First Person Sentenced in Killing of Laytonville Marijuana Grower, Jeffery Settler

Michael Kane

Michael Kane

Press release from the Mendocino County District Attorney:

The first of those responsible for the marijuana robbery and the killing of Jeffery Quinn Settler in November 2016 in the hills northwest of Laytonville was sentenced Friday morning in the Mendocino County Superior Court.

Michael Andrew Kane, age 27, of Pleasantville, New York, was sentenced to 14 years in state prison. Kane was convicted by guilty plea of voluntary manslaughter by use of a hatchet, a felony, and robbery of an inhabited dwelling while acting in concert with others, also a felony.

The sentence imposed on this defendant today was the maximum allowed by law given the crimes for which he was convicted.

Because the two crimes are deemed violent under California law, any good or work time credits the defendant may attempt to earn in state prison in an effort, if any, to decrease his prison stay shall not exceed 15% of the overall sentence.

Grieving family members — the victim’s father, mother, sister, and brother — traveled to Ukiah from Texas to watch and participate in the proceedings held [Friday] morning before Mendocino County Superior Court Judge John Behnke. The father, sister, and brother each addressed Judge Behnke individually and on behalf of the extended Settler family, and all delivered moving victim impact statements.

District Attorney David Eyster is the prosecutor handling this matter and who appeared this morning to represent the interests of the People of the State of California. While many law enforcement agencies — both in California and across the country — provided assistance to the successful prosecution of this defendant, the primary investigating agency was the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office.

The other six co-defendants will be brought to the Ukiah courthouse next Friday, November 2nd, at 9 o’clock in the morning for their respective sentencing hearings. These additional six defendants are all going to each receive a state prison sentence.




  • Fourteen years is max allowable for using a HATCHET for f sake… unbelievable. Anyone who could apply a hatchet to anyone’s living body should NEVER be out walking around, unguarded, around humans, animals, etc. They have those special penalties for using a firearm in the commission of a crime. It sure seems there should be something about hatchets–inflicting that on someone shows an extremely sick mind, really even more messed up than someone who could pull a trigger.

    • yep yet using a fire arm is 5 years and heaven forbid it is semi auto that has a 10 year manadtory . personally i would want a semi auto in the hands of my killer over a hatchet anyday if it was a fact death was going to happen

    • Amen 14 is not enough!!!!

    • yes hatchets are for chickens, real men use a bonesaw.

    • indeed. while a man is still serving his life sentence for cannabis… in cali. see we need room for all these non-violent victimless offenders, they’re the ones with assets and cash to grab for departmental coffers and easy stats for dea grants. all in the game………………………. end the drug war and watch law enforcement mean something again.

  • Wtf 14 years? For hacking someone to death with a hatchet! Something is seriously wrong with our justice system!

    • If he’s a good boy 11.9 years. Thank the California legislature, who passed Senate Bill 1437, and Jerry Brown who signed it. Kane was given this gift by way of a plea deal by D.A. Eyster of voluntary manslaughter and first degree robbery. Elections and mismanaged empathy have consequences.

      • It’s a shame he’s not getting more time. But it’s also a shame that we have a massive prison population that’s around 130% capacity, and was recently worse. It’s also a shame that we will have to imprison 6 more people next week, all on this one case,..How much money can California afford to pay for one murder? What’s 74 prison years multiplied times $25,000? We are choking on prisoners and on all the money spent on keeping them there. We need to think of better ways of reforming people than turning street scum into career criminals while serving hard time. Our collective knee jerk reaction to crime can’t continue to be harsher sentences. .It’s not working, that’s how we got to the overpopulated prison problem in the first place,,, cue the trolls.
        By the way, since when was 14 horrific years of prison a slap on the wrist? Jail is one thing, prison is where the raping happens. This guy will be in and out of prison for the rest of his life while we all pick up the tab..

    • It’s disgusting

  • This is why we cannot vote for liberal Gavin. California needs John Cox for governor!

    • That’s the same Gavin who is married to Big Ag and threw everybody Mom & Pop grower under the bus.
      Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

      • Yes it is the same sleazy guy. I just voted Republican for the first time in my life (60 years old). I know Gavin has no chance of losing but I used my tiny vote as a protest against him and his sleaze. He is like the DEM equivalent of Trump as far as I can tell- bullshit to your face then do whatever he wants to screw you.

  • People have gotten longer sentences for drug related offenses. Very disappointing and discouraging.

  • Yes, this is total shit. They fucked up the investigation, thats clear. Manslaughter….WTF happened to Murder 1? Everybody gets cut a deal… 2 years each for the others, at most. Wow. A person gets more time for kicking a dog.

  • You effing Neanderthal. Sorry LOCo… at a loss for clever, compassionate, or hopeful commentary.

  • see RED YET !? get out and vote all these Liberals out! 14 years for hacking someone to death.
    you seeing it yet ? Democrats are destroying california!


  • Supervisors the problem

    Yeah this is not justice,murdered on his own land in his home while having his livelihood stolen with his family present. With a HATCHET !!!!!!! I’m thinking it’s time for a new political party in California.the problem is that bolth parties we have are lying rip offs,and are one in the same. Wish our president wasn’t an unstable wing nut cuz the Republican party in California is starting to look like the rite choice for the people of this state. But at the national level we have a ignorant madman in the highest office

  • Terrible sentence! Not justice! The murderer trespassed on Settler’s property, entered his home and killed him while robbing him. That used to constitute special cause for the death penalty. Now it’s only worth 14 years?!! We are a society going down the tubes…

  • What about Humboldt’s court system? Kitchen murders two children and gets half the sentence as Kane.

  • Kitchen did not murder two people. That shows such a lack of empathy, ignorance, and cruelty on your part.

  • How you can compare Kane to Marci’s accident is truly a sad example of hate and fear. I feel sorry for you.

    • Accident?? She just happened to have an “accident” on a perfectly clear stretch of road where her daughter and friend just happened to be at that exact moment in time, and then fled the scene and attempted to hide the evidence. Reason much????

  • People are outraged that he got a petty sentence for a premeditated murder conviction. But that is not what happened. Legislators are not responsible for a prosecutors decision to plea bargain manslaughter.

  • Voluntary manslaughter by use of a hatchet, a felony, and robbery of an inhabited dwelling while acting in concert with others, also a felony. You think???

  • Wow. That is an extremely light sentence for a horrible crime. I have an extremely hard time believing it was manslaughter and not pre meditated. This guy in Eureka robed banks, he definitely deserved time, but he didn’t kill anyone, it was his 3rd strike and he got like 50 years. You would think this guy would have at least gotten 20 years. Wow.

    • Maximum for what he was charged with. The lesser charge is because he was going to be the snitch if the rest didn’t plea out

  • hey Kym, havent read any comments but i am close and with some of Jeffs friends and im sad to say that i heard earlier this year that Jeffs girlfriend/baby momma had passed from a drug overdose leaving there child an orphan… This young couple was no different than many of us, there came here to live free and then started growing…. crazy how shit can change…..RIP guys and i hope your baby has a good life….

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