Memorial is listed in stable condition.

This incident was the second incident that deputies responded to at this location in consecutive days.  On 11-9-2018 deputies responded to another assault by the son against the father.  At that time the father refused to cooperate in prosecuting a case against his son.

On 11-11-20 around 10:08 AM Deputies were able to locate Acea at a residence in the 45000 Block of Pacific Woods Road, in Gualala and took him into custody without incident.  He was transported and booked into the Mendocino County Jail, on charges of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon, where he will be held on a bail of $250,000.



  • Before just locking him up in jail he should be mentally evaluated.

  • I wonder if drugs were involved? I keep hearing that meth is bad stuff.

    • Trust me meth is worse than death. This punk son needs to do hard time.

    • Acea has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, I am praying they put him where he needs to be, where he can get the help he desperatly needs. The mental health in our state is faulty and this is the consequence. Acea is a good boy, this is not a drug issue this is a sick young man that needs professional help. I only can pray they put him in the right place with professionals that can help him, so far he has been swept under the rug. It is heartbreaking.

      • Drugs potentiate madness.

      • Thank you!! He is my Nephew My Family has been trying to get him mental health help for a while now and it Sucks in our State.. Finally got him a place to go out of state he was suppose to go today but then this happened it’s heart breaking

        • That’s exactly right Miss Shannon Bean love you will get through this will get him through this I fucking refuse to let him fall through the cracks Any longer

      • All right everybody it’s time to quit talking shit you don’t even know what you’re talking about this is my nephew and I don’t appreciate It when people flap their fucking fat traps that don’t know anything of what they’re talking about thank youGod for bid something like this happened in your family shit talking motherfucker’s

    • Muddy Black Dodge

      Ha ha lol…!
      Love your response

  • HumboldtRecession

    The cat took a burger off the grill again

  • It is way bad stuff.

  • Obviously, the father didn’t teach sonny boy to respect his elders. That’s called reaping what you sow!

  • There was a case in Arcata where a teenaged son killed his father. Prosecutor discovered the boy’s father had been molesting him for years. The son still went to prison though the sentence may have been shortened.

    • Thank you so much for understanding that we readers often jump to the worst conclusions with no evidence or knowledge of the circumstances.

  • This person looks like a mass shooting just waiting to happen. When will we take these nutcases off the streets before they kill?

  • If indeed people in general knew and especially if his family knew he had mental issues why would the father escalate an argument? Antagonize much?

    Back off dad, show the kid how to live his life independently.

  • It’s called Generation X kids these days think their parents should provide them with a living for the rest of the parents life well I don’t agree with that

    • ‘Generation X’? What decade are you living in?

    • the kid is Gen Z and the dad is gen X. mental health issue usually require the parents to provide them with a place to live for the rest of the parents lives. most of the 40 something street people in old town were dumped just like when some growers dump their dogs in my neck of the woods.

  • 25 years of Mendocino County contracting mental health to “for profit companies” … Is this really any shock? Mendocino County has swept child abuse, mental health and domestic violence under the rug, according to the “officials”, the only problem Mendo has is marijuana. This is why everything else is ignored including mental health. The Sheriff department and county has been way to worried about asset forfeiture $$$ from raiding our neighbors and families and not nearly proactive enough to get these people the help they desparately deserve. Lets not forget that alot of the mental health problems stem from the 1974 closing of Mendocino State Hospital and the 100 years of sending bay area mental health patients to Mendocino County for treatment only to be released to Mendocino County halfway houses. There are many genes in this area of Mental Health patients which have been passed down through the generations

  • He is not a good boy! And since when is an 18 year old a boy? He may be mentally disturbed but does not give him the right to shoot someone, regardless who it was he shot.

  • CuriousHumboldtian

    “On 11-11-20 around 10:08 AM Deputies were able to locate Acea at a residence in the 45000 Block of Pacific Woods Road, in Gualala and took him into custody without incident.” Sooooo they found him in the future? Have Precogs become a thing, and we didn’t even know it!?

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