President Trump Rebukes Forest Management in California and Threatens No More Aid in Tweet Today

A little after midnight Pacific Time, President Donald Trump tweeted from Paris,

Earlier, in August, President Trump had tweeted,

Three major fires are forcing thousands to flee homes in California this Saturday morning. At least nine people are dead. Friday, President Trump had approved Federal assistance to “supplement State, tribal, and local response efforts” to these three fires.

Composite image fire by Mark McKenna and President Trump by U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Alicia Brand reversed.]

Composite image: House Burning in the Camp Fire by Mark McKenna and President Trump by U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Alicia Brand reversed.]

Fire suppression efforts have been blamed by scientists for contributing to the increasing severity and spread of wildfires. However, scientists are also concerned that climate change is a major factor.

In response, Acting California Governor Gavin Newsom replied to President Trump’s tweet at 10:27 a.m. our time. He tweeted,




  • The orange pustule has the most embarrassing lack of critical thinking skills and so do his mouthpieces. Forest thinning would not have stopped the Camp or the Tubbs. Both fires happened in grassy oak woodland not timberland. The fires were fueled by dry grass growing amid scattered pine and oak trees. Besides, the Camp fire is burning in land thinned by flames just 10 years ago. This fire has nothing to do with forest management it has to do with land use planning.

    • Mrs. Wendell S. Truggmann, III

      Your comments are well taken. Are/did the fires burning/burn on USFS, BLM or private forest lands,….or a combination of all three?? You just can’t lock up land in a ‘forest museum’ without management.

      • Just ask Save the Redwoods League they’ll show you how.

      • Is management a euphemism for cut the trees and graze the grasslands?

        • No. Management means different things to different people, from preservation to exploitation and everything in between.

      • The problem is do we manage the forests to be fire resistant, or do we manage them for monetary gain. If we manage forests to be fire resistant than we need to limb up and leave the bigger trees and thin out the understory of small trees and brush, chipping the brush and using the smaller trees (firewood, stream restoration, fencing, whatever use there is). But with commercial logging you take out the bigger trees which are more fire resistant and leave the flashy and fast burning fuels. What Trump proposes is the same ideology of Reagan. No forest equates to no fires.

        • Commercial logging is like strip mining not good. But your other idea to clean out the underbrush and trim back some underbrush and to maintain it would open up how many jobs? And theres alot of people that would do it because in some areas you’d have to go and temporarily live there all government paid.

          • And its the same with the solar industry. So many jobs could be created if we went headlong into it. Those are the two imperatives right now. Solar power and healthy forests. But the purse strings are tied up with military spending and industrial subsidies. We could have the money to do these things if we cut back those. Its all doable, just takes foresight from high up. Hell, I’d even drag my lazy ass up into the woods to do clearing work. Not sure I’d be much help though at my age ;>)

          • Your statement about commercial logging was a half truth, a blanket statement. Most loggers care about their jobs and the future jobs and go out of their way to assure a healthy environment.
            The rest of your statement is two thumbs up though, well said.

            • I understand. Having worked in the woods and in mills in the 70s I have respect for those who do such dangerous work. Working headrig almost cost me my life one day. The problem is we are in need of going through a transition away from building all wood homes and that will impact jobs. But if money were provided those same people could do the bulk of the thinning and clearing and stream restoration work needed in our forests. Who better to do it.

            • Most loggers do. But as so many of us found at Palco, too many companies care nothing for the environment or community.

              • Palco was Palco. The other companies were not Palco. To be fair, the other companies went broke trying to meet the new regulatory deadlines. I bet now they’re wishing they hadn’t have been on the side of the good guys that tried to do e v e r y t h i n g the right way.

        • The key to good forest management is finding the right balance; take some commercial trees but leave behind a stand of healthy trees with greatly reduced fire hazard. Create shaded fuel breaks along roads and around homesteads, with a high canopy, very little understory and dead fuels . And, IMHO, leave generous uncut buffers along the streams.

      • Almost all private lands…

      • Ironically the President doesn’t seem to realize much of our forest are Federal and not State or private land which puts the blame on him for mismanagement.
        Fire funding on Federal land has been severely cut.

      • Yes the fire burn on either private, state, or federal land according to a rotating schedule, you dunce!

    • The festering marmalade carbuncle is ignorant of the fact that most forested lands are under federal management via the US Forest Service and the BLM. California controls state parks and not a lot else.

