Largest Seizure of Heroin in Humboldt’s History

money hiddenThis is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

After a year-long investigation, the Humboldt County Drug Task Force (HCDTF) arrests three subjects for heroin distribution. This is believed to be Humboldt County’s largest heroin seizure in recent history.



On October 28, 2018, Special Agents with the HCDTF, with the assistance of a narcotic detection K9 with the District Attorney’s Office, served multiple search warrants in Eureka.

At approximately 5:45 p.m., agents contacted Carlos Sanchez-Gallego (age 63 from Mexicali, Mexico) in his vehicle in the 800 block of West Harris Street, Eureka.



Sanchez-Gallego was detained without incident and a search warrant for his vehicle was obtained. Upon serving the search warrant agents located nearly 9 pounds of heroin packaged for sales in a false compartment. This heroin has an estimated street value of approximately $270,000.

Gallego’s associate, Jose Ochoa-Ayon (age 40 from Sinaloa, Mexico), was also spotted driving a vehicle in the same area. Agents attempted to contact Ochoa-Ayon but he fled at a high rate of speed. Ochoa-Ayon drove in a reckless manner and at one point drove the wrong direction on Henderson Street. For public safety concerns agents did not pursue Ochoa-Ayon. A short time later, agents located Ochoa-Ayon’s vehicle parked in a nearby neighborhood. Ochoa-Ayon abandoned his vehicle and was subsequently located and detained by agents.

An additional associate, Gilberto



(age 29 from Sinaloa, Mexico), was also contacted near his residence located in the 500 block of West Harris Street, Eureka. Castello-Garcia was detained without incident and a search warrant for his residence and vehicles was obtained. During the service of these search warrants, approximately 2 ounces of heroin packaged for sales was seized. Castello-Garcia was also in possession of a false compartment that contained nearly $35,000 in U.S. currency. This currency is believed to be the proceeds of illegal narcotics sales and will be held pending asset forfeiture proceedings.

All three subjects were placed under arrest and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on the following charges:


H&S 11351 – Possession of a controlled substance for sales
H&S 11379(b) – Transportation of a controlled substance from one county to another noncontiguous county
H&S 11352(a) – Transportation of a controlled substance
H&S 11366.8(a) – Fabrication of a false compartment within a vehicle
VC 12500(a) – Driving unlicensed
PC 182 Criminal conspiracy to distribute heroin

H&S 11351 – Possession of a controlled substance for sales
H&S 11352 – Transportation of a controlled substance
H&S 11366.8(a) – Fabrication of a false compartment within a vehicle
PC 182 Criminal conspiracy to distribute heroin


Same as above with an additional VC 23103 charge (reckless driving)

The bail for all three subjects was set at $500,000. Anyone with information related to this investigation or other narcotics related crimes are encouraged to call the Humboldt County Drug Task Force at 707-444-8095 or the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at 707-268-2539. hidden moneyheroin money

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Muddy Black Dodge

    Hang them high!

  • great news Kym and good pics too

  • Great work HCSO!!!!

  • Sinaloa Cartel merchants of death…
    Cut em from ear to ear and feed em to the hogs

  • Some people like heroin. Don’t judge these people for meeting the demand and making a little tax free money in the process. Their replacements are probably already meeting the demand.

    • No supply without demand. Ain’t no easy answers.

    • Heroin doesn’t make life easier for no one except for the murdering dealers that sell the crap. Their bail should be 1 million, put them on trial and then put them in a crows cage outside the prison to make an example and let them rot!

  • Pensé que habías dicho que tenía Santuario aquí.

    • Let’s see if they are held for ICE.

      • Open the gates liberals. Tip of the iceberg but, I have too say…. sheriff is actually doing what he said he would do, kinda like trump! Build the wall!

        • If you want a WALL then YOU can pay for it!!!

        • Anybody that thinks a wall will stop crime are just a stupid as liberals thinking taking guns away from law abiding citizens will top crime.

          • A wall with sentry guns….. I like your thinking! But….. on a serious note. You have a very valid point there strkyer

          • Did you know: Hungary built a wall and illegal immigration collapsed by 99% Illegal immigration went from 391,000 in 2015, to 18,236 in 2016, to just 1,184 in 2017 Build. The. Wall.

