Unions Endorse Richard Marks for Harbor District

This is a press release from Richard Marks for Harbor District:

Richard Marks

Richard Marks [From his campaign’s Facebook page]

Eureka, CA  –  Richard Marks has received the endorsement of the The  International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators & Allied Workers local 16, the Laborers International Union of North America and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers local 551 in his re-election to the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation, and Conservation District, Division 4.

Marks previously worked at the Samoa Pulp Mill for nearly thirty years, during which time he also served as president of the Local 49 union and as an organizer for the Association of Western Pulp and Paper Workers.



  • I like stars too!

    Judging by the sheer number and quality of the comments found here, I would reckon that nobody gives a particular shit about the unions, or Mr Marks…

  • Just take a drive out to the North Jetty and see how well the Harbor District is doing, taking care if the infrastructure around our harbor. The local commercial fishing fleet is not too happy either. I guess bike trails are more important than a safe harbor. Time for a change. Vote out all incumbents. Unions are endorsing Marian Brady as well, if anyone even cares!

  • Marian Brady would be this union members choice. From what I have seen It is time for a major change, vote out the incumbents. Humboldts economy depends on having a usable harbor. Wasting the available funds on useless equipment that is environmentally not usable leaving us with useless junk equipment doesnt seem like the best choice. If you care about our harbor please consider a vote for Marian Brady. Get the facts then vote responsibly.

    • based on the amount of logging that went on this season and the amount of toothpicks heading west, I would say we won’t have anything to export for quite some time. we should have left all the toothpicks for the next generation. the word I hear is that GD hammering it and selling to land trusts.

  • Is he the guy that is sometimes on KMUD in the morning?

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