California Investing Tens of Millions for Homeless Housing, Services Throughout North Coast

This is a press release from the Senator Mike McGuire:

Sacramento, CA – The Golden State has a homelessness crisis. The growing emergency of homelessness has reached a critical stage – California comprises 25 percent of the nation’s homeless population; 12 percent of the nation’s population of homeless families with children; and 58 percent of the nation’s unsheltered homeless youth reside in California.

Senator Mike McGuire has been one of the leading voices on homelessness in the Legislature, ensuring billions in resources are secured to advance services, programs and permanent housing in small communities, rural counties and our State’s largest metropolitan centers.

He was one of the lead authors of the bi-partisan No Place Like Home initiative in 2016 to fund the construction of permanent supportive housing focused on the hardest to house – residents who are chronically homeless and those at risk of chronic homelessness. Many of these residents have a dual diagnosis, challenged with drug and alcohol addictions and mental health issues. It’s estimated each chronic homeless resident costs taxpayers approximately $100,000 each year, mostly due to unreimbursed stays in emergency rooms and time in county jails.

With a recent court ruling in favor of state funds being released through No Place Like Home and a ballot measure on November 6 reaffirming the Legislature’s 2016 action, the state is gearing up the multi-pronged approach to addressing the homeless crisis.

Funding for No Place Like Home grants is moving forward and counties across the North Coast have already started receiving technical assistance grants to prepare for and plan local projects to house homeless residents. Applications were also released last week for counties to apply for the first round of millions of dollars in funding through the No Place Like Home program to construct new permanent homeless housing wrapped with mental health and addiction services.

“While these resources are significant, we know it’s going to take time and additional funding partnerships to help people and communities invest in long-term solutions to homelessness. Whether it’s downtown LA on Skid Row, San Rafael, Ukiah or Eureka, cities and counties lack the funding to implement the programs thousands of Californians desperately need,” Senator McGuire said. “The state is investing millions up and down the North Coast, which will help give our communities the ability to create and fund local shelters, housing and programs that meet their unique needs.”

Senator McGuire also helped lead efforts this year to include over $600 million to combat homelessness in the state budget, the bulk of which will be allocated through the new Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP) program – a flexible, immediate one-time funding source for cities, counties and Continuums of Care to address the homelessness crisis throughout California. There is also $17.5 million in the budget dedicated to serving homeless youth throughout the state.

“This innovative new program is a Housing-First grant program that will allow counties and cities to craft and implement real, localized solutions to the homeless crisis in their communities,” Senator McGuire said. “Cities and counties can use these funds to develop programs like street outreach, housing vouchers, emergency shelter, tiny homes and more, all to provide immediate emergency assistance to people experiencing homelessness or at imminent risk of experiencing homelessness.”

Through the No Place Like Home (NPLH) program and the Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP), counties on the North Coast are eligible to receive tens of millions in funding over the next year to implement solutions to the homeless crisis (immediate needs and long term) in their communities:



























  • Supervisors the problem

    Yeah Mike McGuire there sure is a homeless crises in California,soon to be a bigger one in Humboldt county too thanks too our supervisors and there mass extortion scheme called abatement.wasnt supervisor sunberg that you backed a big proponent of that along with Extortion Estelle,and corrupt rex bone????? Hey McGuire whats up with stealing our water Evan ground water off our property too feed your families grapes??? Want us to sign up to pay a water bill to the water board for something that is Constitutionaly ours you theives

  • I like stars too!

    Well, a bigger crisis is retired people who can’t afford to live. The cost of homeowner’s insurance alone, had risen 500% in 5 years over large area of the “brush country” in Northern California… Not to mention the cost of Part B Medicare, which will suck up the entire 2.8% COLA finally granted to Soc Sec recipients this year.

    The giant scheme for seniors, is, save, save, save, so that you can spend your retirement financing the insurance corporations, the “professional” stock market gamblers, and, so that healthcare costs can take all your savings.

    Being homeless is a serious problem, if you are a woman with children. I don’t mind services for women and children, but mollycoddling the wastrels who decide to take drugs and live on the streets, no way. Their “mental health problems” are mostly learned behavior, and they should not be housed in the communities occupied by working citizens, and, they should not receive the support of the “nanny state”.

