Local NAACP Endorses Measure K

This is a press release from the Eureka NAACP:

The Eureka NAACP supports Measure K which will provide local protection for immigrant families and enhance pro-immigrant state laws. Measure K further affirms the value of thousands of local immigrant residents to the Humboldt County community. Measure K will represent the County’s conscientious objection to the racial impacts of federal immigration law and policy as currently constituted. Measure K will also prevent the separation of families; an issue which has impacted families of color on many different levels for centuries.

Moreover, it is in the interests of the community as a whole that all residents feel safe to provide information to police, first responders, health care entites, teachers, and other agencies which perform services for the health, safety, education, and benefit of the community.

Passing Measure K will also serve as recognition of the contributions immigrants make to the local economy and culture and will demonstrate the embracing of positive changes to Humboldt County. We urge the community to pass Measure K to grant sanctuary to all who have come to contribute and benefit from the beauty and opportunities Humboldt County provides.



  • Are they saying no person of color needs their job protected from competition for illegal workers willing to work for low wages? Or protection from competition for housing they can afford? Or the the Civil Rights Act of 1964 should be just as optional as immigration law since laws don’t matter?

    Hmm… I wonder what the thinking is here?

    • The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

      • If the word colored was replaced with white, you would be labeled racist by Democrats.The double standard in every aspect of their ideology is sickening. This is why I find Democrats so repugnant and refer to them as hippycrits.

        • the dems admit there is way to much racism but then they go wrong by trying to say it is trumps fault. like trump started racism in america or even perpetuated it.

        • well the naacp as well as the splg were on the fbis list of hate groups not sure if they still are. funny how it is ok to support one color of hate but bit the other. hate is just that no matter the color or flavor to hate is wrong

          • You seriously believe that the NAACP is a hate group?

            • well since its name in exclusive verses inclusive i would love to see a counter argument. wuthout being inclusive you are excluding others and since it also mentions colored people i can argue that its exclusive by excluding those that are not colored.

  • I’d really enjoy seeing large areas of Nevada turned into Federal prisons and see them filled to capacity with these subversive organizations and their followers.

    Passing measures to protect criminals from foreign countries is treason and should be treated by courts as such.

    Trump needs to topple the Canadian government, deport any that don’t want to be Americans, followed by Mexico.

    Turning the border of Southern Mexico into a wall and minefield will keep our country safe and offer economic stability.

    Manifest Destiny should not be viewed as an East West position, but also include North and South.

  • Like always,they didn’t include the detail “illegal” immigrant. Wonder why.

    • Because no human being is illegal.

      • Then American citizenship doesn’t mean anything either. Everyone who has thought in their head knows it is just short hand for speaking off a person violating the law on immigration, usually accompanied by other illegal behavior such as working using fraudulent ID, driving without car insurance, working under the table, etc. Taking exception to that word is just another way of abusing and belittling people who think that deliberately supporting violations of the law is a pretty shady thing to be doing.

      • Breaking and entering isn’t illegal when a specific type of human does it or do you mean when any human does it?

      • mr kirk but residency, occupation, and citizenship are, so arrogant

  • Not large areas of Nevada, the border, line the prisione up along the border. From San Ysirdo Ca to Brownsville Tx. Move all the scum to the new lock ups , Kill two bird’s with one stone

  • This is bullshit! More people will be working, but more people will be receiving benefits from social services. We should take care of our fellow Americans before we do this.

    • Immigrants actually make less use of social services per capita than the general population. And they pay into a social security system from which they will never benefit.

      • illegal’s do cost us more. our health and auto insurance rates are increased. our children do not get the teachers and education they would if they were not having the dollars spent on second and third classes based in the native tounges of the illegals. then there is the cost of everyone making less because they are flooding the labor markets. perfect example is the trades. used to be highly sought after well paying jobs. ones that you could live a decent middle to upper middle class life working. now you are lucky to see a roofing job pay more than 15 dollars a hour or drywall or framing. these illegals arent taking jobs no one else wants they are flooding labor markets making it where no one can afford to live and work those jobs.

      • Sometimes their employers do withhold FICA, causing much work for the government to straighten out. But not infrequently, dishonest employers simply pocket the money without reporting it. If an illegal subsequently uses medical or other services the government funds,
        it is the people who do pay the huge list of taxes who pay. Those who hire illegals make work unavailable to US citizens.

        No matter which way it’s seen, illegal workers more often often to not pay taxes needed for repairs of the roads they use, the welfare that goes out to people who are citizens, the expense of keeping addition government personnel to process to deal with the problems they generate.

      • Immigrants yes, illegal invaders, no.

        The POTUS rally in Illinois today clarified his thoughts about immigration.

        Judicial Watch’s video today exposed a few of the deceptions that were used to convince the migrants to join the ‘march’ to the border.

      • awww shucks, think of the children

  • Look how many growers filled the hills,because weed was illegal but tolerated.
    They came from everywhere.

