November is ‘Mini-Nonprofit MBA Month’ at the Ink People

This is a press release from the Ink People Center for the Arts:

You may know the Ink People Center for the Arts for their public art projects like the Waterfront Trail Art Benches or less recently, the works of the Rural Burl Mural Bureau.  There’s a whole behind the scenes side to the organization though, where the staff provides back office support to over 100 different local arts and culture groups known as “DreamMakers.” This support includes education and professional development opportunities like the upcoming Mini-Nonprofit MBA Month.

Beginning November 1st, the Ink People will host a series of eight workshops on the basics of building and running a successful nonprofit.  “By the end, participants will understand small nonprofits well enough to know what questions to ask, and have direction for where to find deeper answers.” says Libby Maynard, Ink People Executive Director.

Maynard will be offering her crash course in grantwriting as part of Mini-Nonprofit MBA Month on November 10th.  Other topics include, “What IS a nonprofit?,” Fundraising Fundamentals, Marketing, Staffing, and “Head in the Cloud,” an exploration of the world of collaborative productivity tools.

Anyone involved in an Ink People DreamMaker Project can attend for free, and public registration is just $10 per session.  For a complete list of workshops, times and dates, go to, or find the Ink People on facebook. The Ink People is located in Eureka at 525 7th Street, and can be reached Tuesdays through Saturdays at (707) 442-8413.


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