Time-Lapse of Mattole Bridge Installation

Information from the County of Humboldt:

Tuesday, October 23, 2018 at 1:00 pm, Mattole Road at P.M. 22.60, Humboldt County Public Works closed the roadway to install the flatcar bridge across Davis Creek. The shut down was scheduled for 4 hours. At 3:42 pm the road was reopened and traffic was flowing once again. The major portion of the this project is complete but there is still work to be done. Expect brief delays and controlled one way traffic for a few more days as work is completed. Thank you for your patience during this project.

[Please give the following video up to one minute to appear. It loads quickly for some and takes quite a bit of time for others. It has been tested and loads in Chrome, Firefox, and Windows]



  • That guy on the excavator is guna blow a hose working that fast lol

  • Time-Lapse??? Time-Line maybe

  • The video appears in the banner but not the article. Kym?

    • It’s more embedded facebook crap… never works right.

      While this is a long-term issue, I’d really like to see news sources stop embedding things from third-party sources. In addition to technical reasons (like, literally, less than half of them actually working), often times the embedded content is deleted, or worse, modified, after the article is published. People retract their ill-considered tweets, etc. News articles should serve as a record, and not have their content modified without the publisher’s knowledge…

      • She fixed it. And it scarily reminded me of a spider at work. But it’s interesting. Thank you.

      • Welcome to this brave new world

        Dude, complain to the internet. What should Kym do? Stand there with her 16mm movie camera and take orders for copies to be delivered by donkey? The county worker who set up the camera sent her the clip and she is showing it. Who actually expects the internet, and all the attending computers to actually work the first time?!… ( answer: usually bureaucrats at the center of the universe!)

      • Cough…sometimes embedded video is all that is available.

    • The video displays in Chrome, but not in Firefox. (for me, anyway)

    • Try again. Give it time to load. You might not see anything for the first minute.

  • Why aren’t they loading dump trucks with dirt instead of a front loader going back and forth this dose not seem like a very efficient way of moving dirt.

  • Loads in Chrome.
    That is – in Chrome the vid shows up within the body of the article.
    In Firefox it only shows up in the Banner. But it plays from that banner.

  • Facebook login required.

  • Yo yellow, maybe you should of got the contract seeing as your such an expert on moving dirt🤣 in case you didn’t notice that loader has a bucket that could almost fill a 10 yd dump truck in one load, I was there and saw it… that’s why they didn’t need trucks to move dirt the big loader could on its own

  • This is your excavator on meth

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