Mendocino Code Enforcement Gives Details on Thursday’s Raid Near Laytonville on Marijuana Garden

Press release from the Mendocino Code Enforcement Division:

Mendocino marijuana Mendocino cannabisThe Code Enforcement Division received a complaint about cultivation of cannabis without permits and non-permitted grading at a location in the 57000 Block of Registered Guest Road, Laytonville. Code Enforcement determined that the location was not in the County Cannabis Permit Program.  Information about this complaint was shared with Law Enforcement who began an investigation.

On 10/17/18 Code Enforcement personnel participated in the service of a search warrant obtained by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) for this property.

During the search the following violations were observed:


  1. The non-permitted cultivation of 696 Cannabis Plants totaling approximately 8750 square feet of canopy.
  2. Non-permitted structures
  3. Significant non-permitted Grading
  4. Significant non-permitted Electrical


Code Enforcement will be issuing Notice of Violations for all observed construction and grading violations to the property owner. If these violations are not corrected, administrative citations with fines will be issued. CDFW is handling the violations related to the Cannabis that was eradicated.

The Code Enforcement Division receives all Cannabis and General Code Violation complaints in the unincorporated areas of the County. Complaints can be made in person at our offices or by visiting our website at: to file an online complaint. Cannabis specific complaints can also be filed by calling the Cannabis Complaint Hotline at: (844) 421-WEED(9333).

Earlier Chapter: Convoy Gathering North of Laytonville



  • You ain’t so big, you just tall, that’s just about all!

  • This is all fine and dandy but where the hell is code enforcement on the 101 shitshow between Willits and the divided highway to Laytonville? Up to twenty dilapidated vehicles in the yards and structures on the verge of collapsing with people occupying them. Answer: there’s no money in it. It would cost the county a fortune to haul all that shit away.

    • Plant some cannabis there & call the SO

    • Are the people you’re complaining about doing illegal grading to make a flat spot to put their “derelict vehicles?” Are they taking water from a stream without permits to wash them every day? Are they polluting streams? Are the selling them to the public to consume? Are they making sizable profits without paying taxes on them?

      If they are or you think they are creating a public health issue, report them. If they aren’t, then offending your eyes with “shit shows” is not a cause for the law.

    • I call that stretch of road dueling banjos.

  • Registered guest road…. lmao. Maybe he thought there was immunity!

  • Notice that there’s no extreme fines like Humboldt. Mendo is booming. They are on it New restaurants going in. Garberville falling apart. Best food comes from the food trucks that are never there when I’m hungry. Dammit. I’m hungry

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