  • Breaking News! A huge lawless portion of N.California may be declared a sanctuary for illegal immigrants.

  • It gets better . . . even Eric Kirk posted on his blog that Measure K only applies to the unincorporated parts of Humboldt -because The County is a “General Law” county, i.e., not incorporated by charter. The charter cities – Trinidad, Blue Lake, Arcata, Eureka, Ferndale, Fortuna and Rio can ballot specific rules within their city limits. The people of Blue Lake are voting on a bed tax.

    However, what is being fraudulently placed before the voters AGAIN is an unlawful Measure O (no evidence for the claim, and only ONE subject can be on a ballot title). As soon as “Other Essential Necessities” was added, Measure Z was void. Like Measure Z, Measure O can only be charged in the unincorporated parts of Humboldt. That’s right, the seven incorporated city councils sold their communities down the river November 2014.

    More interesting, is, last year some female who was one of Eureka’s Chamber of Commerce members, came before the Supes. three times, saying that she took a “poll” of motels and hotels (which ones she didn’t say), and they were in favor of a 2% bed tax to support her “doesn’t cost the people of Humboldt anything,” for her to set-up her do-gooder office in Garberville. It passed, without any voter approval whatsoever!!

    So, this year, there’s a Measure K – applicable to the unincorporated parts of Humboldt. And
    Measure O applicable only to the unincorporated parts of Humboldt, but unlawfully charged “Countywide”

    Update On the California Sanctuary State Lawsuits. SB54.

    “Woe to attorneys and their enablers.”

  • You have to be careful, or the naacp will write another letter calling people on the internet mean.

    • I’m too old to be governed by the fear of dumb people. I’ve been at ‘this’ for seven years. They expect it from me – i wouldn’t want to let them down =^.^=

      Fear – false evidence appearing real.

  • Supervisors the problem

    Vote no on measure o!!!!! County greed has gone to far!!!!!!!!

  • Press release is nonsensical because they left out the descriptor “illegal”.

    The Eureka NAACP supports Measure K which will provide local protection for ILLEGAL immigrant families and enhance pro-immigrant state laws. Measure K further affirms the value of thousands of local ILLEGAL immigrant residents to the Humboldt County community.

    My fiancee is “of color” and her social security number has been stolen twice by illegal immigrants, working illegally. MANY US citizens are “of color”, by promoting open borders, you are harming them.

  • We need much better paths towards immigration and much better programs to assimilate legal immigrants. In the meantime we need rule of law. Those who break the law should not get an advantage.

    Billions of people are legatimate economic or war refugees. Should we welcome all of them? I’m honestly not sure but it sounds like a very bad idea.

    I’m prochoice, support better firearm laws, ecology>economy, free speech, campaign finance reform, socialized utilities, direct democracy, I believe corporations are not people and support the ideals of the progressive era.

  • Supervisors the problem

    I’m the great grandson of immigrants but fear were heading into very hard times here on the north coast the minimal crappy jobs that are here are going to be needed for local people to survive now that our last good industry has been stolen from the PEOPLE by the state and treasonous county government.having a giant hoard of people coming here looking for work probably wouldn’t be a good thing for those of us that call Humboldt home

  • Of interest. The one thing impersonators of public servants can’t provide is a Bond to cover their lie-ability.

    A person to fill a term of office is not permitted to assume the duties of the office until he files a bond and oath of office, which must be done before the commencement of the term, or the office shall be deemed vacant. People v. Quimby, 152 Colo. 231, 381 P.2d 275 (1963).

    Yes, this includes the poser Sheriff who has fed at the trough of the people’s public treasury for the last 18 months – even the audacity to double-dip as ‘Sheriff’ and ‘Coroner.’ The last time I saw Billy he was handing out pink hats at a Supe. meeting.

    Then there was the filming of Dancing Deputies, and a faux rendition of a bulldozer cat in a make-believe grow in the Blocksburg area. Let’s not forget Billy’s latest – appointing an “Under Sheriff” – who, btw, also hasn’t been sworn into office. Even if he has (maybe I missed the latest edition of the local Nazi newspapers), you can bet your right arm, Justin Braud is not in the republic and has no intention of filing into the public records a Bond to cover his Oath of office.

    Why can’t the Cartoons in a Cartoon Graveyard provide a Bond? Because they’re in fraud up to their eyeballs. No Surety Company will cover lies.

    Fraud is gaining at the loss of another using trickery and deception.

  • Supervisors the problem

    Well central Humboldt we have the chance to take there $$$$ away soon ,if all there after is money let’s take some from them show them the backlash of extortion.and agregiouse fines and ripping off your constituents LET’S VOTE NO ON O

  • Oh i agree, Supervisors the problem,
    – thing is, Meas. Z has thru March 31, 2020 – 17 more months at a million a month+ extortion.

    I wish we were voting on something that matters. Neither Measure K or Measure O qualify as a lawful ballot measure due to lack of full disclosure.

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