Here’s a Look at the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office’s Immigration Policy

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Immigration Policy

Immigration enforcement is a prominent issue across the United States. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office has received many inquires as to our policy on immigration enforcement and our cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) / Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

Our Policy

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office cannot enforce federal immigration laws. It is the policy of the Sheriff’s Office to comply with the state laws and mandates governing law enforcement’s ability to interact and communicate with federal immigration officers. Under the California Values Act, our office does not use money or personnel to investigate, interrogate, detain, detect or arrest persons for immigration violations. The Sheriff’s Office does not inquire into an individual’s immigration status, initiate any law enforcement action based on observations relating to immigration status, use immigration authorities as interpreters for law enforcement matters, detain an individual at the request of DHS/ICE, nor hold an individual in custody past their release date at the request of DHS/ICE. Furthermore, the Sheriff’s office does not separate families based on immigration status.

The Sheriff’s Office does communicate with DHS/ICE under very limited circumstances as described by the existing State Sanctuary Law, SB 54. This communication occurs only in the Correctional Facility when someone is booked into custody for committing a state crime.   Everyone that is physically arrested and transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility is fingerprinted. This biometric data goes to three government agencies; the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is one of the agencies. Based upon the biometric information, the Sheriff’s Office may receive a request from DHS/ICE for information regarding a certain inmate’s criminal history, status inside the facility and projected release information. Pursuant to the California Values Act, TRUTH Act and TRUST Act, the Sheriff’s Office will release this information if the inmate has been convicted of a serious or violent felony as outlined by Sections 1192.7 and 667.5 of the California Penal Code, or a qualifying conviction pursuant to Government Code 7282.5. The Sheriff’s Office will not release this information if the inmate is being held on charges as outlined by the above sections, but has not yet been convicted and has no prior criminal convictions of those charges. If the inmate does not have a serious or violent felony or qualifying conviction, we do not respond to the request from DHS/ICE.

While DHS/ICE may submit a detainer, or request to hold an inmate past their release date, the Sheriff’s Office does not honor those hold requests. As per our policy, the Sheriff’s Office does not prevent qualifying inmates from posting bail nor do we hold them past their release date. However, if an agent from DHS/ICE arrives at the time and date of the qualifying inmate’s release, the inmate will be turned over to DHS/ICE custody.

Communications with DHS/ICE

In 2017, the Humboldt County Correctional Facility received 26 detainer requests from DHS/ICE. Out of those requests, the Sheriff’s Office provided the release dates of five inmates. Those five inmates had been convicted of the following crimes: drug trafficking [HS11352], possession of a controlled substance [HS11350(a)], knowingly renting or making available a space to unlawfully manufacture, store or distribute a controlled substance [HS11366.5(a)], transportation of a controlled substance across county lines [HS11379(b)], and possession of a controlled substance for sales [HS11378]. Out of those five inmates, two were taken into DHS/ICE custody upon their release from the Humboldt County Correctional Facility. One of those inmates was convicted of knowingly renting or making available a space to unlawfully manufacture, store or distribute a controlled substance [HS11366.5(a)] with a prior felony conviction of criminal threats [PC422], while the other inmate was convicted of possession of a controlled substance for sales [HS11378].  (See Figure A)

2017: Humboldt County Correctional Facility Contact with DHS/ICE (Figure A)
ICE Administrative Detainers Received 26
ICE Interviews (in person or telephone) 0
Inmate release dates provided to ICE 5
Convictions associated with qualifying inmates: Felony HS11352which qualifies under 7282.5 (a)(3)(M)

Felony HS11350(a)which qualifies under 7282.5 (a)(3)(M)

Felony HS11366.5(a)which qualifies under 7285.5 (a)(3)(M)

Felony HS11379(b)which qualifies under 7282.5 (a)(3)(M)

Felony HS11378which qualifies under 7282.5(a)(3)(M)

Individuals turned over to ICE 2
Qualifying Convictions of individuals turned over to ICE Felony HS11366.5(a)which qualifies under 7285.5 (a)(3)(M), and prior PC422 conviction

Felony HS11378which qualifies under 7282.5(a)(3)(M)

