[UPDATE 10:39 p.m.] Fire at Hilfiker Pipe Company

Flames lick out from the roofline at Hilfiker Pipe Co. [All photos and video by Mark McKenna]

Firefighters are battling a blaze at the Hilfiker Pipe Company on Broadway in Eureka tonight. The fire started a little before 9:30 p.m.

UPDATE 9:43 p.m.: The fire is being knocked back, according to scanner traffic.

UPDATE 9:56 p.m.: Mark McKenna, our photographer at the scene, reports that the fire has been knocked down. Firefighters are currently checking for hot spots. He added that the fire “could have gone sideways fast but they got it quick.”

UPDATE 10:39 p.m.: The Incident Commander reported that the incident was terminated.



  • Damn tweakers! It’s not that kind of pipe!

  • Another suffering business. Insurance!?

  • the transients’ weekly burn, and we are being asked to pay more sales taxes for more police and firemen to combat them by the county, as they continue to receive sanctuary and benefits from the same entity. something is wrong with this picture. vote no on O.

  • We don’t know the cause of this fire yet. Could be a mechanical fault, spontaneous combustion, a careless disposal of a match. Or it could be another homeless generated fire. There are quite a few of those. I remember reading that the Humboldt Co arson rate is about 3 times the national average.

  • Sorry to rain on the tweaker parade, but I watched from the curb and unless a tweaker had keys they didn’t do this one.
    Was inside north end of building.
    Great job EFD for knocking this one down in a hurry !!

    • You werent there dont make assumptions

      The fire was started out side the build then then went in through the rafters some one lit our drains on fire the are percolated pipe wrapped in plastic mesh and filled with packing peanuts it was spontaneous combustion it was started by some with a match/firecracker/cigarette bud etc.

  • Next thar going to start charging us twicker tax

  • I would translate it but I’m NOT allowed to correct spelling!!!

  • Hilfiker Pipe rips! Ha, insurance money, 95% of their business is global. My most favorite secret kick ass business on the northcoast. Hope it wasn’t bad!

    • Thanks for your support!

      It could’ve been worse but we ended up losing some product but maybe like .5% of what we have in stock it was mostly glue, pipe fittings, French drains and another type of drain that the person started the fire with. The fire department hopped on our fork lift and save like 10 pallets worth of inventory. And we had one structural beam burn wall way but that was fixed about 10 minutes ago

      • Thanks for the update! You guys were kind enough to sit down with me and a couple natural building interns to give us your knowledge on earth retaining systems so we could finish off the front of the root cellar we were building. I also keep a stack of your past years calendars for the interns to study! Great time had by all!

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