    • Do you watch the coverage of these fires? Thick forests of fuel. Dear Mr. President: Please investigate Denise Boggs, the real enemy here. She has sued against every timber harvest plan submitted by the Shasta Trinity USFS. If I lost my home in one of these fires, I would sue Boggs, and the Center for Biological Diversity. They are the enemy, they are the cause of these fires, they must be stopped. Cut your land and clear it from all the brush and fire fuel. That pig Denise and all the enviros who have ruined these forests must be stopped. Hey stupid, if there is no fuel, there is no fire. Cut and clear, do not let your work and sweat building your home stead go up in flames. If you border USFS, cut the border. Fuck the Center for Biological Diversity, they hurt the forest, they hurt us all, shut them down and let us log Mr. president.

    • People have perished, others have lost everything, and all he can think to do is insult our state and its people.
      What is the matter with this nation?

  • I can’t wait till we impeach him

    • Think global, act local?

    • Impeach who? The president who has saved our country from destruction at the hands of demos? He has empowered women, minorities, saved our economy. Obama was awful, hurting the economy and our military. Compare so many other states, our state is a shithole state run by democrats. 45th in reading and math, needles and shit all over Frisco and here in Garberville. Look at the corruption among the supervisors, they get rich on the backs of growers, taking their money, then busting them. Estelle is making over $80000 a year, for what? She does not answer her phone, she does not do emails, she only collects money. She has done nothing, just like the rest of the democrat supervisors, they take our money and laugh at us. Make our lives harder, while they get rich. My brother just moved to Texas, he said there are no taxes compared to Calif. He has not seen a needle or any shit in town. They must be superior people to us, they certainly live better than we do here. There gas is over $1.00 a gallon less than here. Why? Because their people are better served by their Republican leaders, than the crap #not my leaders democrats here. And “we” will not impeach him, he is far superior to most, especially the press and democrats, they cannot understand how superior a welder, carpenter, plumber, or anyone else who works with their hands and mind is to them. Don Lemon and Joy Reed, two incredible idiots, along with the rest of the liberal press, are inferior to Trump, and they know it, which is why they hate him. Real humans love Trump, know he is helping us, and are superior in intellect and ability to the leftist press and politicos. We see right through them, consider them entertainment, not to be taken seriously. Do you take idiots like Reed and Lemon seriously? You are stupid if you do. Join the winning team, become a Trumpian, and win!

      • Poor Stuper.

        • Trump is so patriotic that he bailed on honoring the fallen troops in France because the rain scares him and he’s umbrella challenged.
          It’s not a matter of ” believing” news reporters, just watch what he says and does.

          • So did Obama. Only without the rain and in the US. Remember his saying that he sometime misses the “optics” as an excuse? It is an irrelevance with Obama and with Trump. But as has been said been said “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

          • Must be those feet acting up again. 😜

          • Whatever you do, don’t share the news about the Special Protection services being arrested for their planned assassination. That would spoil the ‘optics’.

            • Link for that?

              • Alex Jones. We’ve got a conspiracy 4chan altright nut in our midst.

              • Sid, no, no link. It was how the shorthand used on twitter tweets made it sound. Further research later that day revealed that the Protective Services arrested several plotters against a President.
                I should have researched before spouting off badly interpreted headliners.
                Thank you for questioning! You’re my kind of people.

      • [edit]
        I can only assume this is a poor attempt at sarcasm, If not, I beg you to seek help, or at least the actual TRUTH once in a while.

  • this is literally, the most stupid idiot in the world today An idiot is one thing,,,but a stupid idiot is a total different animal.

  • Mrs. Wendell Truggmann, III

    Bronco has forgotten that there are millions of acres of private lands in CA…and not all are forested.

  • Its federally managed land!!!! Thats what National Forest means mr trump!
    Allowing even aged management along with cows grazing and mining have harmed these forests&they are not native natural forests anymore.
    Im sorry but the science behind what happens when ocean temps rise has been solid for over 30 years, its not rocket science!!!! It creates firestorms not just fires.

    Definitely read the book Ecotopia, where nor cal, Oregon&washington secede from US, California alone has
    GDP: $2.746 trillion (2017).
    Lets get rid of this jerk in power, & to Butte County we’re your neighbors&we will help you as best we can, it def feels like we’re we are all going to be left to our own devices 🙁
    Fire danger is high everywhere so be prepared!

  • What do we expect? We didn’t send our delegates to Trump at the election and he’s a vengeful man.

    He is probably enjoying every moment and rubbing his hands with glee.

  • Mrs. Wendell S. Truggmann, III

    ABC and the San Jose Mercury News have announced that PG&E lines might have sparked and caused the Camp fires. They announced a shutdown of power to the area and did not follow thru.

    • Yup. PG&E noted a short in the lines where the fire started 15 minutes before the first reports of fire. If the Forest Service is going to be shut down does this mean I can go homestead that meadow I love up in the John Muir Wilderness? Does this mean that all federal forest land is now California land? Can we just secede and get it over with? CalExit!

