Humboldt & Del Norte Central Labor Council Endorses Richard Marks for Harbor Commissioner

This is a press release from the Humboldt & Del Norte Central Labor Council:

Humboldt Del Norte Central Labor Council iconEUREKA, CA – The Humboldt & Del Norte Central Labor Council endorses 4th Division Harbor Commissioner Richard Marks for another term to continue the great work he has done as our representative. Richard has lived and worked on Humboldt Bay for most of his life. His over 30 years of experience as a heavy equipment operator at the former pulp mill, where he also served as a union organizer and President of his local, made Richard uniquely qualified to be Harbor Commissioner and an easy choice for union delegates to unanimously endorse for another term. The Labor Council represents 20 unions* and over 5000 workers and their families living in Humboldt County and we enthusiastically urge residents to vote for Richard Marks for Humboldt Bay Harbor Commissioner!

“Richard Mark’s accomplishments speak for themselves. Whether it’s his stewardship of the bay in getting 3 million gallons of caustic liquids cleaned up and the site transformed to support 18 businesses and over 100 jobs, or his leadership in getting the harbor out of debt and on solid economic ground,” said Labor Council President Mike Hetticher, “Richard has demonstrated time and again that his priorities are turned into positive results for working families in and around Humboldt Bay.”

“For the last nine years I‘ve had the honor to serve the 4th Division on the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation, and Conservation District Commission. During this time, shipping is dramatically up, there are more jobs, the bay is cleaner and more productive and the financial health of the district has improved greatly. I am proud of Commission’s record during my tenure,” said Commissioner Marks. He added that he believes “Humboldt Bay is at the heart of our community. Its vitality is our vitality. it is imperative that we work together to promote and protect this economic, recreational and ecological treasure. I have an unwavering commitment to continue doing just that.”

For more information on Richard Marks for Harbor Commissioner, we encourage you to visit his website at


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