[UPDATE: Home Found] This ‘Cane Corso Mastiff’ is Looking for a Good Home

From a reader:

Hello Kym, Im writing in hopes you can help us find a home for our male Cane Corso Mastiff named Ramone. Ramone is almost 5 years old, weighs 135 lbs., is neutered and has tons of energy. We used to live on a large piece of rural property but now we live on a very small lot with a dog run that is not fit for a dog of his size (I don’t think dog runs are fit for any dog).

Ramone is the sweetest family dog, he loves children and plays well with other dogs even when challenged or faced with aggression. I have never seen him get in a dog fight once in the 3 years we have owned him (we adopted him from some folks that were unfit to take care of an animal of his stature) and I have seen him challenged by Pit Bulls and German Shepards.

Ramone is also the ideal guard dog. His bark is un-rivaled and his breed was bred to protect the homestead and the children while the men went off to war. He is a big baby in all reality, but will scare off any prowlers or unwanted wildlife such as bears or raccoons etc. simply with his bark.

We are looking for an adoptee because we no longer have the space he needs to live a happy life and it is hard to see. Ramone would enrich anyones life who might be interested in adopting a large breed dog. If anyone is interested in meeting him and seeing if he’s a good fit for your family please contact me at hunterblackverywell@gmail.com. Hope to hear back from someone soon!

UPDATE: Ramone has a new home. Thanks, everyone!



  • Any takers yet?
    I live on 10 acres on the corner of a 5,000 acre ranch. with access to the national forest. Bear and Cougar country. My Red Healer is getting old. I also have two smaller dogs, a Tal Fenec rat tarrier mix and a Pug Tarrier mix. Have 4 cats too. They all get along, they all have jobs and work together. Rodent control barn patrol and protect livestock, goats and chickens. They protect each other. My chickens free rang and goats I bring in the yard for weed control and they get along with the dogs too.
    My questions, do you think Ramone would fit in, or would he have a problem with the live stock? Or cats?
    The area is also free rang cattle that sometimes graze outside my hot fence. We can’t have a dog that would chase cattle.

    • i hope you get him

    • Elric of Melniboné

      These dogs, like many dogs, will chase livestock unless they’re raised not to. Also, any dog that harasses or chases and kills wildlife is a potential liability. But you seem to be aware of these issues already.

  • Looks more like a presa canario, i have 2 of them. Hope he finds a great home.

  • Would love to talk to you.

  • he’s so handsome, sending positive thoughts that he finds a suitable home…he looks like a lovebug

  • He is a beautiful dog. We already have 3 dog’s and 1 is a mastiff. Would love to own him, but just don’t have enough room. Good luck finding him the home he deserves!

  • what a beautiful boy.. hoping he finds his forever home super quick!!


  • I think it is actually a poodle

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