      • Trump never said he was cutting the forest service, he was talking about the billions in aid. So no it would still be a federal offense to try and steal federal land. I always thought that the people talking about calexit during Obama’s reign were acting like children and I feel the same way about people saying it under trumps reign. Division and polarization of politics play on irrational emotions and allow idiots to get elected (on both sides). Founding father “united we stand divided we fall”. 2018 “I want to secede from the United States because my news channel tells me I hate the president!”

        • Last year he proposed taking away 300 million from Federal forest fire fighting and another 50 million from wildfire prevention. Oh and a 23% reduction to volunteer fire departments.

          July of last year.

          Gee, what was going on last summer?

          • Sorry let me rephrase when I said he was cutting the forest service I didn’t mean budget cuts, I meant cutting as in disbanding it, surrending all federal claim to federal land in California and firing every federal employee related to those lands

        • I have a horrific dislike for this person and I don’t watch the news. I listen to the shit that comes out of his mouth.
          This is like watching a kid get run over by a car and somebody you’d expect to give heart filled comments and offer help stand up and say, ” It’s road management’s fault so I’m cutting road maintenance funding.” Get a clue.

        • Except of course that California doesn’t get billions in aid. It gets back somewhat less than the amount of the federal taxes we pay each year. If he wants to cut funding to California then I suggest we reciprocate, dollar for dollar.

        • I’ve heard about these billions in aid but I can never seem to find them when I take a detailed look at the federal budget. I see the billions used to provide corporate welfare for agriculture and forestry when public land and property is sold for pennies on the dollar.

        • Yes he did say he would stop Federally Funding forest services not aid.

        • Trump is nothing but irrational emotions. That’s what compelled him to tweet that in the first place.
          Trump declared that California wildfires have cost HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS. In truth it has been 2.4 billion . When the President feels compelled to LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING it’s hard not to wonder WTF he’s up to.

      • Why is PGE takin all the heat for these fires? There’s an old term , bait and switch. My only concern is who gets the juDo chop to the pocket book when pgne dodges this bullet like the matrix. They’ve got lawyers who will tie this up for years if they get pegged for this. My assumption would be simply a business write off for them, another reason to push rates higher.
        Something tells me 3d chessboard is what we are dealing with…and we will beAR the brunt of this. Privatized profit, socialized the loss.

      • It still has not been determined what caused the fire.
        There is a possibility that a campfire or separate fire could have started near the pole and caused it to burn.
        I am anxious to hear the final report.

    • PG&E, damned if they do and damned if they don’t.
      I’d think its safe to say 90% of the population of Paradise would have bitched had PGE shut off power as a precaution. Maybe would have also generated a few lawsuits against PGE had the shut off power.

      Time for yet another government agency, one that determines risk of fire from power lines and then tells PGE when to turn power off and on?

      • if pgand e had maintained their lines all along and their easements they would not be the cause of so many fires. however to turn more profits they disbanded their maintanice for thelines and easements and sub contracted it out to companies that tried tomilk the contracts trimming12inches of atree everyfew years.

        • It was also the duty of the state to provide the necessary funds to cut back the brush, limbs, and other necessary duties, but instead, they cut the budget.
          Remember when the Corrections Facilities use to be constantly cleaning up the highways, brush, garbage?
          Remember when the state would use helicopters and planes to search for high danger areas? Now it’s just the pg&e planes out searching. Everybody assumed it was always just CAMP searching for pot to raid.
          Calif has a $9billion surplus yet they have all these fund cutbacks?
          It takes 2 to tango.

          But the good news is, the gov & the President have reached an agreement of sorts. Brown will roll back some of the regulations to allow private owners to clear out the underbrush and scrubs, put in fire break roads, and POTUS has expedited a check.

  • Many people dislike Trump.

    Many people dislike Newsome.

    Is it possible both have valid points on this problem?

    • #45 thinks we are diverting water into the pacific ocean? He has no valid point, the man is a moron! Anyone who thinks the same is a fucking idiot. Rivers run into the ocean, we aren’t mismanaging our water here! We aren’t diverting it into the ocean, it naturally flows that way, and to change that would ruin the fishing industry and so much more!

    • Newsome removed the item on single payer from his website today. Fooled again, eh?

  • If the domestic timber industry could compete with legal and illegal logging in places like SE Asia, South America, Mexico and Africa then we would have more forest management.

  • I find it so funny when the people tossing around “stupid” and “ignorant” can’t spell or punctuate, or tell fact from fiction… In any event, how about how cold it is to threaten to cut off funding (to federal lands no less) when people are dead and displaced and the danger is still present. What a vindictive choad.

  • We need rain more than money.

  • Twinkle Winklestein

    Tyrannical Republican Unethical Meat Puppet unqualified to even clean toilets.