As of Oct. 22, the Humboldt County Correctional Facility has received 32 detainer requests from DHS/ICE for 2018. Out of those requests, the Sheriff’s Office provided the release dates of three inmates. Those three inmates had been convicted of the following crimes: possession or purchase of a narcotic controlled substance for the purpose of sales [HS11351], possession of a controlled substance for sales [HS11378] with a prior conviction of battery against a spouse [PC243(e)(1)], and conviction or conspiracy to sell or traffic a controlled substance containing methamphetamine, amphetamine, phencyclidine (PCP) [HS11370.4(b)]. Out of those three inmates, one was taken into DHS/ICE custody upon their release from the Humboldt County Correctional Facility. That inmate was convicted of possession of a controlled substance for sales [HS11378] with a prior conviction of battery against a spouse [PC243(e)(1)]. (See Figure B)

2018: Humboldt County Correctional Facility Contact with DHS/ICE (Figure B)
ICE Administrative Detainers Received 32
ICE Interviews (in person or telephone) 0
Inmate release dates provided to ICE 3
Convictions associated with qualifying inmates: Felony HS11351which qualifies under 7282.5 (a)(3)(M)

Felony HS11378which qualifies under 7282.5(a)(3)(M), and prior PC243(e)(1)

Felony HS11370.4(b)which qualifies under 7282.5(a)(3)(M)

Individuals turned over to ICE 1
Qualifying Convictions of individuals turned over to ICE Felony HS11378which qualifies under 7282.5(a)(3)(M), and prior PC243(e)(1)


Under current law and policy, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is required to hold a public hearing once a year to detail our communications with and release of inmates to DHS/ICE.

“It is necessary for our agency to communicate with all federal law enforcement regarding dangerous criminals booked into county jails,” Sheriff Honsal said. “This need arises from our obligation to protect all members of our community from those who pose a credible public safety threat, not from a desire to enforce immigration law on a day-to-day basis. This is in full compliance with the TRUST and TRUTH acts passed by the State Legislature.”

Building Safer Communities

Humboldt County Sheriff William Honsal has been working to strengthen relationships with the immigrant community across the county for the last four years. The Sheriff has held several public and private meetings with the Humboldt County Human Rights Commission, members of the immigrant community and representatives from True North, LatinoNet, Promotores, Paso a Paso, Scholars without Borders, Centro del Pueblo and affiliates. These meetings have been focused on creating an ongoing dialogue to build trust and a safer, more informed county. During these meetings, Sheriff Honsal has explained that Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies will not ask for immigration status or verification of citizenship during any public service contact or enforcement action, the Sheriff’s Office does not track immigration status in our records management systems and the Sheriffs’ Office will not conduct joint immigration enforcement actions with DHS/ICE.

“Enforcement of federal immigration laws is not the job of the Sheriff,” Sheriff Honsal said. “The Sheriff’s Office does not, and will not, conduct proactive or reactive immigration enforcement duties in this community. Our top priority in this agency is to investigate crime and make our community safe.”

The Sheriff’s Office is here to serve and protect the public above all else and is dedicated to creating safe communities. We stand firmly with our mission, to provide competent, effective and responsive public safety services to the people of this community. We recognize our responsibility to maintain order, while affording dignity and respect to all persons. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct while serving the people of Humboldt County.  

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office encourages the community to continue reporting crimes and seeking assistance from our office, regardless of immigration status. Please help us as we work to create a safer Humboldt County.



  • The state law puts the dept in a no win as situation. You took an oath and it is your duty to uphold all laws including ICE detainers yet state law conflicts with that. You guys have a tough job.

    • I agree, it’s a tough spot to be in. The sheriff’s first and utmost job is to secure the rights of the citizens. This is why the Sheriff is usually elected by the citizens. If the Feds want to arrest a citizen, but the citizen has documents or proof that the Fed’s shouldn’t be arresting him, then it’s the Sheriff’s job/duty to keep the citizen safe from federal arrest and let the courts duke it out.
      The Feds were given all the foreign duties, the states kept the rest of the powers. Neither one are supposed to usurp the others.
      With that said, it’s not the State’s power to define the foreign matters, it’s the Fed’s.

      The Fed’s have all the intel on the foreign countries govt’s and know a lot more than states, counties or cities do. For instance, we may have no idea who is financing those who are sneaking across the borders, but the Feds’ know. Cities might or might not know that Russia and China are behind the immigration push, which in effect would put sanctuary cities in the collusion bracket. Things can get really dicey the further down the ‘nicey nicey’ road we go.

