Election Wrap Up: November 2018

Election result feature

Election results from across the country are mostly in. Here’s our overview— starting close and moving out.

Emerald Counties:

Del Norte:

Do you want to know how races/issues that are important to you in Del Norte went? Please wait a minute for the pdf to load.

November 6, 2018 General Election Results - Release 4


Color Humboldt County deep blue this morning though, of course, there are many votes left to be counted. Remember, the official stamp hasn’t come down on the final count. However, many of the issues/candidates appear certain to go very blue. Here’s a quick look at three of the measures that gathered a lot of attention:

Measure K (Think ICE and Immigrants) is ahead in the final vote Yes 51.56% to No 48.44%.

Measure M (Arcata’s vote on keeping the McKinley statue) No is far ahead with 62.16 and Yes at 37.84

Measure O (Sales tax) This is a safe win with Yes 71.94% to No 28.06%

Do you want to know how races/issues that are important to you in Humboldt went? Please wait a minute for the pdf to load. (Remember to look at the totals on the far right after finding the race/issue on the left.)

final election night report_201811070310283728

Mendocino: Click here.
Trinity: Do you want to know how races/issues that are important to you in Trinity went? Please wait a minute for the pdf to load. 
2018 11 06 Hay


Do you want to know how the races/issues that are important to you in California went? Click here.

Some issues/races statewide that got a lot of attention:

Governor: Gavin Newsom (Dem) 59.4%

Senator: Dianne Feinstein (Dem) 54.3%

House Representative District 2: Jared Huffman (Dem) 74.3%

State Senate District 2: Mike McGuire (Dem) 68.7%

nov 2018 prop elect results


The quick version is that in the highest turnout since 1970 for a midterm election, the Democrats took the House and the Republicans maintained control of the Senate while adding a few seats.

Click here for an interactive map to the Senate Races.

Click here for more on the House Races.




  • Thank you for that expanded information.

  • For what its worth, i read the following yesterday morning at the Supe’s meeting:

    Humboldt’s Political Twilight Zone – Desperate False Flags – Chipper, Bulldozer, and Deputy Sheriff’s Feel-Good Beards
    By: Linda Cassara
    November 6, 2018

    Absolutely the “last act” in a desperately failing show. This has been referred to as “fossil thinking” or “dinosaur consciousness” and it is the drive behind rampant consumerism; the voracious devouring of resources; and all manner of “predatory” finances.

    I did/do a RE-COUNT, REQUIREMENT (for Full Disclosure), on December 31, 2014, RE: Two subjects on Measure Z’s ballot title, and the “Countywide” trickery between a General Law unincorporated county and the seven incorporated cities in Humboldt County.

    On November 6, 2014, I asked Carolyn Crnich, the ballot counter, two questions. One, “What’s the second unlawful addition of “And Other Essential Necessities” doing on Measure Z’s “Humboldt County Safety” Ballot Title?” She replied, “Oh, the Attorneys added that.”

    Two, “Where can I get a certified copy of your Bond on file in the public records?”

    Carolyn reached for the telephone and said to me, and my two witnesses, “It’s upstairs at the recorder’s office on Fifth Street, I’ll call ahead and a copy will be waiting for you when you get there.”

    From the Fifth floor down to the Ground floor @ 825 Fifth Street, here in Eureka, that day . . . Carolyn Crnich’s Bond, that covers elected, and appointed, position’s Oath of Office, could not be found.

    Later, the same day, while serving litigation papers on the then Mayor of Fortuna, Douglas Strehl, I asked him the same question regarding “And Other Essential Necessities” being unlawfully added to Measure Z’s Ballot Title “Humboldt County Safety”? He replied, “That was added so it would pass with a majority vote.”

    Since not one so-called public servant, of twenty-eight named, made it to their trial June 1, 2016 RE: Commercial Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance, and Measure Z litigations, perhaps the last document I filed into DR 160161, and DR 160135 wasn’t taken as serious. It’s a Notice Cease and Desist – with copies sent to California’s Archives in Sacramento.

