EPD Hires Parks & Waterfront Ranger

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department:

The Eureka Police Department is very proud to announce the recent staffing enhancement to our Community Safety Enhancement Team (CSET) and Mobile Intervention Services Team (MIST).  On 11-01-2018, Dennis Gagnon was hired as our Measure Z funded Parks & Waterfront Ranger.

Dennis is originally from Eugene, Oregon where he served in the United States Coast Guard for two years.  He then transferred to the Humboldt County Coast Guard station, where he spent approximately 10 years of regular service and 4 years as a Coast Guard reserve.   Dennis attended the College of the Redwoods Police Academy and was hired by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) in 2006.  During his time with the HCSO, Dennis held the positions of K-9 handler, Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) team member, and Field Training Officer.

This position is a vital component of CSET, which will now allow for seven day law enforcement coverage along the 6.5 miles of beautiful  Waterfront Trail  and our city parks. This position will also allow us to increase our community outreach and more staffing to address the quality of life issues we continue to encounter. Dennis is ideal for this position, not only for his law enforcement experience, but also the fact that Dennis worked for several years with the Eureka Rescue Mission and St Vincent de Paul providing direct service and job support to members of the facilities. We are very excited to have him as the newest member of our department.



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  • Best of luck

    • good luck on the new job, did an excellent job in so hum for HCSO. Was always there in the morning when the school buses were picking up the kids.

  • Dennis...... not the Menace

    I have known Dennis for many years. He is low key and easy to get along with. If people just use common sense Dennis will be a good resource. I walk the trail six days a week and I have only been hassled three times. Nothing serious other than people asking for money. And none of those were aggressive. After I said no they just moved on. As far as violence I only saw one fight between a guy and a woman. A lot of cursing and name calling, but no blood. In five minutes it was over. There are rules though. Most of it has to do with camping out and fires. And those were rare. There has been a fair amount of graffiti, but nothing offensive. Mostly on the trails. Some paint that will not be erased. Some chaulk messages, but as soon as it rains they disappear. We just need to respect each other, be friendly and clean up the trash and the dog poop. There are bags, but some people don’t like having to scoop up their pets droppings. Nearly everyone has their dogs on leashes. More politeness could come from the bikers who ride too fast and do not give walkers a heads up when they pass. All they need to do is say “on your left and passing”. And give Dennis time to fit in. He was a Coastie who put himself in harm’s way rescuing people. Anyone who did that can’t be a bad guy!

  • yeah..a full time cop on the trails..I dont like walking around with sleepers everywhere. I am afraid of their dogs rushing me

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