Officers Seeking Public’s Help Finding Person Who Poached Roosevelt Elk Using Arrows

Poached elk

Press release from the Redwood National and State Parks:

On the morning of Oct. 3, 2018, a park ranger with Redwood National and State Parks discovered a deceased bull elk in Elk Meadow near the intersection of Hwy. 101 and Davison Road. Elk Meadow is located within Redwood National and State Parks, where hunting of any kind is prohibited by federal and state law.

Law enforcement officers from Redwood National and State Parks and California Department of Fish and Wildlife immediately began investigating the incident and determined the elk had been killed with arrows sometime earlier that morning. Nothing from the elk carcass was taken.

To assist with the on-going investigation, officers are looking for the public’s assistance, urging anyone with any information about this incident to call Ranger Pero at (707) 465-7761. Or, a report can be made anonymously by calling the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s CalTip at (888) 334-CalTIP (888- 334-2258) or by calling the Redwood National and State Parks anonymous crime tip line at (707) 765-7353.

Redwood National and State Parks contains 133,000 acres of federal and state land in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties. Seven elk herds call Redwood National and State Parks home. The Roosevelt elk (Cervis elaphus roosevelti), is the largest of the six recognized subspecies of elk in North America; they once occurred from southern British Columbia south to Sonoma County, Calif. Today Roosevelt elk in California persist only in Humboldt and Del Norte Counties, and western Siskiyou County. Tourists from all over the world and Californians alike enjoy the opportunity to see Roosevelt Elk within their historical home range at Redwood National and State Parks. Park Rangers are committed to protecting these amazing animals and urge the public to help them in this effort.

For questions about the incident, please contact Ranger Pero at (707) 465-7761.

poached elk



  • Such a waste! Incredibly sickening

  • I can understand someone killing an animal if they and their family were starving; but to slay a beautiful animal, which is against the law, and to just leave it is an abomination. What a cowardly act!

  • I’d like to see this poacher riding around on the horns of a bull elk! Killing this magnificent animal is just plain disgusting.

  • It’s what we do

  • Probably a younger teen.

  • Bullshit. Some really messed up folks around here. I hope the worst for him or her. May karma get you you loser piece of trash

  • They are a bit aggressive this time of year. I damn near squeeze a shot off at one a couple weeks ago, out hiking. It would have been a last-ditch effort to save my own skin, as it was I was able to chase it off by yelling and throwing sticks and rocks at it and that was after I tried retreating first. I still would have called authorities and coped to it and explain my situation. If there is no reason for killing this animal it’s plain despicable.

  • Can’t tell for sure but he looks like the big bull i sae this summer while drivng through. Just towered over the others in the herd like a king. Bad enough if any animal is wasted but would be an awful shame if it was that magnificent guy.

  • Mendocino County, Lake and Colusa Counties have a couple of large healthy herds too. People suck…didnt even use it, left him laying there, maybe they will catch them. Karma comes to mind.

  • Is there an elk season going on in that area, if so check people that drew a tag for that area. A hell of a waste of meat, and a wonderful animal.

  • Is this all there is................

    Crazy people live in Humboldt. I remember a guy who killed a Snowy Owl. A rare owl occurrence in Humboldt. I also remember a commercial fisherman killing Sea Lions. Just because they were eating salmon. Then the guy who cut out Redwood burls. May have killed the redwood. And this is not the first elk to be killed. That happens occasionally, but it DOES happen. I have to wonder, ” What the hell were you thinking?” Killing in America has become concerning, but no one seems to think it is wrong. Now with Trump placing Army personnel with loaded M-16’s in hand on the border what have we sunk to? Owl, Seal Lion, Elk and probably human life. Is this the beginning of the END!!

    • I doubt it was local people from that area. There are 4 – 6 herds in the lowlands and two to several herds up in the bald hills. One of those herds is private and easy access to the lumber company employees. Another of those herds goes into Orick range land frequently. Why not those? Anyone from that area poaching would most likely use a rifle and would go for herds that are away from the highway or on private land I would think.

      How would one quarter and take out an elk without being seen right there? Impossible. It was right next to the highway and the road to Fern Canyon. I ‘d place a bet it was some idiot from a city or suburb. Someone with a small dick trying to prove his manhood. They should check facebook for selfies.

      That particular bull, if it’s who I think it is, was pretty aggressive. It’s possible he charged someone with no self esteem who later came back to prove himself.

      I think there’s been more poaching than this bull. There used to be about 5 really big bulls in that extended herd up until 2 or 3 years ago and they all disappeared one hunting season. But that herd doesn’t seem to go off park land. And this year all the elk herds have been very shy for months- unlike other years.

      • So it was a city person that came back after he was attacked and he had a small dick?? Oh and he brought back his bow and arrow from the city. Ok gotcha!

    • if i remember correctly the burl poacher was and illegal alien from mexico and the national guard going to the border arent going to be carrying their m16s they are only going to have their handguns for self defense. just thought you should know since someone lied to you

      • you don’t remember correctly. if I were to guess who killed this elk, I would say a local felon with a cross bow. as far as the burl poacher, white and local.

