Stabbing in Arcata Sends One to Hospital

StabbingPress release from Arcata Police:


On 11/09/18 at approximately 2:08 a.m. Arcata Police Department officers were dispatched to a disturbance in the 800 Block of J Street in Arcata. Upon their arrival, officers located a 22-year-old male that had been stabbed during an altercation. Officers learned the victim and his friend had been skateboarding with three other men they had just met. For undetermined reasons, a physical fight occurred between the men, resulting in one man being stabbed. The suspect immediately fled the area.

The victim was transported to Mad River Community Hospital where he received treatment for a non-life-threatening stab wound.

The suspect is described as a white male in his twenties wearing dark clothing.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call the Arcata Police Department at 822-2428.



  • The dude fled that stabbed fled on a skateboard.

  • “…the victim and his friend had been skateboarding with three other men …”

    Men don’t ride skateboards.

    • Hahaha, at least one of them probably had a man bun also. Is it just me or is Arcata really stepping up on their stabbing stats?

  • Arcata is super stabby, it a well known fact, and has been for some time.

  • I`d still like to know how they sharpen their knives. This one must have been dull.

  • A white male in his 20’s, wearing dark clothing. Well that narrows it down. 🤔 I’m sure they will catch this guy in no time flat.🙄

  • Arcata = I’ llCutYa?

  • Once the permanent police chief is there, it should get better.

  • Rule of Law not Leftists

    Stabcata. Cause you know, leftists like their stabby stab stabs, doing it to those that don’t agree, and doing it in dark hoodies. Typical soyboy stuff for that town…

  • If it happened in Eureka they would have described the “men” as having graying hair with tattoos on their necks, riding BMX bikes and wearing long black leather trench coats.

  • groba dude trustafarian osnt

    Arcata is one of those places, where nobody should ever get off the freeway… Kinda like Redding and Bakersfield and Stockton!

    Probably, all the “non stabbing” types should just get out of California entirely! Nice people don’t live in states where grown men ride skateboards and stab each other to express affection.

    Sure do hope your local hospitals can get staff in the future, after all the current people decide to retire and flee!

    It would be a shame if the whole region had to be abandoned to the pirates, the Sinaloa Drug Gangs, and the Black Market Growers and all the drunks… But wait! It already has been!

  • Liberals want America to be arcata square

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