Three Reportedly Transported by Ambulance From South Fork High School After Pot Brownies Were Distributed by Student


South Fork High School stock photo

This morning, three students at South Fork High School were transported by ambulance after overdosing on marijuana brownies. Samantha Karges, Public Information Specialist for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office would only say, “We did respond to South Fork High School at about 11 a.m. for the report of a possible Health and Safety Code violation. Due to this case involving minors, we are going to defer to the school district for comment.”

Multiple accounts from students report that a sophomore boy is alleged to have brought marijuana brownies to school and distributed them to multiple other students. Several students reported that one girl had a seizure in the bathroom and injured her head. Another girl vomited in the hallway. According to reports from people in the area, two ambulances and Miranda Fire responded. Three sophomore girls, including the one who had a seizure and the one who vomited in the hallway were taken to the hospital, according to reports from students.

The sophomore boy was taken away by a deputy, according to one account.

Alicia Pecora, the parent of one freshman at South Fork High School says she is concerned. She says she worries that not enough attention is being paid to marijuana at the school. She said that students who are caught with it shouldn’t do in home suspensions but instead, she said, “Personally, I think, it should be in school suspension–like campus beautification. Don’t just send them home to vacay and smoke some more. Let them pick up trash.” Or she suggested the students could “sit in a desk at the office looking at the wall.”

South Fork High School referred us to the District Office for comment but as of publishing time, we haven’t had a response from them.



  • breaks my heart…😢

    • Boo Hoo, the kids smoke pot wahhhhh….

      When I got stoned at School, lets see, We would usually meet up right before school at the train tracks or walk down to the creek and we would all
      a roll a joint of whatever we had brought from home. We would smoke, pass fat “doobies” of afghani and kush around and talk about life, drink our coffee or chocolate milk. Then it was off to school to sit
      in a boring classroom and listen to a overly conservative person who was usually over weight and unhappy try to “teach us” how to live our life and be successful (even though the teacher hated his own job). Then the bell would ring and on to the next class of compulsary programming and 1950 outdated documentaries on reel to reel projectors. Since we had an open campus for lunch we would all get in a car and go grab a quick lunch then go smoke another fat joint or 3 for lunch usually at the graveyard or tracks. This went on daily for much of my sophmore through senior years. I still graduated High School with a 3.72 gpa and was accepted to 5 of the 6 colleges I applied to my senior year. Do you get it, students or anybody for that matter would almost have to be stoned to sit through the 1950’s style of outdatee educational programming offered. Students have in the palm of their hand a device which holds all the worlds libraries as well as almost every book ever written, lets face it, most high schools in Northern California are as boring as waiting in the DMV line!
      I graduated from college with a degree in anthropology and a minor in History. Did the cannabis injure me, no….but it did help me in more ways than one. Did 12 years of institutionalized compulsary brainwashing by “less than consciously aware” teachers who could not even take care of their own health and fitness injure me, Yes! How many times these teachers would put us down, rag on us, and tell us we were going to be failures because we smoked cannabis, how many times they told us “I hope none of you have ever smoked a whole marijiana cigarette, because if you have, you are certified crazy”… Hahaha, we would bust out laughing knowing we had just puffed half an ounce over lunch break…. And now we have a overweight brainwashed pepsi drinking dorito loving teacher who cant get the poop smell off her clothes telling us we were crazy…. Then after school, back to the Park to kick hackey sack, play soccer, smoke some more weed and have a good time with friends. Yes, thats what the School doesnt tell you; pot lets our teens better deal with hormonal changes, pot allows our kids with A.D.D. to slow down and focus and, of course they don’t tell the truth; Pot is fun! Some of our best minds as well as much of the technology coming out of Silicon Valley is now being created by these great minds who have a creative edge due to their cannabis use as well as their psilocybin mushroom and lsd use. Many, many coders are literally a microdosing lsd in Silicon Valley in “microdose amounts” before work in the morning with corporate approval and they are claiming it gives them the creative advantage in the coding world and many of the apps you are using on your phone as well as much of the cell phone and computer software is being created by people using cannabis, mushrooms and lsd. If the kids who ate this cannabis were lightweights or not familiar with edibles it is possible they ate too strong of brownies or too many, or it is possible there was a fungicide, pesticide or chemical fertilizer present which made the brownies toxic, maybe even moldy flowers. I have smoked cannabis for over 30 years now, I have eaten pounds of mushrooms over my time and I have eaten lsd hundreds of times in my life. My IQ is in the 750 range, I have acquired over $4 million dollars in assetts and I am now retired in my early 40’s with free time to do what ever I want to do, and the money to do it. Did cannabis harm me or destroy my life, hell no, it gave me a “out of the box” creative edge. I was injured more by overly conservative teachers and school adminitration, I was injured more by being put down by those very same mindless pepsi drinking dorito eating, cigarette smoking slobs who wanted nothing more than complete dominance and control over their students. I was injured more by the lies and deceit of the school administration, the lack of understanding as well as the alienation of the schools “stoners”. I look back now, all those jocks who became alcoholics, all those football players with torn ligaments, it seems to me that there is more harm done by allowing students to play the dangerous game of football than there is by students smoking cannabis and philosophising about the current state of the world and civilization. One thing I know, is my stoner friends all grew up to be amazing people with good careers, but even more importantly; these very same people are all very nice, caring, empathetic and creative people today who are open minded and full of love in their hearts These people posess something many of the teachers who were hired to teach us could only dream of having: a happy, fulfilled, fun filled life full of laughter, love and good stoney times. Life is supposed to be fun, not up tight, boring and oppressive, “Hey teachers, leave those kids alone”…. The pot may be the only thing that gives them the patience to sit through your boring outdated classrooms.