            • Do you understand the different conditions between Hungary and the USA?
              1% of the flow of illegals that come into this country walk across the desert or mountains. The rest are shipped/smuggled across in vehicles right through the border check points and ports of entry just like drugs are smuggled in.
              Authorities and smugglers know this and that’s why a wall will never be built.

              • Humboldt County Line

                Wait a tick, I actually have a little experience in this field and have a hard time believing 1% of folks who enter illegally cross the border on foot. 99.5% of people I’ve interviewed in the last 20 years all said they crossed on foot. Can you cite a source for your statistic?

            • With enough incentive, any wall can be climbed. Then there will be lines to stand in , where one can sell tomales , or something.

          • walls work in other countries, but hey, i’m down with a crocodile and pirahna filled moat, whatever works

        • Trump sold you a bottle of snake oil. No wall will ever be built. Why? Because the people that know, authorities etc, know that 95% of the flow of illegals comes right through the border check points and ports of entry, not across the fracking desert.

          • Wonder what happens to the ones that go through that bigass X-ray machine for the trucks. That sucker can punch right through solid steel.

            • In chihuahua passenger bus can be flouriscoped,or whatever, with passengers. You can see a gram of heroin hidden inside a seat , or inside army checkpoint just north of brucellosis quarentine inspection.

          • He didn’t sell it. He promised it in his campaign. A lot of people want it, especially those who are pretty unfamiliar with the southwest. Trump really tries to keep his campaign promises.

            I think that making employers pay fines for employing illegals as Canada does is the only real option. I was reading an article about people getting visas to enter Canada, flying there then crossing into the US. It’s rather telling that they don’t want to go to Canada. Just the US.

            • a better option woulf be to feed them cloth them school them give them healthcare houses and cars. then send their og nation a bill at 50 percent insterst. enforce a collection policy based upon trade. you dont pay you dont get to sell your cheap crap here. their own countries will enforce the borders for us. not to mention we will get a housing market healthcare market auto market. think of all the jobs taking care of these illegals would create. oh yeah one more thing. they cant work here. no voting ect. just here on an extended holiday untill their country pays us to round them up and ship them home.

          • Is it 99% or 95% Strikertoby, that come through check points and ports of entry? There’s a 99% chance you’re pulling those statistics outta your ass.

        • Fences can’t even keep junkies off my property

          • ever heard of a wall system? you could put up cameras you could put vibration sensors (for tunneling) lots of options. and if the mexican president said that that could be construed as an act of war ie invasion so he better not act on that oh wait he is letting a mob go through his country hmm
            plus border security carry weapons

            • it comes thru in containers. the flow of drugs will never stop until the demand stops. too much money in it. I bet 10 pounds is heading this way right now. we should be lucky the white heroin doesn’t come this way, snorting it is way more socially acceptable and we would have teenage addicts like the east coast. I was taught to never use heroin, not even once, and I haven’t. I have used every other drug in my past and survived it. nicotine was the only hard one to quit.

              • Illegals get in the same way drugs do and for the same reason. The demand has to stop. There will always be a way to supply the demand and no sized wall will stop that.

              • Comes in a 1/8″ polyethylene tube buried before walls. Pumped as liquid, like oil. Also. Just in case. Short tubes buried everywhere. Hard to find.

                • and how would they pump tar heroin? I think the tube may have been part of history but retired when heroin exceeded demand of meth.

        • You can't have it both ways

          What does say about heroin use?? Is this the fault of the user or the seller? What does it say about ultra rich conservative owned Pharmaceutical Corporations and doctors that hook people on opioids which is little different from heroin? Plenty of blame to go around. With the money involved no Wall will stop drugs from entering the country. Been going on for a hundred years.

      • Nope. They’ll post bail and never be seen here again…

      • Hopefully, instead they will be prosecuted.

    • Don’t worry California will protect them after they finish their six month sentence.

