Informational Workshop on Proposed Updates to the Cannabis Cultivation Policy and Cannabis Cultivation General Order

Information from the California State Water Board:

State Water Board staff will be hosting an Informational Workshop on the proposed updates to the Cannabis Cultivation Policy and Cannabis Cultivation General Order on November 8, 2018 from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the River Lodge Conference Center in Fortuna, CA. There will be a presentation on the proposed updates and an opportunity to ask questions.

Permitting staff will also be available beginning at 2:00 p.m. to help you file for your Small Irrigation Use Registration and apply for coverage under the Cannabis Cultivation General Order.

Please see the attached flyer for more information or visit our webpage at: 

Please direct all questions regarding the proposed updates as indicated below:

Cannabis Policy – (916) 341-5363 or
Cannabis Cultivation General Order – (916) 341-5580 or

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  • At this point water board is almost worse than fish and game. Fish and game are assholes and their fines are totally unconstitutional but at least they don’t blanket entire watersheds with letters, including people who aren’t even growing.

    If a person is not growing than shouldn’t the worthless water cops at the waterboard be putting their time and energy at sites where people actually are growing?

    • Yep there pretty much fucked, not to mention the people who pay them off don’t have to do anything to help the watershed if they already damaged it, I have seen it first hand it’s disgusting and wrong, same with dwf pay us and do whatever it’s a joke!

    • Yes the state water board deserves zero respect. They are here to steal our water rights through criminal application of unjust law. Slaves with slave mentality accept such injustice. What are we? Are we slaves? Why do we allow this mistreatment to continue without resistance and protest? My spring on my land does not feed into the creek. It is my water. It has been my water. But now I need to register and pay them for my water?!! And they send civil fines through the mail if I do not?! They deserve zero respect and complete disobedience. They should be chased from our county, not welcomed. Are we rolling over and surrendering our water and our land?! Is anybody with me in disgust at this development?

      • Well said. I’m with YOU, but where do we go from here? It’s a quagmire of rules and regs designed to require bureaucratic intervention…like the entirety of the building codes, etc.
        But if you lead, I’ll follow for sure.

      • Yeah.. I am with you! This is completely gov. Overreach. I really am sick of getting waterboarded. It’s pretty much amount to torture. I want to see the creeks and waters protected, and healthy, I do. But not at the expense of our property rights. I mean, this is why most people moved out here to begin with. To have the freedom to collect our own water, to be free from utility companies, now they want to charge us as much as a municipality every year to collect our own water? What did they do for that. Their fines are excessive, and erroneous.
        If you have a spring that does not leave your land, courts have ruled, that water belongs to you.. just as the soil does. But the waterboarders say you have to prove it, and they want you to spend thousands on assessments. It shouldn’t be that difficult.
        I beilive the water board is causing undue hardships, and assuming people are guilty before having proof. Blanketing citations to entire water sheds assumes everyone in that water shed is guilty, before figuring out the facts. The water board has dreamed themselves judge and juror.
        Maybe it’s time to picket them at thier meetings, with signs and protest. I beilive more public out cry is needed.

    • What’s funny is all you cannabis haters have brought this on yourself. You all talk down on cannabis growers on this site and loco. Now when you are subject to the same laws its “unfair” welcome to regulation north coast. Sorry the Government doesn’t play favorites. If it’s a “like impact” you are subject to the same rules.

      • This is not just happening to cannabis growers. That is what the state water board would like you to believe but it’s not what is happening. They are sending letters to all property owners in the targeted watershed and threatening civil fines. They are saying it is up to you to prove yourself innocent or you must pay fines. But here is the rub that they are not publicizing- Even if you are only using your own water for a greenhouse of food crops or your shower they have internally passed regulations that you must register and pay annual fees for using that water!! No shit. They are pushing the cannabis thing out front but their new policies apply to all of us. I do not grow cannabis. But I recognize some government bullshit when I see it! The cannabis angle is meant to soften opposition to what is truly a new and revolutionary tactic meant to seize control of your own water from your own land. Not exaggerating. Check it out. There should be major media attention on this. And major pushback from all rural landowners. If you thought the county targeting any size greenhouse (cannabis or not) was corrupt then you should be even more alarmed by this intrusion and seizure by the state water board.

  • Policy is Not law.

    And yes, i apologize Kym. You’re fortunate to not have offspring w/autism.

  • Yet another Water Board ‘ENTRAPMENT Workshop’.
    Great to read (in comments) that OPPOSITION IS BUILDING against the regulatory OVERREACH!!!
    ….Don’t drop the soap!

  • Cutsie new blue logo/California Water Boards. The Water Board has gone plural.

  • The only thing that can, or has ever stopped government over reach is a class action lawsuits. And also, to point out the obvious. All these restrictions against our property rights are from liberals, Obama and Jerry Brown to be precise.. You see, in a socialist country, nobody has private property! And they’re just getting started, there are laws already in the pipeline that haven’t been implemented yet.

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