SoHum Chamber’s Featured Business/Destination of the Week: Horseback Riding at Fortuna’s Korobi Stables

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Every week the Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce features a business of the week. We’ll be sharing their posts here to celebrate our community.

The Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce wants to share the beauty of Humboldt County! We decided to venture north for our next destination location!

This week’s “Destination of the Week” is located in the friendly city of Fortuna and takes you for a ride you won’t forget!

Korobi Stables is located just on the outskirts of town and offers the experience of seeing some of the most beautiful places in Humboldt County, on horseback!

So saddle up partner and we hope you enjoy the read!

Horseback riders in river

Riders in the storm…on a Korobi Stables guided ride.


As summer fades away, the vibrant orange and red colored leaves fall gently to the ground. You can smell the moisture in the air and feel the dampness of the grass from the drizzle the day before. The forecast calls for rain and the shaded clouds above seem to entertain the idea. Walking up to the barn you can smell the slight aroma of hay and can hear the faint snicker of horses in their stalls.

Approaching the barn the owner of the business comes into view and a pleasant introductory exchange occurs between the two of you as her staff begins to saddle up the horses for the late afternoon ride. Walking the horses out into the open area you find yourself a bit awe struck at the sheer size and beauty of these majestic creatures before you. Each horse is different in height, size and color, but all carry significant power and strength.

A brief overview is discussed about what to expect on the ride. The length of time it will take, location and terrain are revealed. A very detailed description of the horse you will be riding gets told, what to expect, their personality, whether or not they like to be in front leading the pack or casually bringing up the rear.

As all saddles are on and ready to go, the staff assists you where needed to properly mount your horse. Sitting comfortably up high reins in hand, detailed instructions are given on how to properly handle this massive animal beneath you.

horseback riding

Steadily walking down a dirt road you come up onto the river
bar and continue the ride toward the water.

With instructions from the leader of the pack and a gentle nudge of the heel, you are off!

The clouds are looming overhead and dampness is in the air, but no raindrops have fallen as you take the back roads heading toward the river bank. As each horse falls into line and next to another, it appears they know what to do. Easing up on the reins you release tension and begin to relax taking in the scenery before you.

The suggested stormy weather that’s holding off creates a soothing freshness in the air as pleasant conversations are had by the group of riders. Steadily walking down a dirt road you come up onto the river bar and continue the ride toward the water. The sound of the steady flow and the light splash coming from the hooves of your horse as they effortlessly glide through the water, allows you to lose yourself in the moment. The air is warm and the experience of the ride is refreshing!

The horses lead the way so calmly and gently showing their experience and sheer intelligence. Admiration and appreciation sets in as you gently touch your horse. To be around such an amazingly strong, calm and beautiful animal with nature all around you, is an experience everyone should try!

Riders of all skill and experience levels are welcome and invited to try these quiet, well-trained beautiful horses at Korobi Stables!

Here is just a quick overview of some of the options and packages they currently offer:

Guided Trail Rides

The guided trail rides can take you on an adventure on the back roads and anyone can book this very unique experience! Saddling up to 10 persons per ride this package is perfect for birthday rides or even a bachelor/bachelorette pre-wedding trot! The two most popular trails are on the beach and in the redwoods! Whether you want to feel the cool sea breeze and the light spray from the ocean, or ride amongst the tall redwood trees, both are unforgettable!

Horseback Riding Lessons

This riding program aims to improve character, confidence and self-esteem, building balance, body alignment and communication skills between you and the horse. All riders of skill and experience levels are welcome. Gaining proper horsemanship safely is the #1 top priority with this one.

Custom Rides

If you are looking to get a little more private and would like a different experience, Korobi Stables also offers custom rides. They will happily load up the trailer and meet you at your desired location for a more intimate ride of your choice.

Caring for a horse.

There is always work that needs to be done around the barn and lots of opportunities to work in exchange for rides or lessons!

One of the features that makes Korobi Stables so great is the experience they often offer to the youth in the area. There are many families and children that just cannot afford riding lessons. If you have a love for horses but cannot afford lessons or rides, talk to Kim! There is always work that needs to be done around the barn and lots of opportunities to work in exchange for rides or lessons! Work can be anything from feeding and watering the horses, brushing them, cleaning the grounds and clearing out the stalls! A Rancher’s work is never done and many hands help make lighter work!

Whether you are a horse lover, have a passion for the country life or just want to see what it’s like to take a ride on a magnificent and beautiful animal, this is a must do! Take the day, make a trip and book a trail ride you won’t forget!

Korobi Stables is located at: 2316 Sandy Prairie Road, Fortuna CA, 95540

They are open from 10 am – 6 pm 7 days a week by appointment!

To book your ride today please call: 707-496-6004

For more information go to:



Gift cards are available upon request!

Note: Redheaded Blackbelt is a member of the Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce.



  • Concerned Trinity County Resident

    This is a great article, I had no idea there are riding stables around the area. Even though I live in Trinity County it wouldn’t be too far to drive out and rent a horse for a pleasant afternoon ride since my old horse is too old to ride anymore. What are the rates and are the rides supervised or unsupervised?

  • Ooo top pic looks like 12 counts of discharging waste in the water way, 10k per day fine, annoying or disturbing a frog 20k a day fine, having fun in California without a permit 70k a day fine.

  • Stinky Wizzleteats

    I woulda liked to know a bit about th’ owners an other pepl.

  • Myhorsewasmrcasual

    The owner is a great person and friend. She knows more about horses than anyone I have ever met. She gave me many wonderful memories of trail riding on the Eel river and in the redwoods. She even found me a very well trained and gentle Palomino of my own. She boarded her mare in our stall years ago, where the mare had a gorgeous gentle foal. It was a great experience. She has taken family on an anniversary ride at the location of their choice which they loved. My granddaughter also took lessons at her stable. I would highly recommend Karobi stables to anyone looking for any kind of horse activities. She is very patient and knows her horses from the inside out. You will forever remember any ride you are lucky enough to take.

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