Sheriff’s Convoy Serving Search Warrant (With Chipper) in Southeastern Humboldt

ConvoyToday, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Public Information Specialist, Samantha Karges, confirmed that a search warrant is being served in southeastern Humboldt County by her department.

According to a witness, there is a chipper in today’s convoy which headed out Alderpoint Road this morning.

Karges said a search warrant was also served yesterday and information on it will be released later today.

UPDATE: According to Samantha Karges, Public Information Specialist, “Our Drug Enforcement Unit served a search warrant today in the Rancho Sequoia area of Southern Humboldt.”



  • Sheriff’s are awful chipper this morning, probably rancho again (hypothesis)

    • I hate being picky – and w/all due respect Guest (or maybe my total mis-understanding) – there is one Sheriff per county, and his or her Deputies. Don’t go for the military labels of Sgt., or Lt. in a County Sheriff Dept. Police Depts. use these titles because they exist due to the City’s Charter, that does mention the titles.

      There’s only six county Sheriffs, out of fifty-eight, who are Oath Keepers in the republic 🙁 And, WE ain’t got one. 🙁

      • Funny when I asked why a sheriff deputy who was driving a 2wd car and couldn’t get to where he was needed why he didn’t have access to a 4×4 he replied, “those are for the lieutenants and higher ups” and by the way it was a joke they are towing a chipper

        • Well i know that’s what the uninformed believe – higher ups.

          Any nit-wit who still has plants growing in a Police State is not the brightest bulb. Is there a specific area leaked by the “Public Information Specialist” yet?

          • I have no idea what you are insinuating, you seem to think im a dope grower? Or I dont know what I’m talking about? You don’t like my joke? wtf are you talking about?

  • great , keep going boys, go get those greedy turds.

  • Wow late for these boys… would like to know what happened from the last 3 raids.
    What a waste of tax dollars.

  • Oh know this close to Halloween the grower will think it’s trick or treaters and may not run. Leo will have to make an arrest, this is how Thanksgivings in the Bahamas gets ruined.

  • dontpayyourworkers

    busting bong hits

  • (Cymbal clash) “Public Information $peciali$t.” Really? I don’t remember hiring her. Does anyone in here remember requiring a Public (distraction) Information Specialist?

    Remember the raid that didn’t happen in Miranda, on a Saturday morning, where, it just so happens, seven agencies appear at the same time? Earlier that same morning, at a Ferndale terrorist raid, two Dudes from Texas squealed about SCHEDULE I CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE out-of-control in Miranda.

    Public Theater.

    Meanwhile . . . climate collapse and vax-a-nation are OOB (out of bounds) for debate.

    • Climate collapse. I’m waiting 2030. Unless we get an EMP before hand…. ahhhh wouldn’t it be swell to live like the 1800s again. ☺️

  • Vote no on measure o let’s put a sunset date on terrorist rip off raids from county extortionast!!!!!

  • Maybe they’re gonna cuff that blonde guy again lol

    • A blond crisis actor? That’s funnier than hell.

      In the Want-Ads of the NCJ this week:

      “The County” wants a PROPERTY TRANSFER ASSISTANT – paying up to $21.32/hr + benefits.
      Looks like to qualify, just show up with a heartbeat.

      And, Arcata wants a Prevention Education Specialist. I shit you not.

      They’re drowning in irredeemable paper.

  • Lets show-up with Humboldt Grown Hemp/manufactured rope, next Tuesday @9:00 a.m. in The People’s Chamber – drag ’em out by their hair and watch them do that little dance that’s done at the end of a common law rope.

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  • num num num num num………num

  • What does anybody think about fucions show murder Mountain if you watched it all anyone like it. What do you think Kym Kemp

  • MURDER MOUNTAIN PROPAGANDA FOR LEGAL WEEEEEEEEDD… people think the NBA Lakers, suck they are building a team just like TV builds audiences to believe things………

  • The show portray s the guy found along side te road dead the local media if I recall was he was just some low level alderpoint citizen . The show portray him as a founding grow commune guy up there. Don’t know what to believe. Kym jump in anytime here anytime word love your input.

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