Scam Alert From the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office

Scam alertInformation from the Facebook page of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

We’ve been receiving several reports of phone scams today where the caller is claiming to be “Sgt. Marshall” with the HCSO and demanding payment/threatening arrest for missing jury duty.

Please note the Sheriff’s Office will NEVER:

 Threaten to arrest you if you do not pay a fine for missing jury duty
 Demand payment in exchange for dropping a warrant
 Ask you to pay a fine over the phone or through a gift card/pre-paid card
 Ask you to meet an officer outside the courthouse to pay a fine
 Call you for bail money for a loved one

If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from our agency demanding the above things, hang up and call us directly at (707) 445-7251.




  • Watch out, too, for callers claiming to be from PG&E and threatening to turn your power off in 15 minutes unless you follow their instructions.

    • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

      I told the last two callers who said they were PGE (said real fast with no And before E) to turn off the power cause I wasn’t paying. Still waiting for the power cut…

  • Basically laughs at anyone who calls you and asks for anything, especially when they can hardly speak English, I always mess with them and at least try to waste their time, try to get them to send you a gift card instead it’s quite entertaining sometimes, the Pakistan “IRS” guy calls me all the time, guess they have nothing better to do.

  • My father once got a call demanding money so his granddaughter could be released from jail, in Toronto. He lived in Michigan and knew full well that she was at home across town. The scammers even produced a blood-curdling shriek that was supposed to be hers. Dad wasn’t fooled and enjoyed himself stringing them along for a while, then reported the call to the granddaughter’s husband, a cop. The next day I was in the local post office and mentioned this story to the clerk there. She said she regularly sees (older) people sending thousands of dollars to dubious parties. She told me she tries to dissuade them, but has had little success.

  • I guess this is the sequel to the “Lt Sheriff” calling for over the phone “donations” to the “local” police or sheriffs association fund raiser. Always in a calm, slightly threatening voice. Received several of those over the years. I imagine they got some from some people. They were pretty convincing if it wasn’t so ridiculous. Can’t imagine that being real over the phone at any rate.

    • When I get one of those calls I just tell them I’ll cooperate if they talk dirty to me for five minutes. No takers so far.

  • 5.5 earthquake this week…

    Send money or they’ll get worse, you have until Saturday.

  • On the way to economic failure.

    The sheriffs department and measure o Is a scam,the Supervisors and planning department are extortionist scammers,scammed the residents of this county out of millions this year!!!!!!!! Agenda 21, the stealing of property and water rights Constitutional rights,and using the environmental movement to do it!!!!!!!!!!

  • I know I lack compassion, but I have a hard time sympathizing with people who fall for such transparent scams.

    • I actually find it satisfying to hear about people being taken advantage. Its like watching a video of a person driving their car into the side of a train. Sheeple are dumb and it entertains me.

  • I had a guy come to my front door a couple of weeks ago, claiming to represent PG&E and wanting to see my PG&E bill to see if I was getting all the discounts I was entitled to. I know that is some kind of scam, so I told him to take a hike. This was in Arcata.

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