Measure Z Fights Crime, Says Fortuna Police

Press release from the Fortuna Police:Fortuna Measure z

Measure Z update: Did you know that the Fortuna Police Department has two (2) sworn officer positions funded by Humboldt County’s Measure Z? The FPD has a full-time officer Drug Task Force Officer and a full-time School Resource Officer funded by Measure Z.

Over the last Quarter (July to September 2018), the FPD agent at the Humboldt County Drug Task Force assisted in seizing over 18 pounds of Heroin, 2.93 pounds of Cocaine, 1.68 pounds of Methamphetamine and 68 grams of prescription Narcotics. In addition, the DTF has seized six firearms and $764,726 in currency related to illegal drug sales.

In the same quarter, the FPD School Resource Officer assigned to the Eel River Valley made contact with every school in the ERV, attended training to become as Active Shooter Training Instructor, Updated emergency contact information for ERV schools, attended Student Attendance Review Board meetings and made home visits on truant students, spoke at several school assemblies on school safety issues, assisted Juvenile Probation in contacting several juveniles, taught classes on alcohol awareness and the influence of alcohol on developing brains and reviewed ERV protocols for emergency response for ERV schools.

Measure Z is making a difference in Fortuna and the entire Eel River Valley!

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  • Of course the Fortuna Police says measure z fights crimes – lmao.

    FORTUNA is incorporated – hello? FORTUNA along w/Trinidad, Blue Lake, Arcata, Eureka, Ferndale, and Rio HAVE NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to be charging a 1/2% Sales Tax within their city limits — and have so much irredeemable paper the Supes. had to extend their time – another one of those go back into the last fiscal year and re-arrange the numbers- so FORTUNA plus six sell-outs, can spend it. It’s called “cooking the books.”

    Why do you think Arcata and Fortuna are on-hand to help poor little Garberville upgrade their Vets Bldg??????


  • Unfortunately, for the fire department and Medical Services. A large portion of the money that we all thought was going to them gets funneled off to repave the same stretch of Road over and over again, to put up signs about how wonderful our roads are because of the funding and to pet projects for cities. As far as the sheriff’s concern, after dumping 4.6 Millions dollars into them, I don’t know, I guess I was just expecting to see more results. I can’t really tell a difference when I drive through Garberville and Redway or Eureka for that matter. And with less than $40,000 going to Emergency Services? Maybe I’m just reading the break down wrong and misunderstanding something? but that seems like a slap in the face to me..

    And that’s with the county realizing it was a temporary tax, could you imagine the waste if it became permanent.

    • you can leave the medical services off the list it is a private co. Call one and look at the bill you will get . You will have to sell all your shit and your 1st born child just to pay it. However the vol. fire depts. they need the help, not some overpriced private owned co.

  • Yup, this place just seems slightly worse every year. The one thing that the extra tax dollars does is allow them to do more advertising on how they need the extra tax dollars.

    • Good one Mike. Wonder how much the 8 1/2 x 11, printed on both sides, ‘Humboldt County Measure O Voting Information’ mailer cost us? It says on the bottom ‘Provided for information purposes only. Humboldt County does not advocate a yes or a no positon on this measure.’

      • i have heard of this but i cant find a picture of it. if you can please post a photo of this mailer. thank you

        • I just now saw your post tax payer. Unfortunately, my old scanner isn’t recognized by my Mac Mini. I am, however, on-hand at Supes’ meetings in the PEOPLE’S CHAMBER on Tuesday mornings. You can have the mailer that was in my mailbox.

  • At least there is a “sunset”Provision in Z where it expires!!!Read and understand what measure etc you’re going to vote for/against next week.

  • Isn’t measure Z tax collected only in the unincorporated areas of the county? If so, why is it funding police in incorporated Fortuna?

    Vote NO on O.