    I am in favor of giving land from the BLM reserves, out in Northern Nevada perhaps, and giving them a truckload of lumber and some nails and tools, so they could house themselves and farm. Maybe some beans and rice. Other than that, they should be required to live in camps, under guard, and only have bare provisions and no access to drugs and alcohol.

    Being homeless, for an able bodied man, should be so unpleasant that nobody would want to live this way. Free medical care, warm jail cells and general assistance, these are things that working citizens do not receive or desire. Giving housing to drug addicted miscreant mendicants will prove to be a disaster, and, 3.5 million dollars is a mere drop in the bucket of waste that Mr McGuire is attempting to foist on California.

    3.5 million is a joke. Save it up for a worthwhile project, like fixing the roadways of California.

    And as for you, poor pot growers, so sorry you can’t get 5 grand a pound any more… Get a fucking job like everyone else.

    Pot farmers ruined Humboldt County. It’s all your fault.

    • Look how many people weed attracted. Soon to be illegal immigrant sanctuary.
      We will need more than $3mil.

      Growers,homeless,immigrants all competing for the same jobs?

    • I like stars too….. your an [edit] thinking cannabis growers did this. I think your negative outlook on life and jealousy is the reason you go on here and talk shit.

      • Grab a Kleenex on the way out

        No. Illegal growers are the symptom, not the disease. But then it’s the symptoms that make for so much suffering.

    • some cannot handle freedom, they make poor choices for which the rest of us suffer their consequences. don’t want to contribute?? don’t choose to be productive??? then you get nothing

  • California is a fucked up, ass backwards cesspool. When drug testing for government benefits becomes law. Then you can have my tax dollars. The Jobs are there to take. Problem is people don’t want to work for what they get. Lets give out free needles to heroin addicts then we’ll build them crack houses too.? So fucked up. A good man or woman doesn’t stay homeless for long. And those people are few and far between. Most are junkies by choice. This is bullshit and i ain’t buying it. Just going to create more problems down the line.

  • Should have built a work camp.

    Want to change? Stay there and submit to drug tests,get your chores done,learn skills,gain self-respect.

    • The trouble with “work camp” cures, if seriously meant, is that, in order to make unwilling people work, huge resources have to be spent on constantly making them even show up, stay in the camp, not smuggle drugs, practice terrorizing milder inmates, not sabotage their work, not allow violent gangs to take over, etc. The “keepers” then become vicious, jaded and equally corrupt from the power they need to cope with this, along with the lack of respect for their jonpbs.

      Try seeing all of Humboldt Co, maybe all of California, as a giant work camp. It’s not a far off analogy in which so many of the roles are already existent. When a society is so intent on self destruction, so blind to where it leads, trying to tell those who can’t minimally cope that there is a lie. Whether they are the cause or the victims, without society disciplining itself, there is no getting ahead of the deterioration.

    • You mean forced labor camps? Why do Rebublican sound like Moaist Chinese officials sometimes?

  • Shut down the caterpillars, pass out the shovels.
    Rebuild American fitness, and I don’t mean at the gym.

  • It depends on the goals. Will money be spent to make masses who are staying homeless more comfortable in doing that? Or will it used to house a much smaller percentage who will be willing to adjust their behavior to remain in a home?

  • Bring back W.P.A. type programs. Rudimentary barracks (w.o. all the code rigamarole) for housing the workers. Lots of forestry and infrastructure work could be performed. It worked back in the great depression, why not now.

    • Because, back in the Great Depression, most people thought that not working was shameful. Now that work ethic is so diluted that not only do a whole lot of people don’t adhere to that idea personally, they condemn those that do. It may be too late to change that attitude when those who work are only looked at as a money source.

      • Back in the great depression, hundreds of union workers died fighting for their rights against plutocrats. The new deal was a deal with labor to save capitalism from caving in on itself.

    • I agree that we need a new WPA, CCC, and other New Deal programs to return on a large scale, but nowadays they would be decried as “soshulist gubbermint PROGRAMS” and face obstruction from the same people who claim to want a work requirement for welfare.

      It sure would be nice if we could reach people in need with the opportunity to perform some kind of work *before* they became homeless or turned to crime, especially work that benefits the public as a whole.