    • No hay santuario aqui para traficantes de drogas

  • Yay very glad to see our taxes put to this use, our county seems to provide very minimal bang for our buck so to speak.
    Thanks to all in enforcement who made this happen! These are the drugs that truly endanger our community on so many levels.
    As every mexican citizen knows, its bad for any city when these cartels move in. These are exactly the type of folks many are fleeing from.

  • Good job cops now let’s see if the courts will do their job. The one time they let them bail out and surprise they didn’t show for court . I mean why would you if you where caught with pounds of heroin and you can go back to Mexico. I’m not racist the case I speak of they too where from Mexico. Don’t just let them go. They are taking advantage of dope head populations on the rise ,

  • WOW is right, Kym. I wonder how long this scum has been in Humboldt Co. These are the kind of people that others need to alert the PD. Good work, guys!

  • Salinas/Monterey Mega Grower

    Ouch! That sure is going to put a dent on the supply chain. How are people going to cope?

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    Their phones have numbers and names, oh my, is that scuttling sound the heroin inhabitants of the county as they run for cover?

  • Selective Enforcement

    Do you ever wonder why our local Gringo Meth dealers and cooks are allowed to operate, since the number #1 killer of our citizens as of 2017 is METH!!! Go figure! I believe the last Meth Lab bust and closure was over (6) six years ago.

    • Six years is a very long time to go without busting a lab or two. Thought they just busted on a couple months ago in Aldepoit/Rancho Sequoya area?

    • Because it’s cheaper to buy Mexican meth now! No one cooks it here anymore, it comes from these same guys in the cartels. More pure, cheaper, and less chance to get caught with no labs here…

      • The regulations concerning the cleanup of a meth site make it expensive as hell. That’s one reason they don’t look too hard. No money in it.

      • Walking Toxic Waste

        Nope, they’re still cooking here! Not all the local junkies trust the Mexican meth or have contact with them. Why should they worry about their small labs when no one is looking for them. Don’t believe everything you read or what you’re told. Open your eyes and nose and decide for yourself! Take a walk in the evening around your neighborhood. Smell that smell? Yep, that’s cancer causing chemicals you are breathing. Bet you thought old Joe, next door, got himself a rank cord of wood, didn’t you? Don’t you see all the little hillbilly, gremlins, walking around the Dollar Stores with tombstones in their eyes? Wake up people!!!

    • Actually the number one cause of death in the US is still heart disease. Heroine is going to be really high on the list, it has replaced pills and meth for a large number of people. Most of the meth you see now comes from Mexico, more likely to find a dab lab around here. It’s to hard to get the stuff to make meth. Sucks that attempts to stop meth and med abuse, opened the door for a billion dollar industry that fund’s and empower’s gangs and cartels. Also sucks that Americans aren’t paying attention. Heroin is bad news. It’s becoming an epidemic in Del Norte but nobody want to talk about it.

      • it has been an epidemic in the North Coast for 3 decades. we just see it more because most have been evicted. and now that their on the streets, heroin is more comforting. it is the biggest nationwide campaign platform east of the rockies.

  • Explains where some of the unfortunate addicts got their drugs.

    At least they’re off the street for a while anyway.

    From a few years ago, similar thing.

    They appear to be almost smiling in their pictures.
    I see people that look like this and are probably hard drug dealers, are they dangerous?

    If you encounter one, do you just pretend like you don’t see them or something?

  • aka the notorious “hyphenated gang”

  • They’d be in jail for life in Mexico

    • Not even. They’d pay their way out in a week. El Chapo’s wife is flaunting her money there as there are no laws in Mexico to confiscate dealers cash or assets when they get arrested. None…

  • Every one of us land owners has some sort of border between our property lines to keep out those we don’t want over running our borders. Build the f!@#$%& wall already!!

  • Another of Mexican will be taking his place if not already ,but way to go all sheriff Buford pusser sheriff honsal.alot of junkets are gonna be bummed until the next shipment gets here .

  • Another of Mexican will be taking his place if not already ,but way to go all sheriff Buford pusser sheriff honsal.

  • Frigin Awesome DTF – A huge thumbs up !!!!!!!!!

  • Looks like thier list of charges and fines is less then some one growing cannabis w/o permits… just sayin.