  • Trump can eat shit and die.

  • Don’t forget he also said we are “letting the water in the rivers just run out into the ocean!” I guess we were supposed to dam them up and save the water for forest fires. He’s clearly not the brightest bulb in the four-pack. As for reading books, well, we all know he doesn’t.

  • What an A hole, there aren’t any forest to manage in the Santa Monica Mts. Your right tRump, We don’t like you, SO YOUR GONNA PUNISH US ! SKREW YOU!

  • I wonder how much the workers of California pay in Federal taxes. Let’s keep that for our own state and needs and screw DC.

  • Having three firefighters in the family, one being a chief, one concern that is going around the air waves is arson. Red flag warnings are great for the good people in the country but a signal to the terrorist arsonists.

  • Forests in Malibu???

  • According to past boasts, Calif doesn’t qualify or need assistance with their 6+billion dollar surplus.

  • Bozo the clown has spoken.

  • Our president is” almost” as smart as a box of rocks. What a DUMB ASS….

  • Always leav’um laughing!

  • What an asshole.

  • He can threaten, but he cannot legally cut the funding.
    He’s a “nothingburger” and will (hopefully) be taken somewhere and Isolated for the Public Safety.

  • And he never misses a chance to kick someone when they are down. Here is a guy that avoided military service because he had bad feet yet he plays golf almost every weekend. And he had the gall to call John McCain a loser for being shot down over Nam and tortured?

    Whatever you feel about our debacle in Nam Trump isn’t fit to lick McCain’s shitty boot! Or most other folk’s barn boots either.

  • The real elephant in the room that no one is talking about is Agenda 21 and chemtrailing. They spray heavy metals that kills the trees and also makes a perfect fire storm of chemicals. In Agenda 21 they say northern ca. will be “cleared” of inhabitants in rural areas and every person will be relocated to there proper FEMA sector. Go study ppl. There doing this on purpose. Think about how 21 fires were all started in one day across California. Go and study Agenda 21 and the northern ca. fires…….The elite have a plan for us and its not to thrive.

    • I know: spark up another bone and say : “Yah mahn”!

    • Conspiracy can be manifested by the weak minded. Phyic 202.

    • You and Shak ought to see about getting jobs in the Trump administration. You’d fit right in. Bottom line is Trump lost this state by 4MILLION VOTES in 16. And we all know he is a thin skinned braggart who takes everything personally. California sees right through him and he can’t stand it.

    • Agenda 21 was a non-binding agreement that nobody gave a shit about. If you’re worried about heavy metals in the air, maybe look towards the fossil fuel industry, the maritime shipping industry and the worlds largest polluter, the American Military.

      • Problem is, people in positions of Power have been tools of the real power brokers since day one. Any honest look at history would clearly point out that the elevation of our minds and hearts and spiritual growth has been fought against with such intensity, its no wonder that chaos is a tool to keep us in mental and physical slavery. Connect the dots!

      • It was implemented by some states, under the ‘sustainable’ promotion. Calif was so greedy for the awards monies they gobbled it right up. Any word with sustainable, green, comprehensive, smart, etc are dead giveaways they’re Agenda 21. Or is it Agenda 2030 or 2050? They keep updating it, which makes it hard to keep up.
        Democrats against agenda 21 has a lot of info about it.
        There are also educational conventions and other talks on video’s.
        They have mapped out the areas of no go (which just happens to be the entire middle that keeps burning), and they have marked the towns that will be used to pack the people into. No more rural living, no cars, no cows, no horses, no skiing, no swimming, no hunting, no pets, no baseball, no nothing. Many people compare it to the Hunger games layout.
        It’s all available online, like THC & the others mentioned.
        It’s no secret. It’s easily researched. A lot of towns have fought them out with great success. They did their research.

        • Oh, it was all implemented in secret and only Shak and Alex Jones know about it. Isn’t it a little weird that all the conspiracies he peddles shift blame for pollution from corporations to government? And how he loves government when the corporatist oligarchs are in charge? Almost like he and you are corporatist stooges spreading fake news. Tell me again how cigarettes are good for you (this is an actual Shak Fact™.)

          • Thank you Jack!! I became so distracted I forgot to warn everyone about the TAR in the smoke. Prepare your masks people, the TAR is in the air.

            Reminder: TAR is produced from the particles in any combustible fire. It is the TAR and smoke that kills living cells. (not the nicotine). (Nicotine is a completely different category, non carcinogen, blablabla).

            Purchase extra mask filters if you can, and hand them out to those who are in need of one.
            Like they say, ‘light’ cigs are just as dangerous as reg cigs… it’s not the nicotine that gets you, it’s the TAR from the combustion.

            Thank you Jack for reminding us, you’re a saint!

