David Wilson’s Stunning Night Light Photography Goes on Display in Eureka This Weekend

Press release from David Wilson:

The stunning beauty of Humboldt County at night will be on full display in the photographic exhibition “Night Light of Humboldt County” at Arts and Drafts this November. An opening reception will be from 6-9 p.m. during Arts! Alive on Saturday, November 3 at the Gallery. Arts and Drafts is located at 422 1st Street, Eureka – in the old First Street Gallery building.

David Wilson, of Eureka, explores the light of Humboldt’s natural nightscapes, where long exposures, remarkable star-filled skies and the unusual light always found at night combine to create unique images that cannot be seen by our naked eye.

I’m drawn to photographing light in the dark of night,” Wilson said. “Light is much different at night, coming from unusual sources and in unusual colors.” The long exposures he uses provide him the opportunity to paint a scene with his own strokes of light and capture the beauty of our nighttime Humboldt County, often with Milky Way soaring majestically over all. Last year David received 2nd place in Congressman Jared Huffman’s District Landscape Photography Competition, and he currently has a weekly photography feature at Redheaded Blackbelt (kymkemp.com) titled “Night Light of the North Coast” and at northcoastjournal.com called “North Coast Night Light.”

The Avenue of the Giants passes over Highway 101 beneath the MIlky Way at Women's Federation Grove, Humboldt County, California.

The Avenue of the Giants passes over Highway 101 beneath the MIlky Way at Women’s Federation Grove, Humboldt County, California.



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