[UPDATE: GoFundMe] Pedestrian Reportedly Trapped Under a Vehicle in McKinleyville

Pedestrian HitA pedestrian was struck by a vehicle in the 1500 block of City Center Road by the Safeway in McKinleyville. According to the scanner and to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, the woman’s leg is trapped under the vehicle.

An ambulance is responding to the area.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 2:20 p.m.: The patient has been extricated and is now being prepared for transport by ambulance.

UPDATE 2:29 p.m.: The CHP is now reporting this now as a Major Injury accident.

UPDATE: Photo from a witness:

Accident scene

[Crop of a photo by a witness]

UPDATE: A GoFundMe account has been set up here.



  • Man…can HumCo make it through just ONE day without traffic accidents?

  • This place is out of control.

  • I saw the whole thing. The woman who was driving was on her phone and didn’t see the elderly woman and rolled right through and hit her. This poor woman’s head and right leg were incredibly mangled and her leg was trapped under the wheel of the very large truck. The paramedics got there and stabilized her and gave her some pain relief while doing a ternicate so that the truck could be removed from her leg. It was such a horrible sight and the look on her elderly husband was heartbroken seeing his wife like that. This unfortunate incident could have been avoided and I hope this will be a lesson that we all need to be paying more attention and make better choices. Driving calls for 100% of your attention because it is not only your life on the line it is everyone’s.

    • Opinionated,

    • Please contact the police with this information, this was my grandmother and I do not believe they have this information. I would greatly appreciate it if you did. Thank you.

    • Please contact the police with this information. This was my grandmother and I don’t believe they have this information. I would greatly appreciate.

    • Driver was NOT on her phone, which records will prove. Keep your false and misleading statements to yourself, for your own falsities could have even more dire consequences and make an already awful situation even worse.

      • What information do you have that confirms she was “NOT” on her phone? Your statement leads to just as many falsities as the original. Multiple witnesses on site state the same, texting on the phone in the parking lot. So an already bad situation and your comment certainly don’t help get to the bottom of it and will not lead to the avoidance of a dangerous situation happening again. We’re you there like the previous witness claimed the were?

      • What records are you referring to?

      • Proud Deplorable Grandma

        Well whether the was actually on the phone or just looking at it, they obviously must not have been paying very good attention to what was happening around them. I’m sure the driver feels terrible, so everyone learn from this mistake.

        Obviously I feel horrible for the victim and her husband.

      • You were the driver. Phone records would provide the truth.

    • I was there also and it was horrible sight. All I could do was lift my arms towards heaven And pray for them and I will continue to pray for the elderly woman and her husband

    • I agree with you 100% I showed up right after it happened and had to be turned away such a sad accident that could have been avoided!

  • People drive too fast and too distracted for their ability.
    Hope the victim is ok.
    They should throw the book at the driver, how heartless to do this to another person.

    Dooley drive horribly around here, scary.

    They need permanent check points in Humboldt for distracted driving and dui’s.

  • Come on everyone let’s not point fingers , please pray please , kelly I pray for your family

    • Learn to drive first. Pray later

      Man! Quit praying, and go to a first responder class. The fire fighters, and ambulance personel did what was important, not the looky loos waving their arms in the air. I was once the first on scene to a witnessed collision. I had to implore a lady to get out of traffic, and get out of the way when she kept trying to put her hands on the patient and pray. Her God was about to get her smacked by oncoming traffic! If it was just her and God, and prayer, the patient’s next stop would have been to see St. Peter! GTFO’ta here! Save it for church, and bedtime.
      Now. Phone or no phone this driver proved they were not paying attention in the worst way. Your ultimate responsibility while driving is not to hurt anyone else. If the driver had chilled, calmed down, and took just 1 second to look around, nobody would have to go through this. Hey Driver! Did you make it to your appointment? Did you get home in time to watch DWTS? Did rushing around half concious while at the wheel save you time? Dry or sell your weed? Nope. FU. you should never drive again.

      • If you wait too pray it may be too late. I don’t care what you called me. I am still going to pray first. I was not just a person as you say hey lookee lose . My car was strapped in by the ambulance and fire trucks so yes I was looking and praying at the same time. I have not heard any updates on how the elderly woman and her husband are doing can anybody tell me. Prayers and blessings always

        • She is doing okay. I don’t want to give out any detailed information but she is going to be okay. Just in a lot of pain. Thank you for the prayers, it is greatly appreciated. And please continue to pray for my grandmother and my family. Some don’t understand the power that praying can have on any situation.

      • Dear Learn to drive first,

        The useful thing you said is not getting any support here, so I’m saying this:

        whether you believe in prayer or not, >> Everyone should take a first responder course ! <<

        that way, you can pray WHILE you're doing the c.p.r. ..if you want.


  • Throw the book at the driver. Felony at least. How dare somebody drive a big truck like they’re asleep?! Society is going down the tubes. Only thing that will reverse it will be to start handing out harsh penalties to the careless and selfish who would run over old ladies to check their texts. People are sociopaths and only care about themselves. Make them hurt and they will change their behavior.

    • That is a Dodge Dakota, not even a full size pick up much less a “big truck.” And it has a handicap plate if that is an issue.

      Parking lots are dangerous places for all, with people crossing every which way, sometimes hidden behind other vehicles. Under any circumstance I can think of, the truck driver is going to be at fault as I can’t believe an older woman sprinted into the truck’s path. Pay almost paranoid attention to where you’re going in a parking lot.

      I hope the poor lady recovers soon. Any injury to an older person is scary.

      • This was a Ram 2500 Cummins Turbo Diesel truck on my grandmother’s leg. Whether it was a Volkswagen Beetle or a truck this size, it is going to cause great damage to a limb on a woman of her age, and the recovery is going to be hard. From the view of the photo, she was likely in the crosswalk, the person driving should have paid extra caution as they are driving in a busy shopping center parking lot, and should have yielded to pedestrians crossing, regardless of whether they were in the crosswalk or not. Pedestrians always have the right-of-way. And if you are traveling through a parking lot especially, you need to take extra caution. This situation could have easily been avoided if the driver was paying attention, whether they were on their phone or not. They were not paying attention, and as a result, my grandmother has to deal with this painful injury.

    • Over it,
      thanks, that’s a nice car and it’s large, people that can’t handle a car like that shouldn’t drive one, it takes a lot more distance to stop a big truck like, the driver woukd have known that.

      That was a human they ran over, the driver should do jail time.

  • all this drama . a woman wa s hurt. folks just becaue you arent driving doesnt mean you should be on alert.

  • Dakota my ass. That’s a full sized Ram.

  • It’s called an accident for a reason.

  • Just noticed that the Truck has handicapped permanent plates. Yes, it is called an accident but seriously…how does one not notice 2 elderly people in a crosswalk at the grocery store? The driver was obviously distracted and driving a little too fast in the parking lot indeed. Just my opinion and I am sticking to it!!!
    Kelly, I hope and pray your grandmother is ok and your grandfather too.

    • I see alot of Handi-plate drivers driving like idiots. In some of the cases i imagine they piloted themselves into their own handicap status.

  • Whatever the driver did was wrong and heartless, it’s impossible to hit an old lady crossing that road if your watching the road, and driving the speed limit.

    They need some round abouts to slow people down, especially people that drive large trucks like that they can’t handle.

    I hope they throw the book at the driver.

  • This was not an accident, it was completely preventable if the driver was paying attention and going the speed limit.

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