Pay It Forward Humboldt Working to Help Butte County Evacuees in Our Area

Pay It Forward Humboldt

Have you been watching the fires burning across the state and feeling helpless? A local organization has sprung into action. They posted this:

Many have been reaching out about about the Camp Fire. We are assisting evacuees here on the coast from the massive loss in Butte County. We are not able to collect and send donations to Butte as our boards service area doesn’t reach that far. We are working on rectifying that. However, in the meantime we CAN help evacuees here with gift cards! We always find a way! We have children arriving who have lost everything , parents who scrambled to save their families while leavingtheir entire world behind. Let’s show them how Humboldt rallies for our neighbors friends! They are here, they are traumatized and they need us.

Pay It Forward Humboldt
326 I street Suite 148 Eureka Ca 95501

Donate link on this page goes to our
Humboldt Area foundation as well

If you are evacuated here on the north coast, please contact us and we have a short intake process to assist you best we can. 2-1-1 is also a wealth of information guidance and assistance!



  • If area residents have more stuff than they need, clothes, furniture, kids toys, etc., this is a great opportunity to HELP OTHERS and yourself, by lightening your material world!

  • Thank you pay it forward

    Please let us know if theres anything else we can do for evacuated folks while they are here.
    Donated clothes if needed are awesome to give, and gift cards for kohls target or whatever can help them get some new clothes especially underwear!

  • After the Beto & gift card fiasco, a lot of people might be leary of donating money this way. Hopefully there are also Pay it Forward ways and means of donating goods directly.

  • Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do for evacuees while theyre here. Thanks to all helping out!!

  • I was just told that stores in their area are out of the masks, is there a way to order in bulk to help them out?

  • This is good, but it seems to be mostly about gift cards.

    So, I have two questions;

    1) If what you have to donate is clothing, (good winter coats, etc.) how do you do that? Where do we bring things?

    2) Also, if what you want to donate is time, (like, for helping to organizing the stuff donated?)
    Who do you contact to find out how to do that?

    any constructive advice would be appreciated. Kym? Anyone?


    p.s. I do not use facebook. please don’t suggest that. thanks.

    • ok.. did some more research; found this on the Sacto. Bee newspaper site. but please, if you have more suggestions please post them!

      Here are some ways you can best support evacuees.

      To volunteer
      •Butte County Emergency Services is using Caring Choices in Chico to coordinate emergency volunteers, which says it has received an outpouring of volunteers. Caring Choices suggests those wanting to help donate money or supplies from the list below.

      Material donations

      •The Butte County Fairgrounds in Gridley need these donations: New towels, and new clothing in all sizes, including shoes, undergarments, sweatshirts and bras. They do not currently need food or water.

      •The Yuba-Sutter Fairgrounds in Yuba City are in need of pet food and supplies (collars, leashes), cat litter, food bowls for animals and hay for livestock. These can be dropped off at the livestock area of the fairgrounds.
      •The Yuba-Sutter Habitat For Humanity in Marysville is accepting material donations like clothing and shoes. Address: 202 D St., Marysville, CA 95901

      •The Sutter Fire Department, is taking donations of paper cups, paper plates, paper towels, animal food, new jackets, new coats, and bottled water. Address: 2340 California St., Sutter, CA 95982

      •Hope Center in Oroville is taking donations of warm clothes, shoes, socks, and coats (primarily for elderly residents). Address: 1950 Kitrick Ave Ste A, Oroville, CA 95966

      Monetary donations

      Butte County’s Camp Fire Information is directing donations to the North Valley Community Foundation – Camp Fire Evacuation Relief Fund:

      Other ways to donate:
      •Caring Choices is accepting monetary donations here:
      •The Red Cross and AT&T are partnering up: text CAWILDFIRES to 90999 to make a $10 donation.
      •The Salvation Army:

      •United Way of Northern California Relief Fund: To donate text BUTTEFIRE to 91999, or visit and select “Camp Fire Relief”

      •GoFundMe has created a roundup of campaigns to raise money for victims

      Read more here:

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