  • She said “high”school….

  • It sounds like a good time for parents who are able and willing to come sit in classes, hang out with your kid and their friends. They may hate it now, but they will love you later (and may secretly do so right now).

    • Idiots.. arrest the children AND THE PARENTS..
      Mandatory Drug Law trips and Equality demand it.
      Oh.. thats right.. THATS why Ya’All have Worse Adverse Childhood Experience scores…
      Drugs are bad mmmk? THIS is why the community is dying.
      n kids!.. most of these parents don’t care.
      not really, just say they do, pretend they do…. AND
      strive for the best.. not compare to the worst..
      I know first hand of at least one child being sent home for smelling “too much like fresh weed” MORE than once.. and.
      thats it.. end of story.. no CPS , no nothing.. so much for “Mandatory Reporting”
      Drug manufacturing by dipshits.. is still manufacturing drugs,
      if you grow weed.. and CHOOSE not to recognize that..
      you’re an idiot…

    • Or a good time to look at who’s running this school who is this new principal who’s only experience is being a substitute teacher. She’s underqualified and being overpaid for a job that could be done by any parent with enough motivation to get the job.

      • Actually you’re misinformed. I am a student and I can tell you first hand that she is the best principal I have ever had my whole schooling career. She has also had a lot more experience than what you give her credit for… I’m talking years. Please inform yourself next time on the situation before spreading false claims about a woman who actually cares for the children… there haven’t been much of those people.

        • Thank you. I appreciate people with first-hand information offering their point of view.

          • Full support of the principle

            She’s a wonderful woman. She’s hard working and keeping kids inline is her job. I love her no tolerance rules and crack down on drugs in school. Of course how’s she to do her best when parents don’t show first hand how to be at school or in that case in public. I support her fully. I just have to add most the people who talk crap about her are the kids parents who cause issues such as fighting, pot to school, bullying etc. I say to the parents, take responsibility for your child’s actions, it’s your job. It’s a very important job. The principle isn’t who you should be blaming ..

        • Thank you A for speaking up.

      • Who needs graduate school training to be an educator? Any idiot can be a teacher and any major idiot can be an administrator. Heard it here on the web so it’s gotta be true.