      I do highly respect their stance that they won’t become partners with the Feds in barging down doors and hauling people in, but until they also hold the same respect for all their citizens, regardless of ‘reason’, (except for violence) it’s too difficult to uphold that level of respect.

      A little bit more info on the funding for invasions:

      • As always. GreaT information. Thanks shak!

      • Try visiting El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras then decide who is behind the immigration push. We destroyed the region in the 80s fighting those damn commies that threatened to steal our precious bodily fluids. Now we have to fight these damn immigrants that threaten to steal our precious bodily fluids. The sooner the planet is rid of these paranoid, misdirected, ignorant, fear mongering, moronic, koolaid drinking philosophies the better.

        #openBorders! #teachTheWorldToSing

        • Hey Kool Aid, it’s not every day that a cabal patsy admits to what they’ve done, so I raise an honorable salute to you as I continue to support those who are fighting the cabal. I may or may not put a good word in for you. We’ll see.

          As far as open borders, I don’t think the Reservations will be your friends anymore once they understand the concept of ‘open borders’ & complete loss of sovereignty.

          • Hey Shak, the loss of sovereignty happened decades ago. Borders? What the hell good is a wall if we’re going to allow business to fleece us from the inside out?

            The politicians, dems and repubs, have allowed wall street to sell our sovereignty to the highest bidder piece by piece. We’re too busy bickering about immigration to realize that the country is literally bankrupt.

            #openBorders! #teachTheWorldToSing

            • Even so, I dare any non native to step foot, uninvited, onto any Reservation across the 50. The globalists you fight for don’t respect Reservation borders any more than your own backyard border. No borders means no borders. zilch.

              We are will regain our sovereignty if we fight for it, through the vote and through holding our officials accountable to their oath in office.

              Which businesses are you referring to? Businesses are/were constantly attacked by over regulation in the past, but that should be lessening as the months go by. When they save, we save.

              Yes, the cabal runs the wallstreet. It’s really obvious every time they try to teach POTUS a lesson. 666 LOL. But the Cabal, as you know, is the one thing he’s determined to squash to smithereens. Once they’re reduced to shreds, everything everywhere will blossom like in an animation fairy tale movie.
              No more federal reserve. No more redundant regulations. No more fines and fees that go in the commie’s slushfund that takes our liberties away.
              Life will be sweet, even while still harsh. Balance.
              Everybody will get their borders and sovereignty back and all but the open borders globalists who want to rule the world will be happy.
              Happy bed time stories are us. G’night. Sweet dreams.

      • Wouldn’t ya know it, Shak’s back, hijacking the top comment for another pro-corporatist rant straight from the Vice President’s office. You gotta be scared of poor people! They come from a government that wouldn’t let the US have their oil!

  • Crying shame what California has become. California the criminal state. Where criminals are given more thought and care than the victims of said criminal. California the refuge state of illegal pieces of crap. Sanctuary state my ass! Disgusting. I can’t wait until I am able to get the hell out of California. Born and raised here and am sickened over what has become of this state.

    • Yeah, lotta very brave people crying scared of the groups with the least political power in the nation, drug war refugees, migrant workers and their children. Classic right-wing distraction tactics.

      • Drug war refugees, yeah. That’s one thing I’ll go along with what you’ve said. Little or nothing else, though. And the drug war will end when the society’s appetite for drugs abates, period. It’s called Occam’s Razor: the simplest, least convoluted solution to a problem is usually the right one. Stop doing your little drugs and maybe children in Central America and Mexico will stop being gunned down in crossfires. Jesus Christ.

        • And when will alcohol prohibition end? When people stop drinking? Maybe when we deport all those Italians and Irishmen.

          • “Classic [left]-wing distraction tactics.” Seeking to subsitute blame for effective ideas.
            The best way to insist on the right to be stupid.

            blame Making distilled alcoholic drinks at home is illegal. A seller of distilled spirits can not operate the place where they are sold. They can not be distilled at home or in a home’s out building.There are bunches of limitations, especially where sales are involved. Under 26 U.S.C. 5615(3), whenever any person carries on the business of a distiller without having given the required bond or with the intent to defraud the United States of tax on distilled spirits, the personal property of that person located in the distillery, and that person’s interest in the tract of land on which the still is located, shall be forfeited to the United States.