    • Too bad you're that easy

      Who are the “They”?
      Real shit is weird enough. You don’t need to cook up techno fantasy. If there’s any conspiracy, it’s to feed you this kinda BS to keep you off balance, and to cut you from the herd. you should read a wider array of material.

    • “go study ppl. an do yr resrch”

  • You ingrates would find a way to be pissed if he funded the entire fire fighting effort and replaced everything that was burnt from his own stash.

  • The CAMP fire is on federal land, the Malibu fire is not in a forest. I am getting too accustomed to every tweet being a lie or flat wrong. Can’t an adult take his phone away?

  • Global warming is REAL

    Trump is such a dick… oh yeah “cut ALL the trees down that’ll fix it.” I’m ashamed to be an American because of this shit.

    • They are ALL Pathological psychopaths, anyone who wants that much power , regardless of which team you are playing or rooting for, are all playing the masses as fools and peasants. The problem is seeing thru it all without prejudice for the people who simply play the game despite the cost to humanity. ….I could be wrong, but could it be possible that all of this is just a huge fricken ponzi scheme?

  • Holy Jerry Springer section of emotional commentary, from fragile lawyers to conspiracy theorists. Getting out the popcorn now, this is downright hilarious!

    As for CDF, survivors, family to those lost, stay strong and determined. Those of us who can help, certainly will.

    • Let’s get back to the real issue, the lack of empathy by the man that’s suppose to be showing the American people how to be a little empathic.

      • The roots of empathy

        Research, for instance from Chad Posick et al., confirms that this relationship exists: ‘Several researchers have established an empirical link between lack of empathy and criminal behaviour, and conclude that empathy is an important trait that is responsible for explaining a portion of poor behaviour by adolescents.’ It is interesting that in this article it is also acknowledged that empathy is not a purely human phenomenon, but – following the findings of the primatologist Frans de Waal – has its roots in the animal world.

        • “But we know that a high level of empathy does not make one a good person and that a low level does not make one a bad person. Being a good person likely is more related to distanced feelings of compassion and kindness, along with intelligence, self-control, and a sense of justice.”

          Too many use empathy as a weapon to beat others over the head. In truth that sort of “empathy” is ugly and vindictive. It demands ineffective and poor decisions, causing more problems in it’s insistence on sympathy for a criteria. Too many times it is incapable of justice as it swings from one emotional reaction to another. It will hang a man it doesn’t find sympathetic even if that person is not guilty. It will refuse to admister justice to a person simply because they are sympathetic.

          Trump is not empathetic. He’s just not. That makes him a poor politician. His real deficits is his lack of self control.
          Heaven knows a whole lot of people are long on empathy but very short on principles. Really full of it but with no self control at all either.

          • Being a good person likely is more related to distanced feelings of compassion and kindness, along with intelligence, self-control, and a sense of justice.

            That sure sounds like the general definition of empathy. To be able to put yourself into someone else’s shoes, to think for even a brief moment about their lot in life and how that might feel for them, that does a lot to make you feel distanced feelings of compassion and kindness etc…

            I’ve not yet seen empathy used in an ugly and vindictive manner. Empathy is not a bad word. If a person lacks empathy, yes, you’d likely see a cold and or indifferent reaction to a sad event.

            • Haven’t seen “empathy used in an ugly and vindictive manner.” Then you haven’t read many of the comments above.

              “Empathy ” has become the excuse for being outraged over everything bad in the world with a single idea that will help anyone. In fact “empathy” usually settles for making excuses for not doing anything. 7

          • That sounds good on paper, but from what I’ve seen and heard, he’s the opposite.
            There’s a very strong reason he can’t sleep more than 3 hours per night. Neither can his closest helpers. They refuse to rest until … well, like he said, we’ll see.

      • Be happy he’s speaking like a true political tool. He’s just not savvy enough to care about what people think about him.

        • He cares too much to care about what people think is more like it.

          • Oh, good one. That pretzel shape is interesting.

          • We live in a very vicious world. It’s a jungle out there and there are lititle pockets of heaven. Once you’ve awakened, it’s real hard to see things for what they aren’t. Keep spreading the relevant information and people who are able to hear it, might be able to participate in a larger shift. There’s a great interview with Dr Pete Peterson. His perspective is that there’s only a small percentage of people who have the ability to recognize what others cannot. Obviously there’s an agenda. Obviously we are only privy to what has been approved for consumption.
            Do a search for Unethical human experimentation. Those people who took the hippocratic oath to do no harm, are a very pliable bunch.

            Anything is possible. “Telling the truth through fiction” was a concept that really helped to understand the way this reality workd.