  • Ya kids gotta watch out. All these dabs going on and they think they know what being high is. You have been high till you’ve ate too much pot food! I remember making some cookies with small bud back in the day and ate a couple before going to south fork. Thought I was dying in Harrison’s art class. But I pulled through and learned a valuable lesson- don’t fuck around with pot food! It’s serious

  • parents of this kid, please get out of the industry if you’re not forced out already

  • I am sorry if this happened to your child, and others.

    I am very grateful for your response of ‘suspension’ on campus for the misdeeds. Some parents have to work, so sending a child home, isn’t really a smart idea. There is much to be said about what you suggested, in terms of a more appropriate consequence. They could also be required to do some research on how to develop teen social skills, detriment of alcohol and other drugs, on the brain that is still developing. (Latest data is that by age 26, the brain is more fully developed.)
    I have wanted to see some version of what you suggest to cover all suspensions. I know there are schools, and web sites that we could learn from about this type of discipline.

    Thank you for thinking of all the children involved.

    • To be clear, Alicia’s children were not involved. She is just one of the people that reached out to me that was willing to speak on the record.

      • Kym, I framed my concern using ‘IF’, because I wasn’t clear if Alicia’s child was affected. I wanted to first express my concern, for those impacted directly by this.

        I always appreciate your clarity, care, and willingness to make sure the information you give, is of the highest quality.

        My focus was on the Suspension that this parent suggested, and with which I agreed.

  • I bet this becomes National news and part of anti marijuana debates. How much do you have to out in a freaking brownie to cause that? I’ve heard of hallucinations from newbies and potent edibles but not this. Sounds like they used some trim from some chem weed, it just concentrates how many toxins there are when you make butter.

    • They overdosed on thc. It can happen.

    • I’ve seen a few people and dogs have siezures from eating too much thc. One of my friends who doesn’t smoke pot was slipped a cookie without being told what was in it. She was at work and had a siezure and was taken to the hospital. The guy was arrested and charged. My girlfriends dogs ate about half a pint of freezerburned ganja ice cream I threw in the trash. The tiny dog couldn’t walk, was having siezures and pissing itself for two days. The big one was just really stoned.

  • Why would anyone be surprised? If you create a lawless society (which so. Hum has been) with terrible parents this is what you get!

  • Some people are just ignorant! Do your research before you make stupid comments please! Probably laced with something more than marijuana…never heard of the wackey weed causing siezures read where it might help prevent them though.
    And why do you judge the parenting in So Hum you don’t think it happens in No Hum you might want to think again, and I certainly hope you have total control over your children!

    • Having lived in both parts of the county plus being a stat geek has shown over the years there is a higher rate of the three things I mentioned. Sorry stats upset you! Does “higher rates” mean all people? No. As for my kids, I’m not adding to the greatest issue on the planet, overpopulation, but you look real smart making assumptions about me:)

      There have been negative side effects of edibles made from trim from chemically grown weed, high concentrations of stuff like Avid will screw you up. It doesn’t have to be laced with hard drugs.

  • Let’s not freakout too much here. It is a teachable moment though.
    Question, of course, is whether the boy who allegedly brought the brownies told the recipients what they were about to consume. It doesn’t make it right, but it shows whether he wanted to ‘surprise’ them, or if they knew what they were eating. He is likely a young knucklehead who isn’t aware of what he had done.

    • Oh no. Let’s not. No that is far, far from the only question. To take such risks for oneself is being a “knucklehead.” To put others at risk others is criminal.

      • They’re kids! Kids do things they shouldn’t do. This is no reason to treat these young people as criminals. A better solution would be a punishment that will teach them why their actions are not acceptable. If you want to encourage a future life of criminality treat teenagers like criminals.

    • They knew what they were eating and the kid who got it to them was just a means to an end. They would’ve got it from just another kid at that school and lied to their parents just the same when they got in trouble just like what happened to my son.

  • Sitting at a south fork basketball game, I was disgusted at how many kids were leaving then coming back to watch that were blitzed out of there mind. Then watching the parents going right along with it smiling. Shoot last year I google earthed were the school was and there were grows right next to it. Humbolt proving why they stand alone.