    A Notice of Fraud, dated September 11, 2015, is also of Public Record.
    A person to fill a term of office is not permitted to assume the duties of the office until he files a bond and oath of office, which must be done before the commencement of the term, or the office shall be deemed vacant. People v. Quimby, 152 Colo. 231, 381 P.2d 275 (1963).

    I require a certified copy of your Bond from each of you – by next Tuesday.

    I didn’t make the rules.

  • Nothing really surprises me except for how awful Arcata has become, with M failing by such a large margin. Attempting to re-write history is always a bad idea, but that looks like where we’re heading…

    • Yes, the term “Orwellian” comes to mind… Sad Indeed.

      To quote Orwell – “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stomping on the human face, forever”. I don’t really see any difference in who is wearing the boot.

      All our elected officials are just people, with all the foibles, shortcomings and greatness that go along with it – they are no more special in any way than the electorate from which they themselves came, except that they won a popularity contest of some sort. Kinda like prom King and Queen in high school.

    • I have to say I’m a proud liberal most of the time, but the group think and lack of critical thinking practiced by some progressives is amazing. I don’t get the anti-Mckinley thing. It’s a great piece of history in my mind, how the statue survived the San Francisco earthquake and fire etc. Not to mention, what are we replacing it with? Why spend the money? I am 100% supportive of removing confederate statues and the like, but I dont like how Mckinley got wrapped up in all that ugliness.

      • I don’t support removing Confederate statues, either… Sure, many of the people were wrong in just about every way, but they still usually worked hard, often died for what they believed in, had families and friends, had some effect on history, and are part of what our country is now. Pretending that they didn’t exist isn’t the right thing to do.

        Alas, a refusal to think goes beyond progressives… most of the conservative crowd demonstrates a complete willingness to have others think for them as well.

        I don’t identify with either the current liberal or conservative groups… For any thing I agree with one of them on, they’re also doing other things I despise, and could never be part of. I believe in free love between any two or more consenting adults of any genders, the right to keep and bear arms for any reason or for no reason at all, the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by any means available including those that harm corporations, that we should be tough on crime and that the only handout parasites should be eligible for is three hots and a cot, that all people are equal regardless of skin color or other random attributes that don’t actually matter, that we need a substantially smaller government, that net neutrality should be guaranteed by law, and that we shouldn’t go around removing statues willy-nilly.

        But, the current emphasis on a two-party system and “us vs them” means you’re completely ignored if you don’t pick one of the two parties to back… witness every fucking single vote that’s decided along party lines by our supposed representatives..

        Plus, as far as this specific statue goes, it’s by far the best piece of art in Arcata (for one, it both actually looks like something and appears to have had talent applied to its creation), and certainly has more history than anything that’s going to replace it.

      • You mean Confederate statues of people like Alexander Stephens, Robert E. Lee, Joseph Wheeler, Zebulon Baird Vanc and Jefferson Davis. It’s funny that liberals want these statues removed, because the people these statues depict have something in common, do you know what it is?

        • Well I’m not sure what your getting at but I respect black people enough to understand that those confederate statues are offensive. I don’t think that’s being overly sensitive. I think it’s a legitimate issue. Mckinley sensitivity is total b.s. He was just from a different era. And it’s a nice statue and it reminds me of The Simpson’s

          • big balls in the sky magee

            Respecting ‘black people’ starts with not calling them black, people. Its African Americans.

            A statue of Homer Simpson would be cool.

            • The Blexit.com movement, WalkawayCampaign.com Movement, and even the Blacks for Trump movement, just to name a few, prefer to be called “Americans”. They use the color label just to make an easily identified point, but not for self identity. The Walkaway was started by a Gay man and welcomes all who are tired of the race/culture/party/hate rat-race.

            • And “white” people should not be called “white”. It’s disrespectful. I’m English-Danish-Scots/Irish-French-German-American, and I insist on being called that.

