Tech Rescue Called for Vehicle Down 100′ Over the Embankment Last Night

Emergency crews at the scene.

Emergency crews at the scene. [Photo by Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue]

Last night about 7:30, a single vehicle went over the edge south of Benbow about mile marker 7.029 and landed about 100 feet down. The female driver received minor to moderate injuries, according to Thomas Norris, Public Information Office for Southern Humboldt County Technical Rescue.

Garberville Volunteer Fire Department, Redway Volunteer Fire Department, Cal Fire, the California Highway Patrol, and Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue responded to the scene to assist the patient up the steep hillside.

“Tech Rescue brought the patient up on the haul system,” Norris said. A series of ropes were used along with assistance from various crews to raise the patient from the scene of the wreck.

Below is a video of the rescue provided by Redway Fire.

There will be a fundraiser for the Southern Humboldt County Technical Rescue team on November 10 at the Benbow Inn.



  • Glad she was not badly hurt. A big thank you to all the rescue people. A job well done!

  • Hot dang.. these guys and gals are f-ing RADD!

  • Way to go Southern Humboldt Interagency Technical Rescue!

  • Whose driving these cars that keep going off the road locally, drunken monkeys?

  • Good job volunteers! I hope each one of your department got a large sum of money from the measure Z. If anybody deserves it you guys definitely do.

  • It’s not about money! These men and women do this cause they care. They are true and compassionate. Human life is irreplaceable, this they understand and respect. I personally want to thank you all. Fire, CHP, Sheriff and dispatch) God bless you and your families. You all are the best

    • It wasn’t meant to be a dig, it was a legitimate question which might influence my vote on measure o. I would like to know how much of our tax money is actually going to the people that deserve it, and not being wasted on Pet Projects. I would really like to hear from a volunteer from the technical rescue crew.

  • Disgusting supervisors

    Well I don’t know if I would go as far as too add the sheriff’s department in there,or the chp!!! Lol.

  • Disgusting supervisors

    I’m personally praying they don’t get any more funding from the public this election because of there blatant disregard to property owners rights,there extortion with agregious fines, stealing peoples property!!! And there grave robbing(how dispicable and shameless). Vote no on measure o on Tuesday!!! This county government is an abomination to the residents of this county!!!!!

    • I like stars too!

      Well, since you don’t like the Supervisors, why don’t you buy some of your own…

      Your supervisors are brought to you by the Cannabis Industry, and the wheels of local government were greased, bought and paid for by Big Dope Money.

      Small Farmers are through, and complaining because ugly grows are getting ripped and chipped makes about as much sense as complaining about Donald Trump!

      Government by the rich, for the rich! That’s the American way!

      Thanks for the technical rescue, Sohum Tech Rescue! You guys are terrific!

      P.S. : Egregious, e-g-r-e-g-i-o-u-s – please make a note of it!

    • As the signs around here & there say, O NO!!!! I want to see a sunset date as well as better responsibility for keeping track of how it’s being spent!!! Not that I don’t trust the current Board of STUPIDVISORS but I don’t!!!!

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