    • Omg almost like the citizens of the county grow weed to get by

    • You make a great point. I’ve been to a lot of the basketball games there and have noticed the same thing. When you see two or three students go outside for 15 minutes and then come back in all glassy eyed it is disgusting. Where the hell is the supervision? Doppy parents make Doppy Kids!

      • 1). Parents need to chose their battles.
        2). It is most often true that if parents come down too hard on their kids about pot use they will likely lose communication with them, and their ability to influence to steer the kids away from the real dangers, the harder drugs.
        3). Since it is part of teens ‘job description’ to push boundaries and test new territory, I’d personally much rather have teens experimenting with pot than alcohol. For many reasons. (All the better if they are healthy, well rounded and open minded and they don’t use any intoxicants. But that seems rare).
        Let’s remember that the teens around here are good kids. Help them when they make mistakes. More carrot, less stick.

    • “Its all going to weed”
      -Willie Nelson

    • Smoking weed at football games was always the best. We would love to go over to the ag farm and light uo big fatties, drink a few beers, take a shot or two then head back to the game, this was the 1990’s, what school did you attend, a 1950’s catholic school where the most dangerous person is the pervert priest who fondle little boys ….. Lmao

    • Kids smoke weed welcome to 2018

      Just like 5he parents in 1800’s in Hoplane grew hops the parents in 1900’s napa grew winegrapes and parents in 2018 Humboldt grow cannabia, not any bigger of a deal than a winery owners kid vringing wine to school and kids getting drunk and puking from the wine. I guess it is just you own cultural upbringing and brainwashing that makes one thin pot is worse than wine or whiskey.

  • Good god. Some of these comments. I am a parent of a child that ate brownies and had no idea what she was eating.
    I remember getting the call. She faceplanted onto a sharp corner as she passed out and ended up with a head injury. They said she reached out, as if to grab something, and then just fell face first.
    Not one person will respond like another.

    • So sorry, hope she is all right

    • Thank you for your comment. It’s a ‘teachable moment’ (incident) for teens to hear about! They need to know what you are saying, that people will react differently to various things they consume.

  • I agree with Alicia,the quoted parent. OSS (out of school suspension) really is a vacation. I know it soooo well,used to look forward to it!
    ISS was copying the dictionary in the principals office. That sucked. So if you were bad in there,you got OSS! Cool!
    That was when payphone calls were a dime. I couldn’t imagine growing up in HumCo with all these drugs and iphones,too. Crazy world.

  • I agree with in school suspensions however this needs to be a supervised consequence. Can the district afford to Hire a credentialed person to operate in school suspensions? I think all aspects must be taken into account including state laws regarding
    punishment, school and district policies…all these determine what the consequences are. Also most if not all schools have anti drug and alcohol programs provided bu grants and other funding sources so that is already in place. This situation is unfortunate for all involved. My biggest hope is that it can be a learning opportunity.

    • I believe there are 3 fewer teachers than last year. If you care, please let the school board know (on the record so it’s harder to ignore).

  • Got so high on pot brownies at a boogie at the old fireman’s hall we some how hitch hiked out of town bound for home , made it to the beginning of China Creek road and just had to crawl into and pass out in one of “cank’s” broken junkers there at end of the road for at least 4hrs until we could walk again.! Ahh good times. (Not)

  • This is a horrible thing. Come on!!! In the school of all places! Is nothing off limits these days?! I can already see this being swept under some dirty carpet. SOME THINGS AND PLACES NEED TO BE OUT OF BOUNDS!!! I am deeply saddened by this! Southern Humboldt County deserves to be a bunch of ghost towns if this is allowed to be forgiven and forgotten. If you don’t care about your children… What do you care about?! This is F**ked up shit! Please excuse my language. The De-evolution of this place that used to be paradise just really bothers me. If it doesn’t bother you… You are part of the problem and I feel sorry for you and your children.

    • Me and friends of mine used to smoke hash (using an apple from the food machine, lol!!) at my HS campus (1970’s, in a very good community in the city). Lots of people have done things like that through the ages. Doesn’t make it ‘right’, but it is a fact of life. Better they be a little stoned than in jail!

