SoHum’s Wonderland Nursery Will Be Providing Clones for “Grow Off” Competition

Kevin Jodrey addressing the tour at the entrance to the nursery

Kevin Jodrey giving a tour at the entrance to the Wonderland Nursery near the Humboldt and Mendocino County lines. [Photo by Kym Kemp]

Press release from PR Newswire:

Wonderland NurseryHumboldt County’s premier dispensary of high quality clones, announced that it will be providing the plants for the popular Southern California “Grow Off” competition.

The Grow Off is the largest cannabis cultivation contest in America. Called the “Iron Chef of Pot,” the Grow Off gives identical cannabis seedling clones to growers, and then measures their results after harvest. The specific strain and genetics of the plant are hidden from the growers, which creates an interesting and equitable foundation for the contest.

This year, entertainer and entrepreneur Berner is selecting the strains from plants growing at Wonderland Nursery. Berner is the co-developer of some of the most popular cannabis strains in the world, including the extraordinarily successful “Cookies” brand.

Founded by former Denver Post cannabis critic Jake Browne (New York TimesRolling Papers) and Samantha Taylor (CNBC’s “MarijuanaUSA“), the Grow Off enters its third year as the world’s first science-based cannabis cultivation competition.

Over 200 licensed companies have competed in past events. Participants are given access to a compliance team to make sure everything operates under California’s new laws.

The plants are sourced from Wonderland Nursery, one of California’sleading providers of extremely high-quality clones.

Kevin Jodrey, a world-famous grower and partner in Wonderland Nursery, said that this is going to be a very exciting competition.

“We are very happy to be providing the plants for this competition and very excited to announce that we are rolling out our tissue culture line from our new facility this winter,” Jodrey said.

Wonderland Nursery will soon be announcing the opening of its new advanced tissue culture propagation lab. The technology produces cloned plants with identical genetics under sterile conditions that eliminates pests, molds, and pathogens.

The Grow-Off donates a portion of entry fees to charitable causes. This year, the contest will be giving a portion of proceeds to Freedom Grow, a non-profit organization that provides support to non-violent people who have been imprisoned for Marijuana.




  • Real lousy strains

    They have the best Mites in Sohum

  • What a load of self serving big ego rumpwax.

  • Those are the absolute worse clones anyone could get. Doesn’t suprise me he’s been reduced to giving them away lol! Mites, diseases, and some types of bugs that will shut your sceen down permenantly.The new lab will only START heathy plants, one day of exposure to his nursery and so much for that!This competition will just be to see if anyone can keep em alive long enough to finish them out, and successfully spread his mega bugs far and wide

  • No clones have the same root system. Anyone who’s grown indoors knows that. The clone could look good on purchase but falter in the growing process. Not a level playing field from the get-go, but whatever….have fun while corporate weed puts everyone else out of business.

  • Fluff PR piece written directly by the company. Kevin Jodrey is “world- famous”?! Maybe for the russet mites and broad mites that destroyed many small operations! Why was he never shut down by the government? Never. You really gotta “wonder” about that. [Edit–that’s taking things too far. You can have an opinion on his product here but the latter accusation was of illegal behavior. You have to have some facts to back for me to leave it.]

  • Is this an indoor competition or a greenhouse/outdoor competition ?
    They should also have testing for bugs and P.M. someone should start up a business that test clones just like how they test Cannabis they should call it Clean Start this way everyone knows they are off to a good start and all clones that do not pass should be destroyed because nobody really wants to start there run with having to fight off mites and P.M. that would not be a fair start maybe most clones are just fine while others get over looked and slip through to the farmer.

  • “Identical cannabis seedling clones” are they seedlings or clones or is there a seedling clone I’ve never heard of?

    • I believe they are referring to very small plants, the size called seedlings when grown from seed. But…I was confused too.

      • All the egos can come out for the biggest show off grow off.
        Grown from tissue culture….
        Not a clone as we have known in the past.
        Genetically modified/manipulated.
        Say No to GMO weed!!
        Be an individual….
        Follow the herd….

        • Humboldt Hillsman

          Tissue culture is not gmo. It is however truly a clone.

        • thats because the clones as you refer to are nothing more than cuttings. true clones are made by extracting celltissue and growing it in a tube until it can be transfered to soil. it is the only way to get a excat copy of a plant. one leaf can produce several hundred viable cells. tissue culture has been around for many decades. fact is i was doing tissue culture back in the late 80s on nursey plants. when i got to humboldt and was asked if i could make clones i said yes. went to work expecting tissue culture and instead found cutting rooms. imagine my suprise….

          • Ok that makes sense. They’ll crack a single bean then use tissue culture to make lots of identical clones. And no Sheesh TC is not GMO. TC your are just duplicating the cells. GMO you are altering (modifying) the cells creating something different.

  • It’s because these folks are all too stoned to actually know what they are doing being sides s
    Fluffing the.selves. look at benders Instagram. This is the mainstream face of weed . Have fun custies

  • and not one comment about berner being “co-developer”. What a joke!!

  • Happy to read about the micropropagation lab opening.

  • Lol.. there is another way to be realtivly mite and powder mold free… it’s called seed starts… lol… back to the root of the matter.

  • Don’t Believe The Hype

    ‘Cookies’ brand? ‘Cookies’ has been around for 25 years in So Hum. For someone to give it a cute name makes them a co-developer? Huh.

  • World famous!!!😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • Stinky Wizzleteats

    How do they get them spiders so strong? Ain’t nothin kills them.

  • Got yo shitty clones once

    Wow every comment is negative towards Kevin and wonderland… and it makes sense because his clones suck and he’s a egomaniac douch bag. What a self serving piece of garbage this article is

  • Like said, no good news only ugly comments. Try and keep the personal attacks to a minimum. Just facts to help us all.
    I have been in this industry for over 45 years and I would be very concerned if I was getting posts such as these. Is Wonderland selling clones that are contaminated? When? To whom? Don’t just post, tell us WTF. Cloning for commercial sale is not easy! You have to keep mother plants alive for long periods in order to harvest up to 100 clones. Every day you keep that plant alive is another day of possible contamination. If Kevin, whom I have never met, can run a nursery without contamination then he is a Rock Star. Do your own diligence. Quarantine and treat your clones for two weeks with light neem and examine every leaf before you grow them. If you find something then inform the seller so they can take action and not sell anymore. Did anyone do this? Many people want what they think is the strain that they fell in love with and the only way to get that strain is a clone from that exact plant.
    If there is a better way to get an exact strain then I would like to know. Please don’t tell me about tissue culture. Seriously.
    Have any problems with anything cannabis go to my website. We will be reaching out to Kevin to see if we can be of help.

  • I like stars too!

    I was wondering:

    Just who exactly cares about a Southern CA pot growing contest?


    Don’t you think that your precious strains should be a bit more protected?

    From my point of view, anyone can grow great weed, absolutely anywhere. Guaranteed DNA or not.

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