            • Thanks for the tip, Sid, I’ll dive into his history when I get a chance.
              You’re so right about it being a viscous world, but luckily there are more good guys than there are bad ones, or so they like to tell me.
              I’m still reeling after learning about the persecution of the Falun Gong club, and am ready to move on even if it’s into another nightmare. It will never end though, if we hide beneath the covers in denial instead of doing our best to bring awareness to the masses so that it will be stopped.

  • Trumplestiltskin stamped his foot until he split in two!

    This man is not just plain evil, he is stupid and incompetent, and, very wealthy!

    Many of his friends are billionaires.

    Please work to see that does not get reelected! Do not forget the vicious and obtuse things he says every day.

    Trump hates California. There is no reason at all for him to be the president.

    BTW, PG&E needs to face the future, and underground all the electric lines, starting now!

  • Unfortunately POTUS is quite right. As a registered professional forester in california my entire adult life this is common knowledge. Lack of roads and lack of fuel reduction Is a deadly combo. The argument that this occurred on federal land is meaningless as federal harvest is subject to CEQA review. CEQA is California state law and has been a disaster for Californians since it’s inception under governor Reagan.

    • You mean your livelihood is completely dependent on the industry that profits from leveling forests. Is Charlie Horowitz around to help clear brush from his many, many destructive old-growth clear cuts? No. This is and industry that literally cuts and runs, leaving the state to clean up their mess. You really shouldn’t be proud of parroting the same industry propaganda as Trump.

      • And should any of us actually be surprised!? This is divide and conquer and if you are wealthy. know who enemy number one is. ….
        Da peasants.

    • Thank you for stating facts from someone who actually knows them. The management of both State and Federal lands is a lot more involved than most outside the field would ever understand. Most States are subsidized by Federal funding in both agriculture and forestry. The President has never stated he was supporting logging. What he said was that California has mismanaged forest…which is absolutely true. Fuel reduction by thinning dead trees is not being done. The same goes for clearing underbrush. A healthy forest and wildlands will help prevent many of these natural disasters. Trust me, I am totally against clear cutting but I am not against necessary clearing of crowded forests and overgrown hillsides.

    • Shhh… orange man bad, don’t you watch the news!

  • Nobody in that burn area was thinking politic’s when that fire was licking at there house,car,business or self. 60% of that area is Republican. But they weren’t thinking that at that time. Trump is hate and as long as you talk about him good or bad your doing two things. Your giving him free publicity and your becoming his hate.

  • Somethings got to be done.
    The amount of money agencies and non profits spend on “watching fires” isn’t worth it.
    Either depopulate the state, nationalize public/private ownership areas, or cede it to Honduras so they can clear cut it and sell the denuded gyppo land to Yuppie Chinese back to the landers growing medicinal opium for the liquifieng human era.
    Our society isn’t working and the jig is up for democracy.
    The descent of the American project will make cultural infants on both the “left” and “right” wish they had given more to the concept of integrity, and less to the concept of diversity.
    What would James Hetfield say?
    Well, I looked him up, guess he’s an optimist, but he’s a millionaire, so.. grain of salt

    • James probably has seen and heard things he can’t repeat. Why would he. He’s got a family to look after. The fans are just a crowd of people who worship at the altar of the priest class.

      He’s a great producer of a consummabLe product that makes a lot of money for a few people. He’s part of the solution and the problem at the same time.

  • Newsom’s right- now is not the time to be finger pointing. It’s the horribly wrong time and a much more complex issue than log, log, log. Trump needs to keep his fingers off the tweeting keyboard.

    Having said that- so many here are all outraged over his bringing politics into a disaster while they are smugly doing the exact same same thing. And with as little sense and a whole lot more hate.

  • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain.

    Why is Gov Brown staying silent? He hasn’t uttered a peep about the Camp Fire or the Woolsey Fire.

  • People need to take Trump figuratively and not literally. He’s proven that over and over. But the Camp Fire has nothing to do with forest mismanagement. He is dead wrong about that.

    • When someone shows you who they are , believe them.
      It’s hilarious how people interpret for him to make him sound better. He’s a flaming asshole, proven by his mouth and actions. Period. There’s no mystery or nuance.

    • You think you are qualified to interpret Trump’s prose-poetry for us? He talks shit about the forest service and he defunds the forest service. His actions meet his words perfectly in this case. His words do not meet reality, but they are “politically correct” in the original meaning of the term.

  • Fuck people we are stuck with this ass hole it are fault. Put are minds on how to get rid of this ass hole

  • He’s right about the mismanaged forests.
    Fuel reduction could prevent these fires.
    I’m not a fan of ttumo,but he’s tight about this.

  • He’s right about the mismanaged forests.
    Fuel reduction could prevent these fires.
    I’m not a fan of ttumo,but he’s tight about this.
    It’s scientificly correct.
    The orange pustules is dean on correct.