      • Those are not the only options although it is obvious where that idea came from. There is the much more common option of NOT DOING STUPID OR CRUEL things in the first place. A parent has about 12 to 13 years to instill values that keep crap like that from happening. After that kids are prey to any moron who says anything is fun or exciting. Arming them with knowledge and the courage of their convictions is all they have to go on. So give it to them.

    • I feel sorry for you, too old, too uptight, no fun. Sorry you must have lived a horrible life to see you so angry and out of touch of todays world we live in. Kids smoke pot. Plain and simple. Kids eat pot brownies, plain and simple, maybe if they were better honestly educated about cannabis, they would have eaten half a brownie and then went from there, sounds like they were just too strong, not a really big deal if you ask me

  • Hahaha kids will be kids period. So my advice to any parent , dnt get mad at the person who brought the brownies or alcohol or acid like back in my high school days lol. Just be happy that it didnt enede up worse. Trust me your kid learned a valuable lesson.

  • Idiots.. ARREST THEM ..arrest the children AND THE PARENTS..
    Mandatory Drug Law trips and Equality demand it.
    “Federal law states that drug crimes committed near DFZs are subject to twice the maximum punishment allowed by law. They are also subject to twice the supervised release term, during which an offender is monitored after they are released from custody. Anyone who is found guilty of a drug-related crime in one of these zones is also required to pay up to twice the fine that would normally be assigned. To make things worse, those who are found guilty are subject to a one-year mandatory minimum.”
    Oh.. thats right.. THATS why Ya’All have Worse Adverse Childhood Experience scores…
    Drugs are bad mmmk? THIS is why the community is dying.
    n kids!.. most of these parents don’t care.
    not really, just say they do, pretend they do…. AND
    strive for the best.. not compare to the worst..
    I know first hand of at least one child being sent home for smelling “too much like fresh weed” MORE than once.. and.
    thats it.. end of story.. no CPS , no nothing.. so much for “Mandatory Reporting”
    Drug manufacturing by dipshits.. is still manufacturing drugs,
    if you grow weed.. and CHOOSE not to recognize that..
    you’re an idiot…

  • Firefighters wife

    First off some people are allergic to pot and trying it for the first time can be a trip to the ER. Knowing that you’re allergic and not knowing there’s pot in the brownies can also end in a trip to the ER. Everyone should be told what’s in the brownies, but most already know. If the brownies are outside the classroom, there’s probably pot in them.
    As for making stupid comments about how bad southern Humboldt is because this happened, it’s just that… STUPID… That’s like saying that because a kid brought a gun to school, that the town or county or even that state is bad. No one told this kid he did a great thing by bring pot brownies to school. The cops were called and he was taken away. But you should be thankful that we do live in a place where kids aren’t bringing guns and bombs to school to kill.
    We teach our kids not to talk to stranger when their young. Teach them not to eat brownies at school. Learn to talk to your kids.

  • groba dude trustafarian osnt

    Gosh-darn that fiendish marijuana anyway!

    It’s bad enough that people smoke it and eat it, and now, they cook it into a crystalline powder and, do, what(?) with it…

    To the uninitiated: do not eat home cooked treats, chocolates, hell, anything at all just being handed out at school!

    Crazy people kill each other every day! Teach your children to be cautious!

    Marijuana addicts want to get everyone high! They think it’s normal to be AFU!

    Emergency rooms are overwhelmed with people who have taken marijuana. The weed grown in Humboldt/Mendo/Lake/Trinity and Oregon has ridiculously high THC levels, and, hell, I certainly know better than to smoke it!

    Don’t get uninformed people high! If you never teach your kids anything else, tell them not to give powerful drugs to others!

    Intentionally feeding drugs to others, that’s assault! Poisoning kids with toxic marijuana will get you a jail cell!

    This story has an ending, and the student who handed out pot-brownies should be placed in Juvenile Hall, his parents need to be arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, at least, if not attempted murder. Their pot-farm should be ripped and chipped!

