No Chipper Fish and Wildlife Convoy Headed Past the Kettenpom Store This Morning

Convoy A reader tells us that about 8:30 a.m., a convoy of Department of Fish and Wildlife vehicles drove past the Kettenpom Store which is in Trinity County and headed west on the Peak Road towards the Humboldt County line. The reader described seeing about 10 Fish and Wildlife pick-ups, two black SUVs, three or four white SUVs, no marked sheriff vehicles (either Trinity or Humboldt County), and two pickups pulling large trailers.

No chipper was seen so this may not be a cannabis-related event. However, we know in light of this summer’s multiple unreported (at least by officials) and controversial raids by Fish and Wildlife, we believe that this article will have cultivators anxiously awaiting whatever news we can learn so we’ve also posted it in cannabis though we want to stress, it may be unrelated.



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