Grizzly Bluff Road Closed After an Alleged DUI Crash

Working on a power lines after a crash.

Grizzly Bluff Road is closed. [Photo provided by a reader]

Early this morning, at approximately 1:20 a.m., a single vehicle crashed in the 7000 block of Grizzly Bluff Road. The driver received minor injuries and is being charged with driving under the influence, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page.

The vehicle overturned onto its roof went over an embankment. A power pole was damaged and fell into the roadway. Some residents are without power.

As of 12:30 p.m., the road was still closed. The photographer said she was told that the road would likely be closed until 6 p.m.




  • Being that the CHP is charging the driver with DUI, I would say that it is a pretty firm “alleged”.

  • When it’s not yet proven in court it’s only alleged even if it has seven of the three danger signs.

  • Some countries DUI is loss of driving privileges for rest of life.

  • truth is most folks only see dui as being from drinking or mmj use. however those same folks will take cold tabs their big pharn pain or anti drepression pills or anti physitoic pills and drive all the while complaining about a couple of beers. here is a hint. drive like everyone else is drunk. teach your children to think like every car or truck has a drunk driver and then you will not have to worry so much. just because there is a law against something doesnt excuess personally responsibilty of ones self or family. it is against the law to steal yet most lock their doors and autos.

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