[UPDATE 9:08 p.m.] Fortuna Officers Hold Nine at Gunpoint After Report of Someone Threatening to Shoot, According to Scanner

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At approximately 7:55 p.m., Fortuna Police were dispatched to a building in the 900 block of Main Street in Fortuna. According to the person who called in a report of a disturbance, there was an argument in hallways above Taco Loco with one person threatening to shoot. [To be clear, this incident occurred ABOVE the restaurant and is not connected with the restaurant.]

Officers arrived on scene and soon had nine people held at gunpoint. Other officers were requested.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 9:08 p.m.: According to Sgt. Charles Ellebrecht, this was related to a neighbor dispute.  He explained, “A few of the neighbors reported observing a gun. However, we were unable to determine who was in possession of a gun.” He added, “No gun was located.”

There is an ongoing investigation.



  • Now that’s some loco tacos….

  • Taco Co Co

  • [edit] No surprise here. Cop pulls a gun on a bunch of people because “they haz gun” although no gun found.

    Friendly city indeed.

  • Anti troll league

    No. People involved in a fight reported that someone had a gun and was threatening to shoot. The cops didn’t find one. Stupid civilians can’t act like adults.

  • Taco Loco Restaurant has nothing to do with this incident. There are apartments upstairs and the tenants are always getting into trouble.

  • Well at least no unarmed individuals got shot. Just assuming here, but I would imagine some of the nine people detained at gunpoint, were probably some of the ones that called the cops in the first place, LOL. If you really want a loaded weapon aimed directly at your head, your best bet is to call 911.

  • There must be more to this because, if there were no guns, why would police feel the need to hold nine people, as if ready to kill them? What would Have done if one of those people, unarmed, not under arrest, moved unexpectedly…shoot them? Deadly force to maintain a quiet order?
    What if that were your kids eating alongside the disorder, group in accidentally , in the chaos, by the police…
    Defended their kill by saying.. they themselves were in fear?
    For causing a disturbance, or arguing in public you Die, and that’s okay?
    Who s to say the call was someone else panicking just because of raised voices and their own personal expirences, fears.

    • Anti troll league

      So you think the police should just assume the person who called was lying? That there was no threat? Now that would go over well. Or better yet, what if there was a shooter and the kids eating nearby got hit while the cops did not disarm the person?

      If the police are to be judged by people not being present and seeing what goes on, no matter what the result is, just based on whether a scenario can be constructed where things went wrong even if they didn’t, who would want to be a policeman?

      • Prefaced by…there must be more to this…

        • I do farmers market directly in front of this apartment and we consistently have to call the police for fights, drug dealing and more…this is a problem and has been for years. The police were doing what needed to be done. There is no conspiracy here…

  • I want a toco.

  • The gun was hidden in a Super Burrito.

  • Mmmm tacos, that place is my favorite for tacos.

  • Jaded, you should go on patrol before you make silly comments

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