    Kids, don’t fool with drugs! Look around at the society of stoners, the streets full of hippies and trimmers, the folks in downtown Eureka and out front of the Ray’s in Willow Creek and Garberville!

    Taking drugs is not a joke, and is a pretty poor lifestyle-choice!

    Plan a future, work for it! Don’t do drugs, and be aware!

    Marijuana is a dangerous drug, not an innocuous herb! It is certainly not medicine, and strong dope can be neat poison!

    • GDTO, your first five paragraphs were okay. Then you let your fact-free opinions ruin a perfectly good comment.

      • groba dude trustafarian osnt

        You know, many people who advocate cannabis use have some pretty fact-free opinions themselves!

        My opinion, pot used to be OK, in the right place, and right time, and in the hands of the right users.

        Now, I consider it to be toxic, a very bad drug, and not at all for children and the unsuspecting.

        “High Quality” (read high-potency) cannabis is not really safe. It can put you in the hospital. New users face psychotic episodes, physiological distress, and, even death.

        High Potency Cannabis is for Habituated Addicts only! Please do not give it to children!

        Legalized Marijuana is potentially the largest Public Health Problem to face the US in history. It is well advised to protect your children from this menace.

        Cannabis Farming has destroyed one of the most beautiful geographic areas on earth, Humboldt County. Your county is infested with drug abusers, and the Sinaloa Crime Families are taking over!

        I blame the dope farmers, for the crime, drug addiction, and the poisoning of school children!

    • Sharing was once sorcery. Witches with their datura the Jews, the wells the devil now walks the earth . Salem 1692.

    • Interesting the FDA disagrees with you and recently passed the first cannabis medicine for sale ro US citizens. Seems you are just another antipot crusader telling lies and stories

      • “Truth!? You can’t handle the truth.” Said to the pot head as he trundles off to smoke up more of his version of truth.

        Truth is that the FDA approved drug denatured pot by taking away the THC, the part of pot beloved by those who are so lyrically in love with it. Go ahead and use all the THC free pot you want. That probably won’t be much.

    • Please never use cannabis as a medicine. The less narrow minded the better.

  • I really hope everyone is ok this is a sad wake up call hold the whole family accountable
    I licked a pot brownie mixing spoon once and lost a whole day it was scary it was intense it was a system overload and I was 30 not 14-15 Humboldt schools are doing a terrible job with this topic we need some practical science and health taught by a public health nurse and some life skills taught from a credible community member
    We need our students to have tangible goals that involve using their brains

  • “Michigan cheerleader hands out pot brownies for homecoming votes”

    yep, its a thing now. still better than smoking contaminated shatter or bho.

  • I think the vast majority of folk can agree, no kid should be getting high at school. Not on the bus or in the bathrooms. The same for alcohol or any other drugs. This counts triple for edible THC. With the peculiar industry here youth obviously need to be reminded of the dizziness, nausea and other extreme unpleasant effects of eating THC. In addition to the mentioned injuries to the student, two ambulances, sheriff’s deputies, ER staff, and a lot more have been expended on this. It isn’t the first second or third time this has happened at school. Time for an assembly.

  • It’s not a good look but it could be worse. Growing up in Philly my high school had 6 herion over doses my Sr year.

  • Obviously we need better cannabis use education. To have kids od in the heart of cannabis country says something about our children’s education.

    “Three children taken from school to er for alcohol poisoning” — how would that scenario shake out?

    Parents need to step up most. Government is not a parent.

  • This is all hearsay! All of these comments and “information” is based on rumors from students! Not trying to be rude, but this is not accurate reporting.

    • It isn’t all based on rumors from schoolchildren (For instance: the Sheriff’s Dept confirms they were at the school for Health and Safety violations which are drug related). Community members confirmed there were ambulances. Scanner traffic confirmed there were ambulances. However, I had to piece information together when I would vastly have preferred to have an official report of what occurred. If I got anything inaccurate, please have people with first-hand knowledge let me know.

    • When children are involved, getting official information is difficult.