      I daresay a lot of veterans and retirees could be employed to supervise and lead crews of young folks, poor folks, recovering addicts, or ex offenders in paid jobs cleaning up communities, clearing brush, building public facilities, growing produce for food banks, building tiny homes, farming tilapia in barrels, installing better sidewalks, etc.

      but, y’know, investing in our people and our infrastructure is socialism and that’s scary.

  • No water, no crops, no food, no shelter, no money, but we welcome all with open arms so we can raise more taxes off our ‘assets’.

    There’s always a method to their madness.
    Speaking of madness, what’s up with all the foreign submarines off our border where the oil rigs are forbidden to drill?

  • Everybody wants a job . . . but nobody wants to work.

    • except the illegals which is why they get hired. you also don’t find them smoking meth during their lunch break.

      • Exactly. The ‘illegals’ work hard as they aren’t a bunch of spoiled, uneducated, brats looking for a handout.

      • Nice sweeping generalization there. The last two guys who did some real hard labor at my place were Americans.

        I wonder who convinced Americans that not working was an option? Too many young people are pretty clueless about work from the example of what is valued by their elders. Will work out at a gym. Or doing extreme sports. Climb mountains. But nothing unless they see it as fun.

        • it’s because those of us under 40 were all told that we were supposed to go to college and get white collar jobs instead of working with our hands. We were told that anything like manual labor, customer service, or craftsmanship wasn’t “skilled” and “anyone can do that”, so it wasn’t deserving of a decent wage.

          • More proof that Mother is not always right. Most people are not candidates for higher education and professional workplaces. They should be encouraged into a trade, or find something they love to do and make it a career. Wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars and many years on a failed degree is a real life-changer. Ironic how kids with worthless or unfinished degrees move back home and suck off mom and dad with thousands in debt while immigrants come here and bust ass and make decent money in the trades.

            • instead education has become a commodity and money making option while what is taught is dumbed down for those who are not college worthy

        • I like stars too!

          In the coastal areas, from San Diego to Crescent City, you will see people lying around, smoking pot, and begging.

          Everywhere else, you will find employed Americans, working to have homes, support their children, and participating in the Americam economy.

          I would like to see Humboldt County Homeless people lie about in Provo or Lehi or Orem… In about 5 minutes, they would be scooped up and then put to work scrubbing the jail!

          There are decent and wholesome places to live, but Eureka, Garberville, Willits, Crescent City, Ukiah: by gosh, these places are in horrible shape, and, they are infested with layabout stoners pretending to be “disabled”. The only job they would accept is rolling a joint, or begging for “a dollar to buy some food”… HA!

          It’s too bad a beautiful place like Humboldt became overrun with greedy pot growers and their druggie friends.

          Easy money always attracts easy people. I love it when the “Vegan Hippie neo-flowerchild trimmer in front of ShopSmart asks me for cheese and bread to feed her people”

          Time to throw the bums out!

          • you should visit Redding or just watch their news.

            • I like stars too!

              Redding annoys the shit out of me, so enough said. Worked in Modoc County last summer. If you dislike Redding, try Alturas…

              • almost all of rural pacific northwest is the same unless there is a college or university in the town. meth has plagued all of it.

          • California has a lower rate of citizens on government services than most red states. Hell, they pay you just to live in Alaska.

  • I still say open the closed military bases. Plenty of housing, homes for families and a mess hall , also medical bld. and room for skills training all for a hell of a lot less money. More people could get the help that is so badly needed. O that’s right the state couldn’t waste so much taxpayers money and want more.
    Its sad when a 65 yr old man has to work 3 jobs just to eat and keep a roof over his families head and have to watch a bunch of younger people sit and smoke all day. Give them a place to be and train them to do something for pay instead of just giving them money for nothing

  • Supervisors the problem

    Don’t give a crap what this schmuck does for the homeless after the extreme violations to are rights here in Humboldt county in the last year inside his representation area would never give him my vote again!!!! And not Evan giving people there ground water on there property saying all our water belongs to the state and sign up to pay a fee for our own Wouldn’t throw a bucket of piss on this guy if he was on fire!!!!

    • its only if you are using your groundwater for a commercial business like a cannabis farm. in the Town of Mendocino they put a meter on your well and charge you for residential use. its the only town I am aware of that charges you.

  • Supervisors the problem

    They want us all to come sign up for a domestic water permit,which I’m hearing on kmud it’s signing away your riperian rights for a fee of course

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