The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Invites You to Join Them for ‘No Shave November’

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

This November, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office personnel will be growing out their facial hair and/or coloring their hair and nails blue to raise funds for local child advocacy programs as part of No Shave November.

In order to take part in No Shave November, each Sheriff’s Office participant must donate at least $30 to one of the following child advocacy programs: CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), CAST (Child Abuse Services Team) or Wild Souls Ranch.

The Sheriff’s Office invites the public to also take part in No Shave November by donating directly to one of the charities above, then growing out your facial hair and/or coloring your hair and nails blue, the official color of the child abuse awareness movement.

Join us in protecting the next generation by supporting our local child advocacy programs and spreading awareness about child abuse.

Join the HCSO for No Shave November! Donate $30 or more to one of the following charities: CASA (Cou



  • Entertainment distraction.

    Add it to their Dancing Deputies Ditty.

  • Yep circus show for measure o!!!!! Stop ripping off the citizens of this county with lies and I’ll stop shaving!!!! Stop destroying our economy and lives here and I’ll stop shaving!!!!stop the extortion and I’ll stop shaving!!!! If you weren’t destroying hundreds of children’s lives in rural areas of the county I might buy into your dancing deputies distraction circus act!!!!!!

    • How are they destroying children’s lives in the rural area of the county? Seems like a bit of a stretch there. You referring to illegal, non permitted grows being busted?

      • you might want to start realizing the new reality for Humboldt. a 35% reduction in sales tax = the County cutting services. they have no plans to layoff any new hires under Z. what services do you think they will cut first? measure Z was a mistake.

        • So what if they don’t collect sales tax from trimmigrants buying cigs and mountain dew. The county will be OK. How much are they collecting in fines and permits under the glory that is 64? And getting rid of the riff-raff criminals. Its a win.

          • Local Observer, I believe, was talking about the reduce Revenue to our local businesses. everyone of them I’ve talk to has had quite a slow down since last year and many of them will be shuttering their doors by year end.

        • I knew Z was a mistake as soon as I saw pretty new signs declaring how road work was done using Measure Z funds.

          • road work now includes projects like placing large rocks under overpasses so homeless can’t sleep there like in Arcata by Guintoli.

            • You act like that is a bad thing. Not now it won’t be piled down with piles of shit!!!

              • its a waste of money. these homeless aren’t going anywhere because they have never gone anywhere. no matter who is elected this problem will be twice as bad next year just like it is twice as bad this year. the reason why most of the 30-40 yo men are riding BMX bikes is because it is their bike from when they were a teen.

  • This is how the liberal elite destroy an institution. They infiltrate it then distort it little by little until it is unrecognizable, like handing out toothbrushes on Halloween.

    This is a travesty and a bastardization of an established holiday. Even their logo exposes the hypocrisy. Beards have no place in “Movember”!

  • Great! Now I have to shave everyday this month.

  • I dont get the blue part.

    • blue like in blue strip in support of law enforcement like I have on all of my cars. To those who hate cops feel free not to call when the shit hits the fan

      • Also, “blue, the official color of the child abuse awareness movement.”

      • Ive never noticed a “blue stripe” on cars but if I did I would have no way of knowing it had anything to do with police. I also wasn’t aware that there is a child abuse awareness month, but that is in April anyway.

        Im well aware of movember though.

        • I have one of those blue stripe stickers that I got from a neighbor who worked in law enforcement years ago. I got pulled over for speeding and forgot about the sticker until the officer asked, “are you on the job……..the sticker?”

          I told him I got it from a family member who had passed away last year. He didn’t even check my operator’s license. Let me roll away. Dumb ass.

          • Getting away with something because an officer had compassion isn’t a sign that he’s a dumbass but rather a sign that the officer is a decent human being.

  • I’ve never called the cops ever!!!! When the shit hits the fan I’ll deal with it like I always have. There never there when there needed always there when you don’t want em

  • Unprofessional….

    Next we’ll be treated to Tattoo Tuesdays where ink is allowed to be shown.


  • hmm,

    Give up on the “illegal” “permitted” crap. Do you really think anyone with a couple of functioning brain cells begs permission to exercise their rights from an imaginary external authority?

    Equal means equal.

    Tax collection agreements have no force without a constitutional amendment. How can the rights and freedoms be agreed to when a Constitution is not first in effect?

    “The County of Humboldt” is the emperor with no clothes.

  • The one on the right looks stoned to the bejeezus 🙂 I’ll bet the sheriffs have some good smoke.

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