[UPDATE 4:53 p.m.] Pole Down and 101 at S Street in Eureka Is Partially Closed After a Traffic Accident

The pole is blocking S Street. [Photo provided by Chrissy Carlson]

The pole is blocking 5th at S Street. [Photo provided by Chrissy Carlson]

A power light pole is down and blocking most of S Street in Eureka after an accident about 4:15 p.m. One lane is currently open.

UPDATE 4:26 p.m.: According to the scanner, there are no injuries but the number one and two lanes are currently closed. Caltrans is on the scene.

UPDATE 4:53 p.m.: The road is now clear.

This photo sent in by another reader shows more clearly that the pole was on the vehicle.Pole on a vehicle



  • every day some idiot manages to wreck shit. every flucking day. flucking drug addict scums

    • Muddy Black Dodge

      Doug Johnson, [edit] Could this had been a simple accident? Said nothing about a DUI or a drug addict being in the wrong. Simmer down, could have just been an old lady driving confused and unconfidently… Just pointing out your ignorance of the matter, same as my ignorance of you and your lifestyle. You will live longer and healthier, if you stop the hate. Peace finger pointer.

      • No such thing as an “accident.” Fault of a driver or mechanical failure (fault of the maker). The victim society wants to either 1) make everything someone else’s fault or 2) blame nothing (an act of the goddess, etc). This ensures that destructive individuals (addicts of all kinds, criminals, socialists, etc.) get away with their crimes against the rest of us. Unless they want to sue, sue, sue. See #2 above. Then they wail and moan and cry over their lost beloved, and get a lawyer (not necessarily in that order). See Josiah Lawson case.

        “He couldn’t help it, officer, he was beaten by his daddy and had an alcoholic, prostitute mama so there was no way he could not become a serial killer.”

      • The fact that his/her handle is “Dong Johnson” pretty much speaks volumes as to what mentality and age level he/she is currently struggling to achieve.

  • The car doesn’t look a drug addict could own a car that new.. Most drug addict don’t own car`s they ride a bike and walk

  • Big Mac with fries and a large diet Pepsi.

  • They had to be high or drunk to do that.

  • Heard it from the driver

    The car in the picture was driving in the left lane. A truck in the middle lane merged left into the car. Pushing it into the pole. No drugs or alcohol involved. Just a blind spot.

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