              Or Cracker. Makes no difference to me.

        • Its even funnier that you think everything is decided on ‘Liberals vs Conservatives’. Turn off Fox for a while, go for a walk. Talk to your neighbors! You’ll be amazed at how much we all have in common!

      • The citizens of Bamiyan, Afghanistan thought the statues of Buddha in their town were offensive, too.

    • The statue of McKinley never belonged in Arcata to begin with; no history or links there at all. It was a local Armenian’s way of apologizing for his countryman’s assassination of the then-President. There is a more fitting home for William elsewhere, as yet to be determined. (My own personal opinion, of course.)

    • Arcata is the next garberville. Wait, or is garberville Arcata square? I’m confused

  • The level of fraud is impressive.

    The Supreme Court has determined: “All codes, rules and regulations are for government authorities only, not humans in accordance with God’s laws. All codes, rules and regulations are unconstitutional and lacking due process.” Rodrigues v. Ray Donavan (1985).

    These foreign agents have operated in fraud so long, they’ve forgotten about how to serve people. They have the voracious appetite of gluttonous hogs in slop who will gorge themselves so long as the people are fooled into believing foreign agents have jurisdiction and authority to rape and pillage our families.

    In no uncertain terms the inquisitors in the black robes are nothing but the most despicable, lowest forms of character I have ever encountered. They deserve to be stripped of everything they have embezzled. Their victims deserve to be redressed.

    The General Court is a failure. The inner works of the General Court is anything but a service to the people. They are puppets of the BAR that serves their master.

    With very few exceptions, the Fiction called JUDICIAL BRANCH within STATE OF CALIFORNIA dba, is from top to bottom, a criminal enterprise for profit, extortion, kidnapping, fraud, treason, reckless endangerment of our sons and daughters, and many other high crimes, all under the guise of presumption, martial law, and WAR against the people of this land.

    The only way to correct this corruption is to throw them out in the streets and some behind bars. Their estates need to be liquidated and returned to the rightful beneficiaries.

    I’m not interested in deceptive opposition or justification for ignoring truths.

  • Yay, higher taxes, less personal freedom and apparently people care more about animals and illegal immigrants than their seniors…

    • How sad thats what you take away from that. Wow.

    • That’s pretty much how I read the results too! I don’t think people know what they are voting on anymore. I’m worried that the dumbing down and emotional hijacking has killed democracy….ex) the childrens’ hospital prop sounds great in two sentences. But if you read deeper you realize we will be pouring tax dollars into private companies so they can build their private hospitals and extract yet more money from the sad situation of …sick children! Sorta reminds me of that cannabis “legalization” prop that snowballed everybody with a nice-sounding title while screwing everybody who’s not a millionaire. Idiocracy is here!

      • Have to disagree with you there. My four year old son fell eight feet off a fence last June landing on his jaw, smashing his lower teeth back in to his mouth. Blood everywhere. Mad River Hospital didn’t even look in his mouth when he came in, and thought he just had a cut on his jaw. Air ambulance to Children’s Hospital in Oakland followed. While there, I met a couple who’s kid was in a coma for a month, from near drowning, and may never recover. Another with a kid who got sick Thursday, and was in ICU by Saturday with a spinal infection, but better by late week. Many others for everything you can think of. My kid was fixed 24 hours after the accident. During our stay, I read up on the hospital. Private funding (mostly). They have been doing good for kids for decades. Anyone who voted against that measure doesn’t have kids, and never should. To those who disagree with me go suck an egg (Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative). The $80,000 air ambulance and the $100,000 hospital charges were covered by something called insurance, something I have paid for for my entire life, and now I know it was worth it. There is no more worse thing than seeing children suffering, and not being able to do something to help. Tax money is well spent on children, and hospitals for children are truly worth having.

        If anyone out there has something serious happen to your kid, go to Oakland. The people there are quite nice, and the medical help there is outstanding.

        By the way, that young woman from Fortuna who’s mother ran her over went there. Same place, different outcome.

