Sierra Club Endorses Richard Marks for Harbor District

This is a press release from the Sierra Club:

Eureka, CA – The Sierra Club has endorsed 4th Division Commissioner Richard Marks in his re-election bid to the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation, and Conservation District. The District has made progress on a wide range of environmental challenges in recent years. A hallmark of his tenure has been effective working relations among the various officeholders and regulatory authorities. Most notably, Mr. Marks played an important leadership role in EPA’s 2013 emergency cleanup of the abandoned Evergreen Pulp site, removing three million gallons of dangerous toxic chemicals. Marks’s dedication to the environment and his background in local industry have been valuable assets to his constituents, and to the rest of us around Humboldt Bay.

“We are very impressed by Richard’s dedication to conservation and a balanced approach to economic development that protects the integrity of Humboldt Bay,” said Ned Forsyth, North Group Redwood Chapter Political Chair.

The Sierra Club was founded in 1892 by conservationist John Muir, and has succeeded in helping protect millions of acres of land across the country.


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