[UPDATE] Butte County Fire Burns Multiple Structures as People Flee; Multiple Reported Injured; Humboldt County Strike Team Responding

Satellite Image taken at 3:12 p.m. The blue lake in the center with the white line through it is Lake Tahoe with California's border overlayed in white.

Smoke coils out of the Camp Fire this afternoon. This satellite image was taken at 3:12 p.m. The blue lake in the center with the white line through it is Lake Tahoe with California’s border overlayed in white. [MODIS Today]

As of 2:30 p.m., Cal Fire tweeted that the Camp Fire in Butte County has encompassed 18,000 acres since it began this morning at 6:33. It is 0% contained. Multiple structures are reported to be burned. Scanner traffic describes people being trapped and some people injured.

According to the Northern California Geographic Coordination Center at 12:30 p.m.,

Extreme wind driven fire behavior observed with long range spotting. Numerous mandatory evacuation orders remain in effect for communities north of Highway 70. Paradise, Magalia, Concow, Butte Creek Valley and Butte Valley are under Mandatory Evacuation Orders. Multiple road closures are in place including Highway 70, Sky way, Highway 191 and Pentz Road. Fire is threatening Feather River Hospital as well as other structures, powerlines and communications towers as well as Flea Mountain and Saw Mill Peak Lookouts. Paradise municipal water supply is also threatened. Multiple structures have been lost. A Red Flag Warning is in effect for strong winds and low RH for the fire area.

The fire has only gotten worse since then. According to Eric Holthaus, a meteorologist and writer for Grist, the Camp Fire “is growing at an estimated rate of 80 football fields PER MINUTE.”

This video is reportedly taken at Clark and Billie Road

A State of Emergency has been declared by acting Governor Gavin Newsom (Governor Jerry Brown is out of state.)

Cal Fire Battalion Chief Paul Savonna said that their Humboldt/Del Norte unit is sending ten engines and six hand crews to the Camp Fire. This will further deplete our area of firefighting power. In an interview earlier today, Savonna said there have been multiple escapes from debris burns recently and he asked everyone to be careful. “We don’t currently have Red Flag warnings here,” he said. ‘But today is a no burn day. Tomorrow is a no burn day. Please verify status before starting to burn!”

He noted, “The conditions are favorable for quick fire spread.”

He added, “We are going to provide the best level of service as always, but please be careful.”

Currently, in the Emerald Counties, there is a 20 acre fire burning near Dos Rios off Hwy 162 called the Brushy Fire. Crews are mopping up the Red Fire near Redway. And, a new fire has started between Bridgeville and Lone Star Junction.

UPDATE 3:46 p.m.: Caltrans reports that State Route 70 is closed between 149 and 89. “State Route 99 has also been closed to southbound traffic from SR70/South Avenue on,” the agency reports. “Offramps at Highway 99 and Skyway in Butte County are also closed to assist with evacuation traffic flow.”

UPDATE: Paradise Lost: Camp Fire in Butte County Destroys a Town and Threatens More (Maps, Photos, Video)



  • I like stars too!

    Great photo!

    Lake County and Southern Mendo: nice and smoky!

    Mid November, and fire season hasn’t ended…

  • Re-instate the BURN-Ban until we have adequate rain. No more burning until then. CALFire, are you listening?

  • Bands of smoke in the eastern sky at sunset. Sounds like Paradise is on fire. The state has turned into just so much kindling. Between the native chaparral and all the imported trees and brush its a hot fast moving catastrophe.

  • It’s really to bad newsome declared a state of emergency. I’m glad the government did but we had a good chance to elect John Cox who is a much better leader and man. However California decided on a left wing Wacco.

  • One of the bands of smoke hit Mendocino county today. I didn’t know about this fire till I hit the band and asked where it was. It was so thick and glowing red and purple that I first thought it was just over the ridges to the east. Luckily when I got there at least, most of the smoke was well up above ground level.Coming back from Ukiah just before 4:00 while the sun was still up it obliterated the sun in the thickest part on the summit. The light was like just after sunset. 1st pic is Willits, the rest are Ukiah and the summit headed north.

  • 3rd pic

  • My little brother watched his home and truck burn to the ground in this fire today.
    Every memory of his family’s destroyed. Thank God that he was able to get his family out safe!
    He said that the fire completely surrounded them as they were trying to flee, said it was the scariest thing he has ever encountered. The devastation is real. Please when dealing with fire…whether a camp fire or burn pile or otherwise, remember to be safe. Take every precaution to not allow it to potentially spread. Lives are destroyed and lost. We as a family are trying to figure out where to go from here. Stay safe everyone and remember to hug your loved ones a little tighter tonight…life can change in a matter of seconds.

  • “Chico Woman Speaks about People Trapped in Paradise”

    I’m not seeing any updates on this…

    • This was not at 312pm though.. Nov. 8 is the 312th day of the year. this picture was around 10am +/-. Even by noon, the smoke was clearly headed straight south and blanketing solidly from the fire, to Lake Berryessa, and Napa Valley and beyond.

  • A friend of our family and like a son to me, barely made it out. He said the fire was all around his home when he evacuated. He had to just let his horses out hoping they will be okay. He lived on High Ridge Court. He lost everything and I do mean everything. Even my 3/4 ton Ford Pickup. At least he and his little dog are safe. This is selfish but I loved my little Ford Pickup.

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