  • I’ve smoked for over 20 years, still won’t eat the shit though.That’s a whole different experience, not one I find Pleasant. I bet the school would have taken it more seriously if the kid had told his counselor he overheard his parents having sex in their small house. After all they will kicks teachers off the school property because of such claims..
    On a lighter note, at least it was a dumb teenager , doing dumb teenager stuff. When I went to South Fork, it was the teacher’s smoking in the parking lot and being so drunk in class some could hardly sit on their stools;<) But how the hell can people not tell when there's pot in anything, it has such a strong and in my opinion nasty-ass flavor.

    • Edible shave to be prepared properly of they will not be decarboxylated. THat leaves THCA which is quite psychoactive. Of course the other issue is dose, which is much harder to regulate with edibles.

      I can eat 175mg of THC. Go ahead and try it. Tell Satan I said hello.

  • Yes, but how can staff monitor bathrooms, the yard, the buses all the time? That would take an enormous amount of personnel and the schools have barely enough money for teachers and books. Some of these kids come from homes where pot is used daily, told it’s harmless, medicine, some even claim such outrageous things as it can cure cancer. These kids grow up with such acceptance of this potentially harmful substance, and some are probably used to its effect, whereas kids who have never used it in any form can have serious reactions. I’m a bit unclear about the seizure part. Cannabis rarely causes seizures. Did the girl perhaps have a pre existing condition that was exacerbated by ingesting the pot? And of course it’s impossible to tell the dosage when it added to baked goods. I suggest that the school hands out info on the effects of drugs and adds it to the curriculum. Do they even have health classes at SFHS anymore? Plus a parents’ meeting to discuss the topic might help. Though I bet not many parents would show up. Not many ever do for back to school night. Maybe put a pamphlet in the mailer that goes home with the report cards?
    And I completely agree that punishment should be community service around campus, not sending the kids home.

  • This young boy will learn a lesson we hope and so will the kids who ate the brownies…. life lessons that you can’t teach a kid. Just like sneaking out and drinking till you pass out or vomit! Another life lesson that can only be learned not taught! Quit trippin! The boy should get in significant trouble but not life changing trouble. And BTW this isn’t anything NEW! I’m 50 it happened to me in jr.high. Barely newsworthy considering all the other nonsense goin on.

    • Except drinking till you pass out and vomit is very dangerous!

      • so is falling on your head in the bathroom because you are too stoned.

      • So now he can try both. Maybe at the same time. And see how that works out. What must be amazing to some of you is the number of people who manage to get out of high school without being involved in such behavior.

        That this happened is evidence that – duh- it is not all fun and games. You’d think that people would spend more time talking about how go keep kids safe that laughing it off.

        • Your right, this society os getting where there is no fun and games allowed… Shame. Life os meant to be enjoyed and have fun, isnt the goal of life just plain happiness? Pot makes many many people happy. That means pot cures dis-ease.

  • PEOPLE LOVE DRAMA! The whole unconfirmed seizure thing is a great example. Cannabis does not cause seizures in humans, actully is cures them. Only synthetic cannabis, which is chemically significantly different has even been linked to seizure and that was a single (flawed) study that has been widely misreported.

  • Doesn’t High Times magazine still owe the school district money for using the student’s buses for Reggae?

  • oh so if i get too high at school i get to

    stay home and get too high at home…….propah!

  • I agree with Alicia Pecora’s opinion on the “punishment” to the student. I was suspended for fighting in high school and really learned nothing by being taken out of school for 3 days.

  • The story I heard was that the brownies were made from amateur made butane hash. The girls knew what they were eating (sorry if that upsets some in denial parents), but anyone who’s ever eaten edibles, especially ones made by children, can tell you there is definitely a taste to it and it’s not particularly pleasant. Sounds to me like this guy (and yes I do know him) was just trying to be cool, not realizing that about 50% of people can’t handle edibles in the first place and school was obviously a very poor choice of venue:/

  • So possibly badly made butane hash full of chemicals or synthetic weed bought in town…doesnt sound like brownies made from flower no matter how good it is…hopefully blood workup will tell if they ingested any poisonous chemicals…

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