            There is never an intention of stopping people from being stupid or corrupt in the pursuit of their vices. What is done is regulating to minimize the damage they do to themselves and others in the pursuit of it.

            • There was absolutely an attempt to stop people from drinking. That’s why they called it “prohibition.” And it didn’t work. It just raises the value of the product and puts money in the hands of criminals, just like your current war on drugs.

    • That’s why the illegals are leaving their state. We encourage them to stay and change their states. hang in there. No matter where you go on this one. ..this will be sure to follow

  • Real simple, the need for a law that can strip someone of their citizenship and deport them for aiding an illegal alien could be passed and the nonsense of a sheriff department collaboration with criminals would end.

    Sounds like treason to me and a grand jury should hear treason charges on all involved.

    America First!

    • Good idea. Kind of like the above conviction for knowingly renting out a place for crime

      • I guess employers would fall under that. like the bulb farm owner Lane who was the former Chair of the Humboldt Republican Party. he had the illegals park on Upper Bay Road because he knew they were illegals. I guess we would deport him to France but I am not sure he even lived there but his family tree must stem back to it.

        • DINGDINGDING! Republicans want scapegoats, but they NEED slave labor. Why not use your labor as a scapegoat?

        • Actually you put your finger on exactly why there is a huge illegal immigration problem. The UnHoly Alliance of both parties. Enforcing immigration law, which protects US workers, is something neither party will take a chance on doing. It’s sure to bring an attack from the Republican business interests on the Republican Party and the social activists will attack the Democrats- at least since the Democrats gave up being the party of the working class. So they both are together on this- that neither will risk doing their sworn duty to uphold the law nor make themselves a target by changing the law. Both liberals and conservatives are equally two faced about it. They both like the status quo of living behind locked gates and selling their office without risk to their own income.

          • It’s obvious the circus we call politics is just a distraction for corporate interests. Cheap labor, amazon prime, rising costs of living….where is the bottom of this reality?
            Hard to stay focused on those basic subjects that are class oriented. Rich vs poor. The oldest game in town.

          • What HUGE problem?

  • Drug war refugees are not going to stop migrating north until we end the drug war and stop overthrowing South American governments. Greater punishments for illegal immigration (a misdemeanor) will do nothing to dissuade people from leaving Mexico, a war zone with a higher murder rate than Iraq.

    End the drug war, starve the cartels, make Mexico livable again.

    • Mexico is currently discussing marijuana legalization on the Canadian/Uraguayan model. Get ready. The world as you know it is drawing to an end💖😊

  • What Y Knot said!

  • No on K!

    Look how many growers filled the hills and rentals because 215 was semi-legal and tolerated.

    • We have breweries and distilleries around here, too. Does that bother you?

      • Yes,it sure does. We have too many.
        And we have 1000x more illegal growers,doing it their own hazardous way.But the drug isn’t the point there,it’s the “illegal but tolerated” outlook that should stop.

        • Yeah, legalize it. That’s the answer. Bring the value of the product down, people will start doing other things for a living.

        • Monsanto should be a good project for you to look into. The people who use the toxic chemicals can be vilified, but not the manufacturers? Pull your focus back a bit, and see the real culprits for who and what they are. DOW Bayer, Pfizer, most of the HUGE MULTINATIONALS get a pass in your book? Look at the history of eugenics. They make the shit so they can poison the upright parasites taking up too much energy from this rapidly depleted spinning wheel.
          Legal and tolerated activities are getting you and your progeny into a smart grid, heavily controlled and manipulated future. Look at the coSt of living vs the living wage. Heading down a very challenging road.

  • Immigration Policy? what a joke.
    build the wall on the border!!

    • Yes, the wall is a joke. A joke on you, taxpayer. It will never be completed and wouldn’t work anyway. Ever heard of a ladder, or a rope?

      • Israel has a wall, proven to work extremely well.

        I beg to differ…..

        • Hundreds of tunnels under that wall, and our border fence was never finished due to the wide river bed it goes thru in many places. Israel didn’t have a river to deal with…

          • Also, our border is dozens and dozens of times longer and mostly on private land. And surrounded by thousands of square miles of empty desert

        • Isreal uses Palistinians as cheap labor and demonized them at the same time. Good comparison.