    • Meas. Z is unlawfully collected countywide. In November 2014 when i asked Carolyn Crunich -the ballot counter- “What’s with the “And Other Essential Necessities’ being added?” She just laughed and said, “Oh, the Attorneys added that.” S o m e h o w, the devildoers, in their infinite wisdom, made it a ‘General Tax’ that passed with a majority vote, instead of the 2/3 needed for a Special Tax (Humboldt County Public Safety).

      Douglas Strehl, Fortuna Mayor at the time, told me the same thing – “It was added so it would pass w/majority vote, instead of 2/3.”

      The “Countywide” is forbidden via their own (General Law County) rules!

      The whole mess is bass-akwards.

  • Vote No On O General Funds With No Oversite

  • From October 2 Supe. meeting – the one and only meeting that has a 1-pager so-called “Minutes” -signed by Co-chair Bohn and Deputy Clerk of the Board Ryan S. I MEAN, if they can’t even facilitate a public meeting – WTF?

    Measure Z Memorandum of Understandings (MOU) for Fiscal Year (FY) 2018-19 and Extension
    of Time to Spend Previously Allocated FY 2017-18 Measure Z Funds (4/5 Vote Required)

    That the Board of Supervisors authorize the Chair of the Board to execute MOUs
    with the City of Arcata, City of Blue Lake, City of Eureka, Boys & Girls Club of
    the Redwoods, K’ima:w Medical Center and the Humboldt County Fire Chief’s
    Association for Measure Z funding, a local half-cent sales tax; direct the Clerk of
    the Board to return two copies of all of the agreements to the County
    Administrative Office for processing; approve extension of time to spend
    previously allocated FY 2017-18 Measure Z funds and the corresponding budget
    adjustments (Attachment 10); and authorize the County Administrative Officer to
    execute all required MOUs or amendments to extend the time to spend previously
    allocated Measure Z funds.

  • Vote no on extortion and civil rights violations—-. That’s what this funds,code enforcement is just the extortion of rural Humboldt and the criminalization of living rural!!! This disgusting hideous batch of supervisors we’ve had have shown us that they’ll charge us to rip us off. Please see through there lies. If they get this permanent we will be living in a militarized police zone indefinitely. Yeah they’ve made a few hard drug busts lately but do you notice it’s been in the last 4to5 weeks!!!! They new about these people for a long time and let them operate just to put on an election show to bleed us out of our $$$$$$$. The extortion/ revenue machine has NO shame

  • in one quarter alone the DTF has seized six firearms and $764,726 in currency related to illegal drug sales. so why do they need more funding? sounds like they can fund themselves. and what do they do with all those confiscated guns? do they just sit in a warehouse forever?

  • They make deals to take them home,did it to my brother years ago when we were was my dad’s beautiful stainless 357,scoped 9″ barrel,ruger red handle that my brother took and got busted with.One of the arresting officers wanted it so the DA told his lawyer that he wouldn’t produce the gun charge if we just kept our mouths shut about it.of course we didn’t want my brother getting more screwed so one of the SHERIFFS department added it to there stolen collection. Kind of like the grave robbing they’ve been up too,pennys on the dollar for dead people’s valuables.and they need more funding.!!!!!! Lol. See through the bullshit people!!!!

  • Z, without the O, is so botched-up the sock puppets are bringing in more master minds:

    Sept. 25 Action Summary. Sundberg & Wilson absent.

    Expand scope of service to include external audit for Measure Z for fiscal years 2015-2016, 2016-2017, 2017-2018.

    NOTE: In September 2013, CliftonLarsenAllen (“The County’s” external auditors for Past three years of meas. z extortion), agreed to pay a $35,100,000 settlement on the audit of the City of Dixon. Clifton Gunderson had performed the audit for many years but failed to recognize a fraud of nearly $54 million.[15] In addition, the firm was fined by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.[16] CLA is the eighth largest acct/auditors in America. More than 110 locations, with an office in Sacramento/Roseville. And a member of the Nexia International accounting network.

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