  • Lyme do you know if they are us citizens!

  • hope this isn’t a book and release,make room for an extended stay !

  • This should be considered a hate crime, considering they are selling poison within another cultures jurisdiction.
    No wonder eureka has so many addicts laying around everywhere.
    The heroin is obviously coming up with the “Bracero’s”, who aren’t just enjoying our American lifestyle, but are spreading disease throughout OUR community with their migrant mafias.

  • So. Much. Winning.

  • Good going Humboldt County! 35 plus years of voting for the wrong people and the wrong things. This is your reward, Bad drug dealers from Mexico here supplying an endless market. I don’t blame Mexican Entrepreneurs at all. Getter done boys supply the junkies and reap your reward, know one is standing in your way really.

  • Sooooo…$50,000 will get huge heroin dealers back out on the streets.

    You (Humbolt) spent more (of our money) capturing these people then their bail is to get them out. In Mendo, there is a revolving jail door there. The average inmate is out in much less than 1 hour. Interesting…..It takes longer to drive to jail than being in jail. FYI why did 7 people who decapitated a punk, only get 2 years each. One got 14. Be out in 11.

  • Unfortunately that is a drop in the bucket. Way more where that comes from. The Garcia’s are well know in the community for supplying. HCSO is barely making a dent. They either know this or are turning a blind eye.

  • I wonder how many of these vehicles make it to impound and end up getting sold at auction. I wonder how many people have $35k inside one of the seats in their Civic without knowing it.

    Certainly it happens occasionally.

  • And of course the racist comments begin, sure build the wall and see who you get to pick your produce, build your houses, take care of your kids and elderly because your doing a good job yourselves. Keep listen to your presidente Trompa from Russia who says he’s a nationalist!

  • They hand this stuff out for free to start people on it. It is awful stuff it’s awful. We have kids in Del norte starting it at 11, 12, 13 years old, as well as young women using during pregnancy and then abandoning drug sick babies with family or the state. I don’t see how legalizing it will stop any of this. It’s gross evil deadly stuff. People OD daily some live to do it again, some dont. Sineloa isn’t just about corn farmers, wake up, it’s a drug cartel. They don’t give a shit about anything but the money they take home. Educate your children because they will be exposed to heroin period. P.S. Californian’s voted in an absurd law a few years back that created that revolving door in the criminal justice system and tied the DA’s hands. Read before you vote people!

    • Norcalwarmth,
      thanks. People would be surprised to know that a lot of jr. high aged kids never really had anybody tell them how bad hard drugs like this are for them; how it would destroy their lives and their family’s lives, its like they really don’t know, sad.

      You’re right it was a “cartel,” one of them was a mid to high level boss in that “cartel,” according to the time standard.


  • Hey, maybe they can get out in time to jump in with the caravan. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • Let me tell you a story. This has to do more with the meth, but it’s all intertwined:

    In 1988, back when the Hell’s Angels controlled the meth trade in California, I had a friend in San Diego County who was fourth generation Italian -American, deep roots in San Diego, well liked by the Catholic fathers in the Mission system, by the Natives out on the rez, and by the old-time Mexicans.

    I walked into his house one day, and three old Mexican men, who could have been anywhere from sixty to a hundred and ten years old, or more, stopped their conversation and looked to my friend for permission to proceed. He assured them that I was cool, and they proceeded to tell me what they were talking about.

    They believed they could take over the meth trade in California, by switching over from the P2P-based recipe the HA used, to an ephedrine based recipe which was much cheaper and easier to produce. They would flood the market with this cheap shit, while staying ahead of the law by using pagers, meeting people on street corners and parking lots, and using illegals, because back then, if an illegal was caught with drugs, they just deported them, whereupon they would turn around, sneak back into the country, and be back in business before you knew it.

    They had other things figured out, like how to disrupt the upward progression of investigations by the law, by having no permanent “Mr. Big.” Rather, there would be a rotating cast of characters: Juan on a bicycle selling bags to the homeless; Carlos, with a Camaro selling eight-balls; Luis on the hill with a Porsche, selling pounds – but every so often, they’d rotate, and Luis would be moving bags out of a flea-bag motel, and Juan would be high-dollaring it, selling pounds. They figured, at that point, any law-enforcement investigations would have to start all over, chasing that non-existent local kingpin.