  • Traitorous Measure K failed as of elections office.

  • Simply Wonderful!

    I am not thrilled that we are a so called Blue county/state. I don’t like that this state has become a soft on crime and criminal state. Thanks Jerry! I don’t expect it will change much with gruesome Newsom. I’m glad the House is run by Democrats. It’s a good thing. Hopefully keep Trump in check. I’m still planning to get out of this state as soon as I can. When it becomes the norm to get ripped off, have your house broken into, get assaulted all without any repercussions to the criminal, there is something very wrong! This is California. When we turn a blind eye to illegal immigration then something is very wrong. I welcome immigrants, but the sneaking over the border and not following due process doesn’t work for me. More women in govenment positions! Wonderful. Native American women, Muslim women, African American women! Fantastic! I will try to remain optimistic regarding the future for California. I was born and raised here, but people in both parties need to stop the BS and get this state and country back together again.

    • It aint easy running the 5th largest economy, with 40 million people, but be sure to let us know how much ‘better’ it is where you move to!

      • People keep mentioning the “largest economy” (at whatever level) in California as if it was meant magical universal bread and honey for its people. Well it doesn’t. https://www.cbsnews.com/media/9-u-s-states-with-the-highest-income-inequality/4/

        It means some do very, very, very, very well while most don’t. The biggest part of California’s economy is services. Work in other words. And that work is devalued by immigration, especially illegal immigration. Why should an employer pay more than he has to for labor in his business when it is so easy to “sub contract” for it cheaper? It makes him more money. IE he gets richer while those he hires don’t.

        Then add that to the high cost of living and taxes in California, what living in California means to most people is that their income is more like living in the Midwest or even the south. With a hefty dose of those people living pretty poor. A few select providers of services do far better than most- government work for one, software creators for another. But most do not.

        Yet Californians hear the words of politicians to vote for more cheap labor, more taxes, more welfare, more government. All the things that make life better for the rich and worse for everyone else. Thus the “income gap” so often cited by Democrats.

        • Well said Guest.
          Those who are screaming the loudest against the people/POTUS, also happen to be the same ones who are filthy rich off politics.

  • Totally bummed about the vote against Daylight Saving Time. So sue me. I like having that extra hour of light in the evening. At least Federal law does not presently allow states to make the decision, and a 2/3 majority vote would be needed.

    Also, the NO votes on water and environmental projects, rent control, senior property and kidney dialysis are discouraging.

    • The vote on daylight saving was to make it continually daylight saving time – so you have the extra hour of light in the evening all year round.

      • Arizona and Hawaii don’t change time. Indiana didn’t until recently.

        My two cents on it would be to change time twice a year based upon the March and September equinoxes.

        • Maybe turn the clock back one hour every night so that we get an extra hour of sleep every night.

          • Lol. Imagine when 6 am started lapping the previous day’s 6 am! Would that mean never having to go to work of never being able to leave work?

      • You’re mistaken, daylight savings time is when you have the extra hour. normal time (which we’re in now) is when you lose the extra hour of light. But it’s lighter earlier in the morning.

        • Isn’t that what I said? Or did you mean to reply to barn owl?

        • Daylight saving time has nothing to do with the amount of sunlight we have. It has to do with the angle of the Earth’s axis.

        • It’s a clock, not Time. Cutting off one end of a blanket and sewing onto the other end doesn’t make it longer.

        • Where the hell do you get this extra hour? There are twenty-four hours in the day. Out of that twenty-four hours, there is one time when the average person can tell absolutely what time it is, and that is noon, the middle of the day, when the sun is directly overhead.

          Logically, that would be 12:00, but now, thanks to every idiot who thinks they can stretch a day by changing the clocks, it is not.

          Good move, all you Einsteins out there. I’ll bet most of you have your faces buried in your phones so often, you’ve never even noticed the correlation.

    • The water bond had some good projects. But hundreds of millions went to fix canals in the Central Valley that really only benefit a few large farms. It’s about time we quit subsidizing big ag.

