Ink People’s Tuxford Gallery Hosting Native American Artists in ‘From The Source’

This is a press release from the Ink People’s Tuxford Gallery:

Native American artists working in a variety of styles and media present From the Source.  This popular show will feature creations both traditional and contemporary in the Ink People’s Brenda Tuxford Gallery, 525 7th St., Eureka.  Opening for First Saturday Night Arts Alive! on Saturday, November 3 from 6-9 pm, it will run through November 24. The Tuxford Gallery will be closed for Thanksgiving November 22. Gallery hours are Tuesday-Friday 9-5 and Saturdays 12-6.

From the Source was started as a collaborative project between the Ink People and United Indian Health Services in 1990 and continued through 2004. Artists who were featured during that time included Brian D. Tripp, Frank LaPena, George Blake, Lyn Risling, Julian Lang, Charley Burns, Karen Noble, Harry Fonseca, Judith Lowry, Alme Allen, and many more. Traditional regalia, dresses, baskets, elk antler spoons, and a small redwood canoe were among items shown. Abstract sculptures, paintings, collages, woodblock prints, and more were shown exemplifying the abundance of creative energy and skill of the artists.

Come celebrate our Native American artists throughout November. The Ink People is honored to host this important exhibition. For more information, please call 707.442.8413 or email


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