    • Malibu needs better forest management? What are you Russians smoking over there?

    • Trump’s an idiot. He thinks California’s wildlands are like golf courses. If they dry out, you water them. His idiocy then blames policies to prevent extinction of fish for a lack of water. And he compounds his stupidity by assuming that all wildland fires are forest fires. You can’t cure stupid. You have to vote it out.

    • Trump is, at best, fractionally correct, perhaps about 15% correct that there are some forest management issues. He, just like you, is completely wrong about being able to prevent these fires. All fuels reduction can do is change the nature of *some* fires in *some* areas. The idea that we can prevent fires is what got us into this mess in the first place because we aggressively suppressed wildland fires for over 100 years. But large fires have always occurred and will continue to occur.

      The biggest problem in California is that there are far too many people. Too many people means a dramatic expansion of both the number of people living in areas where fire is simply a component of the ecosystem and with the number of human-caused fires, like this one was. And of course we are mostly concerned about the effects of fire on people like the tragic losses with the Camp fire now. People are the problem, not the forest or chaparral or woodland or grassland ecosystems. You can’t fix that particular problem.

      That doesn’t mean there aren’t somethings we can and should do to reduce the risk of these high-intensity fires on the landscape, including active fuels reduction, defensible spaces, hardened structures, and improved infrastructure. But none of that is cheap and we have thus far been unwilling to actually pay for it. Look at the outrage over a measly $150/year fee that the state imposed on some rural residents to fund dealing with some of this problem.

      This is a problem that spans multiple management jurisdictions including federal land management (which isn’t affected at all by state law), state forest practice rules, private ownership goals, industrial forest management land, and all of that is frequently opposed/sued by both urban-based and rural-based groups that have conflicting ideas about how forests should be managed.

      If you want to be part of the solution, actually take the time to really learn something about the problem. If you have enough of an academic background to understand it, I highly recommend the book “Fire in California Ecosystems” ( ) as a starting point.

      • Whoa. A whole lot of patronizing put into one post. There are people too dumb to be able to decipher a book on forest fires but implying that wholesale in the comment section of a public is pretty egregiously off putting. You sound like the Wizard of Oz handing the Scarecrow a degree to substitute for intelligence. Very Trump Tweetish.

        As to the $150 fee, yes, I objected to subsidizing those who own forested land which is where CalFire goes around here to fight fires. It is in addition to the fee I already pay the local volunteers, who unlike CalFire, will show up to my house if there is a fire. $150 dollar may be measily to you but not to me. Year after year to have someone, determined to avoid me when I have questions, come to my place and leave a notice saying nothing once a year. 10% of my property tax bill now includes 6 “measily little” charges plus the CalFire fee, the non conforming septic system fee, along with other fees imposed by the State added to the income, sales and property tax. Straws and camel’s backs come to mind.

        • The $150/year fee seems like chump-change compared to my $3000+/year property tax bill for just an average house in Eureka, so you’ll have to excuse my lack of sympathy.

          • The fee is on top of the property tax.

            • While that is true, how much less property tax are most rural residents paying compared to those in the city limits? Particularly all those folks with TPZ zoning who have no intention of selling timber? I have additional fees on my tax bill for school bonds $240/year to my bill on top of the property tax. And I don’t have any kids. I don’t object to it because I think an educated society is worth paying for. Just like I’d assume rural residents would feel like contributing to the wildland fire management problem would be worth paying for.

              • I don’t know about everyone in rural areas but my house property bill not including the Cal Fire fee is more than what you said and I have no utility, sewer etc. services. My home is relatively small, too.

                • That’s a valid point and a problem with trying to generalize comments to cover a broad range of people. Some rural residents no doubt pay very low taxes because of things like TPZ zoning but others are as high or higher than some urban properties because of the acreage associated with the house increases the total assessed value and of course the somewhat unfair Prop 13 impacts where newer residents pay a disproportionately larger tax than long-time residents.

                  It just seems like a small fee ($12.50/month) to argue about relative to the overall tax bill when the costs of wildland fire management is in the billions and rural residents typically have more at stake in funding that management.

                  Nevertheless, I do feel embarassed about arguing over property taxes when so many people have lost so much. We need to figure out how to fund the enormous economic costs associated with these fires, both before- and after the fires because this problem is not going away on it’s own. With climate change and increasing human population, it’s only going to get worse. Much worse.

                • I absolutely agree with you. We do need to figure out both how to pay for the increasing cost of fighting wildfires and preventing them.

                  As we see, the fires that start in rural areas quite possibly from power lines that bring electricity to everyone end up destroying cities–Paradise is roughly the size of Eureka.