  • last night when I went to bed measure “K” was failing. This morning when I woke up it was passing.
    All I want to know is did Eric Kirk survive the night?

    • Get ready for mandatory needle clean up. Everywhere is going to turn into eureka then San Francisco. It’s sick. Shame on you voters. Good old days are gone😬👎

      • this is a 30 year cycle problem. I worry more about the generation Z failures, there are 3 times as many as the gen X failures. Ohio is legalizing cannabis to combat their massive heroin problem and like here most are gen Xers. I have spent time in Ohio and it is nothing like here or San Fran which is also nothing like here. my recommendation is to ditch conservative values and focus on educating your kids even if it make you feel insecure, otherwise you may be defending adverse comments about their mugshot in the news.

      • How is K involved with homeless and needles?

  • I think the election results for the safety Measure O tell another stark story🤔.
    That no matter HOW MANY different face book pages Darell churney turned up on ( and he inserted himself everywhere ) to try and influence ( very loudly and negatively) people to vote no on measure O, he pretty much had ZERO INFLUENCE.

  • Congratulations to the blue regime of Humboldt county and Calif.
    Pelosi loves ya baby. She’s already salivating over the taxes she’ll be making off you.
    Be sure to thank the overly educated university kids for making all your dreams come true.

    Welcome to Hotel Calif. http://www.metrolyrics.com/hotel-california-lyrics-the-eagles.html

  • hate doesn’t sell very well does it.

    • It seemed to do well in Humboldt yesterday.

    • Anti troll league

      Hate is still very high here. What is hated changes according to inclination. The left is just as hateful as the right but somehow neither think that they are.

      • Well said.
        Speaking for myself, I admit:
        I hate corruption and fraud but not the corrupter themself. I ask God to forgive the person, but not the crime itself. The crime must never be forgiven or forgotten, lest we learn to ‘accept’ it. But people are just people and often times don’t even realize what they’re doing.
        I hate the theft (taxes) but not the thief (voters). I pray for the voters that they learn how robbing from others in the name of taxing is theft.
        I hate deliberate ignorance, but do not hate the deliberately ignorant. I pray that one day their hearts, minds, and souls will become humbled and filled with the light of truth.
        For this, they label me a ‘hater’? HAHA, that makes me smile bigly.

  • O “K” you got your vote, but we will be “WATCHING YOU LIKE A HAWK” and yes, we do report!!!!!

  • Kym, the full Humboldt one doesn’t seem to be loading for me ?? Here is the full final from last night. I don’t see any updates yet; https://humboldtgov.org/DocumentCenter/View/69700/final-election-night-report

    Going by this report I think you got the measure K numbers backwards. As of last night’s final report it was failing 54.92 No, and 45.08 Yes.

    & looks like Kevin De Leon got the most votes in Humboldt county at least.

    I am so disappointed in California that the rent control one not only didn’t pass but failed miserably. I saw a lot of money going to adds against it. I would have thought more people were more canny by now.

  • Lynn, I think you are misreading the final report totals. The farthest right column is the TOTAL. The ones you are reading are the VOTE BY MAIL column

  • Guess I’m a 30% ‘er. 95% of my vote went 30%. Policical science and Economics background; staying in the private sector; that’s what I get I guess… the more you know the less common you are. I still am wondering though if our local gov officials used surplus money from previous measures to pay to advertise for the passing of new measures. Everyone knows how gullible people are. Is it possible? I did see a lot of ads from gov for gov.

  • Disgusting supervisors.

    Measure o was the last chance for our local economy and it looks like the people have chosen to live in an economicly depressed police state, with an abundance of violations of our rights, agregious fines, violations of property rights,and soon to be failing buissnesses. Sad they voted to support our demise and to end our culture and way of life.with these supervisors and this sherriffs department and that money there’s no hope for our economy now.good luck friends and neighbors!!!! Rural Humboldt!!!! Most of us will be forced out of here. Oregon here I come!!!!

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