Cannabis Cultivation Without a Permit and Building Violations in Mendocino County

Press release from the Mendocino Code Enforcement Division:

Mendocino marijuanaThe Code Enforcement Division received a complaint about cultivation of cannabis without permits at a residential location in the 4100 Block of Fisher Lake Drive, Redwood Valley. Subsequent investigation confirmed that cannabis was being cultivated without a permit in violation of Mendocino County Code Chapter 10A.17. , and a structure had been constructed with a building permit.

The property owner was located and issued an administrative citation for the non-permitted cannabis and a notice of violation for the non-permitted structure.  The property owner submitted an application for an after-the-fact building permit for the structure but did not remove the non-permitted cannabis. Fines related to the administrative citation for the non-permitted cannabis continued to accumulate daily.

On 10/11/17 Code Enforcement issued an Order to Abate the non-permitted Cannabis within 5 days pursuant to Mendocino County Chapter 8.76 and set a hearing as required by this Chapter for 10/18/18. If the Order to Abate is upheld at hearing, the property owner would be responsible for paying for the costs of abatement.

On 10/17/18 Code Enforcement Inspected the property after the property owner/cultivator advised that all Cannabis had been removed from the property.  During the inspection, Code Enforcement found that the 27 non-permitted Cannabis Plants totaling  approximately 750 square feet of canopy had been removed from the property.  The property owner was then issued a notice of penalty due for the administrative citation fines for $2900.00.



  • A complaint driven abatement program with $1000 a day in fines seems so much more reasonable than the Humboldt Abatement Program. Mendo is a way better place to be right now. Everyone I know there had a good year with no abatement notices or letters from the water board.

    Ah well, Humboldt was the best place to be for a long time. I guess now it’s our turn to get hammered and be the worst place to grow pot in the state of California.

  • On the way to economic failure.

    I hope Humboldt county gets the fuc sued out of em!!!!! Can’t wait to hear the millions being payed out to people whos lives are being destroyed. Hope to see some of these northern California politicians pack there bags in a couple weeks too.

    • All these people growing illegally deserve what they get!
      The game is over, get your permits or get raided
      No sympathy for criminals!

      • In my 1911 I trust

        Forget where you came from much? Your first legal deal of 20k this late in the year? Where did you sell all your deps jojo?

        • ya thats a good question. I wouldn’t be showing my face on blogs calling other people criminals and wishing they would get raided unless my operation was completely legit and I wasn’t breaking any laws. Every “legal” person selling on black market is a criminal.

          And no, I don’t want those “legal” people to get raided for breaking laws. Except for the self-righteous ones with big mouths. Good luck with everything. And vote no on measure O.

  • On the way to economic failure.

    And what’s happening with little miss extortion,the president of bleed every penny you can out of cannibas for the state of Californias recall????? Was hoping to hear more from Shakti and the expulsion of treasonous supervisor fennel

  • On the way to economic failure.

    Yep looks like treason to the people all the way from our southern Humboldt representative all the way up to the highest office of our country.we need some young politicians for a come politicians are always old with one foot in the grave so they don’t really care about the people’s future because they don’t have one!!!!!! Vot no on. Measure o cut law enforcement spending.they violate the Constitution daily,they aren’t there when you need them they’ve become a mob of extortionist rip offs

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