                  I hope we don’t end up dividing once again along rural and urban interfaces and fighting against each other rather than for each other.

        • Who the fuck is supposed to pay for fire protection if not tax payers or property owners? The tooth fairy?

      • My only problem with the $150 fee was that it was never voted on or passed in a legal way. I never paid it because I don’t want ANY governmental agency getting away with illegal passage of fees. I like Cal Fire! I never understood why they chose to install the fee in that way- I would vote for it. But as it was i resisted payment. Where is that now? I don’t know but I heard it was knocked down, does not apply any more, people who paid it will not get refunds but people like me who refused will not ever be billed. Is this true?

  • Trump trumped his ass , wtf is his dumb face clearing now…. he s clearly a fkn mook

  • Trump trumped his ass , wtf is his dumb face clearing now…. he s clearly a fkn mo

  • Pepperdine University may be an example about managing first for survival- “Pepperdine officials noted that their shelter-in-place protocol is reviewed regularly by the L.A. Fire Department and has kept students safe through other wildfire incidents. The university also said that it clears brush annually at least 200 feet from buildings. It added that its buildings are made with fire-resistant materials “whenever possible” and that campus roads “provide natural fire breaks.” ”

    Since so many died trying to evacuate, maybe it can be better to stay put it you have prepared. For towns to have “fire shelters” like other places have developed high Tsunami shelters. Places close that people can go for safety.

  • The bottom line here that the body count is up to 23 and climbing. When The smoke settles this will not only be the most destructive fire in California history but the most deadly as well. I live in one of the neighborhoods affected by the fire. My family and I were lucky and our house still stands. Unfortunately some of my neighbors and many of my friends were not as lucky. Men women and children were burned alive and this president did not acknowledge it. Is he this evil? Is he this dividing? Is he this stupid? Many of these fires are starting on federal land, The Carr Fire for example. Butte used to be one of the most conservative counties in the state. I am guessing that the Great Dividers lack of empathy may change that a bit. Keep up the rhetoric Dick Head, your base is shrinking…

  • Anyone think GEO-ENGINEERING could be involved in these horrific monstrosity’s 🔥🔥🔥

    • It has everything to do with the reality, but nothing to do with the anger and frustration that people can’t seem to find a proper channel for. The fiction is more real than the truth to some. Me too.

    • You mean global warming? Yes, the US government is complicit it allowing global warming. It will melt the ice caps and make the northwest passage navigable, and open the north seas to shipping traffic.

      You mean HAARP? Yeah, I don’t think weather control works like you think it does.

  • He tweets to push peoples buttons! Because when their buttons are pushed they get angry. When they’re angry they are distracted. When they’re distracted they it’s easier from him to complete his agenda. Learn to ignore tweets, vote!

  • I am sorry ppl don’t agree with the Agenda 21 fact but it is DEFINITELY geo-enginering by the elites because of Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2050. If you say this is crazy or a conspiracy theory then you are ignorant and uneducated to the facts. Something is not a “conspiracy theory” when they have conspired and followed through with their plans ppl. Now pull your heads out of your asses and lets stop giving these monster elites or money, time or any form of energy that they are going to use to kill us. Especially don’t go fight or send our children to fight their wars while the whole time they are stealing resources, killing and manipulating us in the name of such things like FREEDOM. Come on ppl……get educated before its too late.

    • You sound like theres some perspective there! Yes. This is where the discussion needs to be focused. People are generally good and love their family and friends. Work hard to create something that will last for generations. This game is literally Trumping our ability to overcome when it’s all in just to keep the boat floating.
      Thank you for your words.

  • This is what happens when the old senile dirty grandpa gets into office. You have him blaming to trees for the fires instead of the real cause, climate change, which is caused by cutting more trees. The Orange Julius has lost his mind.
    And how dare that water flow it’s natural course to the sea.. it’s need for golf courses, not fish.. or trees. Just cut ALL the trees down. Then there won’t be any fires… till the brush grows in and a tree farm is planted…
    No more aid to Cali.. till what.. it cuts every single last tree.. I say no more aid to The Cheeto in office huge military spending… FU45!

  • Putting on my best Forest Gump impersonation to say,
    “and just like that, Brown agrees to roll back regulations enough to clear the underbrush and thin the trees, & allow landowners to help recover the cost of doing so and POTUS expedites a check”.


    POTUS: “I just approved an expedited request for a Major Disaster Declaration for the State of California. Wanted to respond quickly in order to alleviate some of the incredible suffering going on. I am with you all the way. God Bless all of the victims and families affected.”
    5:19 PM – 12 Nov 2018 –

    and naturally, the environmentalists yell bloody Mary over the thought of cutting down a poor little defenseless tree, as people & animals burn up in their cars and homes.
    Back to normal, thank God!

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