    They also told me they planned on putting heroin into the meth.

    “Isn’t that kind of expensive?” I asked them, and they said, “Not to us, it isn’t.” And they explained why they would do that.

    Real speed keeps you up for days, and when you run out, you simply go to sleep. They wanted something that would bring in money faster, and steadier. By putting heroin (or any other addicting narcotic) into the speed, they would cut down the duration of the high, making people want to buy more, sooner, and more importantly, after doing it for more than three days, there would be physical addiction, with painful withdrawals and the works.

    When they were done (there was a lot more – these boys had spent a lot of time thinking about this, obviously), they asked me what I thought.

    I knew what I thought – I thought, “Good luck getting past the HA,” but I said I thought they had covered all the bases, and I got the hell out of there, never thinking that it would happen.

    But it did. The HA sold out, or rolled over, or something -that’s their business, not mine – and everything those old Mexicans said they were going to do, they did, and it has turned out exactly like they planned.

    But that’s not all. Before I left, they asked me if I was curious as to why they would embark on such an endeavor, and I told them, “Yeah – the money!” and they said that would be nice, too, but their main purpose would be the taking back of California. They considered California to have been stolen from them. They knew they couldn’t take it back militarily, or by diplomacy, so they planned on getting it back by osmosis.

    The plan with the cheap, heroin-laced meth was to “weaken the white male populace,” as they put it. If they could get enough of the white boys on this shit, rendering them impotent, strung out on the street, in prison, or dead, then the jobs they once held, in farming, logging, construction, etc, would be left open for Mexican men to take, and once they were established, they would bring their families in, or start new families with the girlfriends of the white boys who were strung out, in prison, or dead. Eventually, they would be established well enough in the community to become a political force, making it easier for more to come in, and eventually they would be here in enough numbers that they, for all intents and purposes, would own the place.

    This troubled me; I’m a local white boy, but I didn’t think I was in a position to raise too much of an objection – I just wished them well and got the hell out of there.

    Since then, with all the people who think they are doing speed actually being hooked on heroin, it’s become easier to just sell them heroin, and thus the increase in heroin consumption which we’re seeing.

    Think there’s not an agenda behind it? Think again, fool.

    • you should try to think more outside your box. heroin is not only a nationwide problem, but a worldwide problem. not many white males in Myanmar.

      • So…it being a problem worldwide makes it not a problem here? Who gives a fuck about how many white males there are in Myanmar? I’m relating a story that has relevance to the problem here, and the best you can come up with is a non-sequitur?

        • the problem here and the problem there is the same and it has nothing to do with white males or an agenda as you imply. there will always be drugs, drug dealers, and drug users.

      • his point is the plan to undermine american society to retake it, follow the concepts and get your agenda out of the way

    • reverse racism?? how could you propose such an unpopular idea??????

  • Seen people that have this look about them, though not these particular individuals.
    What do you do if you run across one, like at the mall or the store or something?

    I used to just look at people, and smile like a normal person, but now I try never to look at anyone.

    Are they dangerous?

    They wouldn’t bother a regular person would they?

  • Steve,
    thanks for saying what people are afraid to say.

  • local-heroin-busts-skyrocket-in-2018-with-32-pounds-seized-already-this-year/

  • There’s a group that looks like this (not these particular individuals), on my block.

    Everyone that lives around there is afraid of them.

    Their customers go there day and night, always diferent people, always different cars.

    Their customers on foot are so strung out they can barely walk, their customers are mostly white disabled looking people, very sad.

    They were busted last year by the local special task force, who found some hard drugs packaged for sale and some guns.

    Their activity is really bad sometimes, then they lay quiet for a while, then it starts up again.

    They are so bold sometimes, their customers and low level dealers spill out all over the block sometimes.

    They are so frightening.
    They are crazy.

    I have to drive by this, I just pretend like I don’t see it.

    I hope they don’t hurt anybody.

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