City of Arcata & Arcata Chamber of Commerce Partner to Launch ‘Visit Arcata’ Website

This is a press release from the City of Arcata:

Arcata, CA – The City of Arcata and the Arcata Chamber of Commerce announced [recently] that the launch of the Visit Arcata website is complete. features visitor information about what to see and do and where to eat, shop and stay when planning a trip to Arcata.

This year, Lonely Planet named California’s Redwood Coast as its number one US travel destination and recently Trip Advisor has named Arcata one of California’s 15 Best Weekend Getaways.

In addition, visiting Arcata has become more accessible to tourists with direct flight service to and from Los Angeles, and increased travel to the North Coast is anticipated when nonstop flight service from Denver begins in June 2019.

“With increased accessibility and attention highlighting the beauty of our Northern California coast, the Chamber and City wanted to provide an easy place for potential visitors to go for travel information and tips when planning a getaway to Arcata and greater Humboldt County. We are grateful for the time and care that a variety of folks contributed to this project, and now we encourage the public to add the link to their websites or include it in their outreach to visitors,” said Joellen Clark-Peterson, Executive Director of the Arcata Chamber of Commerce, of the website launch.

The Visit Arcata website showcases local events, tours, restaurants, businesses and outdoor destinations in addition to offering travel tips for visitors on subjects including Arcata’s kid-friendly travel stops, top birdwatching destinations and hiking trails, and recommendations for exploring the North Coast.

Local businesses are included on the website at no cost, and business owners who would like to be featured are asked to email their business name and web address to

For more information, or to view the website, visit or check out @VisitArcata on Facebook and Instagram.



  • Here’s my draft alternate text:


    What draws America-hating leftists to Arcata? The natural beauty? The small town parks filled with redwoods? Or is it the distinct smell of simmering anger from young people too ignorant and inexperienced to know what the nation is all about?

    From the overpriced thrift stores stuffed with yuppie’s discarded junk to the grow stores staffed by unwashed stoners, Arcata has the hippie ambience for you!

    Recreation? We have it in spades! (oh, sorry, is that not PC – I apologize – should I resign my position?) From the sneaker wave-filled beaches to the plaza swirling with dope smoke, from the communist diploma-mill university to the $10 bunches of organic kale at the farmer’s market, we have plenty to do on the weekends and beyond!

    Enjoy your leisure time dodging the homeless panhandlers downtown or scurrying away from the drug addicts in the marsh, there is an activity for anyone in Arcata! Just bring lots of liquid hand sanitizer. And a handghun.

    Entertainment? You betcha! (did that sound too Midwesty?) Bar fights on the plaza! Police raids on grow houses in the suburbs! Bad microbrews and lots of drugs! And that’s just the university professors! Student enjoy skipping classes and running up federal loans!

    Plenty to see and experience in the Maoist’s paradise – the People’s Republic of Arcata!

    (sorry there’s no Bigfoot – we wish there were)

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