‘Paddle Out Protest in Response to Proposed Hotel on Trinidad Bay’ on Sunday

From the Paddle Out Protest in Response to Proposed Hotel on Trinidad Bay Facebook page:

The exceptional beauty of Trinidad Bay calls for more than just another generic casino box hotel, and the community and all stakeholders should have input in its design and execution.

All of us who value the cultural, historical, environmental, scenic, and recreational significance and beauty of Trinidad Bay should have a voice in design and execution of the proposed 6 story, 100 room hotel project underway by Trinidad Rancheria. It’s going to have a huge impact on all of us and has the potential either compliment or destroy the one asset this community has; the natural beauty of Trinidad Bay. We are all stakeholders, and as stakeholders we should have input.

Kayakers, Paddlers, Surfers, Anglers, Divers, and anyone who values the beauty and cultural significance of Trinidad Bay, please join us on the water to make our voices heard. Bring your boat, board, or let me know if you need one or any paddling gear and I can provide it.

We’ll meet at 10am and launch by 11am. We’ll paddle in front of the Seascape Restaurant and Pier and then over to the casino and proposed hotel location to make our voices heard.

When: 10am Sunday November 11th

Where: Meet in Trinidad Harbor in the paved parking lot

What to bring: Signs & banners, wetsuit or drysuit, PFD, boat or board

Email: Jself76@gmail.com for more info



  • I appreciate folks standing up for what they believe in, value and cherish. It’s the American way. And our strength is in our joint partnership and participation.

    Given that, I appreciate and like knowing who it is that’s putting out a press release. For protesting or anything, really.

  • Sitting down at the table sharing ideas works usually, but then where’s the drama?

  • Protesting strain on water or sewer systems. Traffic issues. Yes. But protesting the esthetic of the choice of a sovereign nation? It is better to sit down as neighbors and discuss issues. Once hard lines are drawn, you’ll have spend time and effort to repair fences in order to get back to the place you were before you started throwing your weight around.

  • Rabble! rabble! rabble!

  • BFD, Its a hotel next to the casino. Get over yourselves.

  • It’s ok, because they are related to indigenous people.
    Looks like a white mans building to me though, oops.
    Maybe they can put a soviergn neon casino sign on highway 101 like down on table bluff, that’d be tight.
    Live your language.

  • cut off the public water and public sewers and make them build their own. they are a sovereign nation you cant tell them what they can do on their own land. if you dont like it then stop letting sovereign nations inside our nation

    • Except I’ll bet the Casino subsidizes both the water and sewer to such an extent that not having them as a customer would bankrupt it.

      • i highly doubt that. plus they dont pay taxes so they might pay for the water but im going to just guess that they probably get a discount because of something stupid like they are a big buyer. plus im pretty sure they had water and sewer before the casino

      • another thing is, if there were any bonds to pay for the infrastructure of the water or sewer then that bond would be payed for by property taxes. guess what, no california casino pays property tax

      • fools and idiots. Tribes already have their own public utilities. You think the government gave (gives) a f*^& about Native people? We built that shit for ourselves in the 1920’s. And Tribes do pay taxes that is part of the agreement with the state for the gaming compact. Sounds like a lot of white privledge to me jealous that Natives are finally able to capitalize on our own resources. Guess only whites are allowed to do that.

        • Tribal members living on reservations, for example, are not subject to state income tax, and tribal casinos do not pay the corporate income tax. Regarding the sales and use tax, tribes are generally expected to collect taxes on purchases made by nontribal members for consumption or use off of reservations.

          and how racist of you to say only white people can have normal businesses any race can start a business (and they have) and good for the indians for building their own utilities, why not everybody has to do stuff for themselves if they dont want to be part of the other group of people

          • ok tax payer, obviously you are an ice berg. Some ppl call me a snowflake because of my political beliefs. However I am guessing, you are large, white, old, and quickly dissolving due to climate change. The problems that your generation, and the legacy brought on before you is only the tip, and we have only just began to see the impacts that your people have brought on the world. So listen here iceberg, I can’t wait for you to melt in your own hot water.

            • Some trolls are obsessed with the color brown. The color brown makes some trolls very very afraid. They check their pockets, they check their taxes, they check the neighborhood, they huddle in the dark because the color brown is going to get them and ruin their lives. The color brown is going to ruin America and take your money. That color will ruin your life as you know it. Brown Brown Brown run for your life!!

  • Pretty sure shitbag ryan Sundberg is behind it

  • The cliffs above the bay are chock full of whiteys million dollar second homes that double as vacation rentals, but the tribe can’t do the same thing? Sounds like a double standard to me.

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