Casterlin School Holding Third Annual Grave Matters at the Blocksburg Cemetery on Halloween

This is a press release from Casterlin School:

I wanted to let you know we would be presenting our third annual Grave Matters at the Blocksburg Cemetery on Oct. 31.  We will be presenting a show at 10:00 for the public.  The life stories presented include:

George a Thompson, who  was born in Rohnerville, California in 1891. He started working with his dad at the age of 16. He was drafted in the military at the age of 26. He died by friendly fire, teaching a recruit how to shoot. Presented by Sage Pimentel.

Richard K. French was a logger and a rancher. His father was one of the earliest settlers in the region.  Mr. French lived in both the 19th and the 20th centuries. Presented by Eugene Minikel.

Sarah Malsina Kauble Patton was a pioneer and a housewife. Sarah’s husband was a foreman for George White and his nephew, John Rohrbough. She traveled across the plains  in a covered wagon and to her home near Alderpoint. Her mom and dad died young, but Sarah outlived most of her children and  her husband. Presented by Destiny Murphy

William Harris was born in 1850 in Wisconsin. He moved to California in 1852, when his parents came west to find gold.   The town of Harris is named after him, as he was the first postmaster for the town. Presented by Colton Hoisington.

Last Year’s cast, at the cemetery.

Emily Beezley went from Wisconsin to California to find gold. She was a pioneer woman who moved when she was 18 years old. Emily was an amazing woman, with an awesome life story. Presented by Rylee Bremer.

Elisha Crocker Bosworth homesteaded a ranch near Blocksburg in the 1880s.  He raised sheep and cows, making most of his money in the thriving wool business. Presented by Madalyn Pecora Smith.

Frederick M Helmke was a native of California.  He was born at  Fisk’s mill, a mill his father owned, later he owned stage line,  three stores and a hotel in the region with his father.  Presented by Brayan Hurtado.

Sylvia Watkins moved to Blocksburg in the late 1940s. She and her husband established many churches in the region. She also traveled as a missionary to the Philippines. Presented by Lela Augusto.

We encourage the public to park near the post office and walk to the cemetery, as parking is limited at the cemetery, also, in case of rain, we will do the presentations at Casterlin elementary.



  • Would someone PLEASE video this…. Stephanie, and others who cant make it would love to see all the kids presentations…..Dont miss it Last year was fantastic, thanks all who help!

  • You should film 🎞 the show and put in a time capsule.

  • Love this show. Last year was fantastic and this year will be even better. I love learning about our local history thru the voices of our children.

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