        • But that is always your choice as you have reported many times that you think the vast majority of crime in Humboldt Co is done by members of long time local families.

          • do you know how easy it is to research someone on the internet? its a fact that the vast majority of crime in Humboldt is by long time locals. look at Arron Hooven. do you really think that aaron hooven is commenting on this thread above or just someone using his name because he made the news shooting at someone out of his truck? if it makes you feel any better, the vast majority of crime where I grew up is also locals, commenters say the same things in the news, and i’m like he was an idiot in high school so it figures he is an idiot now.

            • So what is your point in saying the same thing over and over and over? There are simply more locals in most areas so it is likely they will be responsible for more crime. Location of birth does not convey sainthood but neither does it convey evil.
              It’s just an irrelevant irritation.

        • you are right and danny e garcia in 2014 and he is also a white guy from orick

        • i remember one now… the Dudleya poachers were from south korea

    • “And this is not the first elk to be killed” and “Is this the beginning of the END!!” So the fact that it has happened before, jumbled with Trump ordering military to the border is evidence of the END?

      Well maybe you’re right as when have organized crowds of people stormed borders, demanding the right to enter another country at their own discretion? Has it ever happened in anytime prior to Obama’s administration? The times I can think that this happened in North America was when Europeans immigrated (or were exiled) to North American and when Americans came to Hawaii. Neither ended well for the local residents. Maybe it is the end, which is the certain result of those who can’t or won’t defend their borders.

  • I agree with others above. Poaching is never good but it is much worse when the animal is wasted. I sure hope they catch the perpetrator. If the feds handle it, perhaps they will.

  • damn it. I’m not positive but I think it’s this particular bull below. Just quickly went through some photos of him. I hope they catch the person. Idiot.

    • beautiful animal

    • This makes it even more sad.

    • It is not exactly the same pattern on the antlers so I don’t think it is the same. Not that it changes what it is. Antlers are mostly the same pattern year to year.

      • Thanks. I think you’re right. The color is the same, just covered in mud, here’s a crop from the same day same bull.

        But I think you might be right. I tried to find a pic from this year but can’t be sure of which bull, I was too far away this year except once and they were milling around a lot in people’s yards. Usually I’m able to stay somewhat near them for hours. There is one bull who is pretty bad with the cows and the tourists, but maybe I’m confusing that too. The bull I think that is doesn’t have a small fish tail at the top of the antler like the shot bull seems to have

  • Why don’t they use satellite to find out what happened. They could zoom in on the guys face and license plate. So easy big brother could use them as a global surveillance system catch all the wrong doers… it’s real people!

  • and this photo. He’s covered in mud in these photos. I have some from 2 years ago. These are from last year. I hardly saw them this year- they hid a lot. I hope they haven’t been being bothered this whole fall.

    This is awful to shoot at this herd. It is one of the most habituated herds in California and people come to Humboldt from all over the world especially to see these particular herds.

  • maybe the warden showed up before they could harvest the flesh. doesnt make it right but lets hooe the intent wasnt to waste.

  • Sorry, I finally found a good pic. Again, not sure, but I think it’s this guy. Rangers, please correct me if I’m wrong. If so, he was a bad-ass bull. This is from last year. You can click on it for a larger photo

  • No excuse… to the big bad douch bag that did this…
    Dear douche…. i dont know your reasoning and im cool with that because there is no acceptable reason to poach this beautiful, protected creature in its sanctuary. You sir are everything that is wrong with this once great nation. You are a prime and perfect example of wasteful, greedy, entitled bloodlust and a complete disregard for all other beings and creatures all rolled into one. And before you try and convince yourself that im a bleeding heart tree hugging leftist whacko to make yourself feel better, let me dispell that thought. Im probably a lot more conservative than most of the contributors and readers here(fiscally at least). Ive shot big game with a rifle and a bow (for food) though i dont hunt anymore (except with my camera) not because i dont think people should, just because i dont have the need anymore and also because as ive aged i guess i lost my taste for killing the other magnificent creatures we are blessed to have all around us. And while i have always voted pro gun if i ever switch sides you will be the reason. You are a sick, sad, twisted, evil, vile, filthy waste.[edit]

  • Sounds like we’re all in agreement with this being a horrible incident. I sure hope the arrows were found and they CSI them. There has to be some trace evidence linking the perp to those arrows.

  • His eye isnt even glazed over.. Did they gut it and give it to the local N.A.? orphanage? food kitchen? ALL this land and every elk was theirs a few years ago. Some fine genetics lost there. Not good!

  • Don’t forget about a person shooting one of the zebras…

  • That’s not a shot ant experienced hunter would make. Probably some young a-hole with a new bow . F&w wont take this lightly, my guess is he will be caught.

  • I so hope they bust who ever did it’s ass

  • brought to by conservative values. this isn’t even poaching, its just killing.

    • what “conservative” values are to referring to?

      • Teddy Roosevelt was a Conservative and the first environmentalist President. You can’t judge a book by its cover although one look at my avatar and you can tell everything about me.

  • My question is if this happened at the beginning of October, why are we hearing about it almost a full month later? Or did I miss something?

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