          • And the Palestinians demonize Jews everywhere and try to kill them. It is a good comparison. Using cheap labor to do your own work never ends well. Hello?

            • It’s an issue of symmetry. If Palestinians really posed an existential threat, they wouldn’t have such a porous border. Palestinians have rocks. Isreal has nukes.

              • It’s hard to argue w conservatives.. it’s like talking to your wife, or someone from another planet.. or a rock wall. Esp ‘Guest’

                • As Chris Rock so eloquently stated. When it comes to crime, “I’m conservative, when it’s prostitution, I’m liberal”

                  Issues are the best way to divide a community that should be unified against the real oppressor man. We are all frustrated with the disconnect between what most people need, and what our politicians and government provide. 3d chess is the game they’re playing and we fighting over checkers.

                • Yes. Holding onto poor thinking with a death grip is the speciality of those who got themselves in deep crap. You want a debate- come on. But so far it’s more like complaining that the liberal finds himself between a rock and a hard place. The rock being the way they say they want everyone to be just like themselves and the hard place being that reality that no one is like that, not even themselves.

                  Makes pseudo liberals angry? Good. If it only makes them less destructive, it worth all the outpouring of hate.

      • ever heard of a wall system? finish that wall!

        • trump is a fucking pervert moron

          walls only work when they have towers manned with sharpshooters and a 30 feet of landmines.

          korea and berlin for example, otherwise they are worthless, unless you are an orange narcissist racists politician who likes to get a “booyah” out of poorly educated voters.

  • Trump should cut all federal funding to Humboldt county and California until full compliance. International border is federal government responsibility. If California and Humboldt want to stand in the way they are breaking federal law period.

    • Time for you to move to a red state.

      • Colors

        :[Verse 1: Ice-T]

        “I am a nightmare walkin’, psychopath talkin’
        King of my jungle, just a gangster stalkin’
        Livin’ life like a firecracker, quick is my fuse
        Vendettas of death back; the colors I choose
        Red or Blue, Cuz or Blood, it just don’t matter
        Sucka dive for your life when my shotgun scatters
        The gangs of L.A(elected officials?). will never die – just multiply”

        This could be a politicalsong as well.

        Lesson one.

        Power kills…. let’s get that straight.

        Any questions?

        It’s a rigged game start to finish. You just have to decide if you want an easy life or a just life.

        “Easier to resist in the beginning”

      • “time for you to move” haha that sums up how lefties think about all problems, like if things are bad where you live just move, well i say better to stay where i like it and make it a better place. why should i have to move away from the ocean because someone that is scum wants to take my home

        • It true. That is the way they speak- California liberals has created a whole lot of problems that even the natural benefits of California can’t fix. So who to blame? Why the very people who did not have the power to do anything that created the problems but dare to complain. Yeah. Like that fixes anything

        • SCUM? you mean white supremacists? immigrants commit far fewer crimes than homies

  • The sheriff is local law enforcement. That he has a policy on immigration is bizzare. It is not in his job description.
    This sounds like a carefully orchestrated fear campaign, along with the yes on O campaign reported elsewhere.

  • The sheriffs are all cowards. They don’t enforce laws anyway. It’s all CYA with them (when they are not buying dead people’s things for ten cents on the dollar). Why would their ignoring federal law surprise anyone? How many Kate Steinle’s and Mollie Tibbets’ have to die before these poltroons do their jobs?? A lot more is my guess. Goodbye America … Thanks, tin badge frauds.

    • Stormy you need to watch something other than FOX news and relax a little. You must be a real joy to be around!

      • *Better to be a warrior In the garden,
        than a gardener in a war*

        Stay alert, pay attention, be prepared….and enjoy the ride 🙂

  • This ones going to be entertaining to read. 🤪

  • Supervisors the problem

    It’s not honsel job to take a stance on imagration it’s the voters job and thats what we’re going to do.honsels gotten too big fore his britches being the sword of extortion to the people of Humboldt county and needs to be put on restriction!!!! VOTE NO ON MEASURE O

  • gitmo extended stay

    75k sealed indictments coming! trust the plan!

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